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2024 Ford Super Duty Order Banks Open Up Next Week

It seems like only yesterday that the all-new, redesigned 2023 Ford Super Duty debuted and began shipping to customers, but as is always the case in the automotive world, we’re already looking ahead to the next model year. Now, sources familiar with the matter have told Ford Authority that those looking to place an order for a 2024 Ford Super Duty will be able to do so when order banks are scheduled to open next week.

2024 Ford Super Duty order banks are currently scheduled to open up on Monday, July 17th, 2023 – the same day as the 2024 Ford Maverick – which is several months earlier than the opening of 2023 model year order banks. This date – as always – is subject to change, of course, but for now, those looking to place an order for a 2024 Super Duty will be able to do so in just a few days.

Deliveries of all trims of the all-new 2023 Ford Super Duty just began back in May, as the redesigned model was launched in phases to start. Additionally, Ford wound up pausing Super Duty production at the Kentucky Truck plant to address some quality issues via the new Zero-Defect Launch Process, which ultimately delayed that rollout somewhat.

Regardless, the Super Duty remains as popular as it’s ever been, with the most current model ranking as the fifth most considered non-luxury vehicle on the market via Kelley Blue Book’s Q1 2023 Brand Watch report, with an increase of six percent in terms of consideration, quarter-over-quarter. Additionally, some recent data from S&P Global Mobility found that the Ford F-Series lineup enjoys a far higher customer loyalty rate than any other truck model, too.

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  1. John Tedrow

    So….. What happens to the people that ordered their trucks back in October of 2022 and never received a Vin # or schedule date.
    10-28-2022 order a F-450 Platinum HO. Emails from Ford or the dealer have been few and far between, meaning no one ever had any answers. 9 months and counting…….No truck ??

  2. George

    I feel your pain my F350 HO Platinum ordered November 2022. Factory calls dealership hey if he deletes this option we can get it faster….well BS still no vin# as of today. Blaming supply n demand we should get low interest rates for waiting this long

  3. Eryc Riddle

    Ordered 2023, 350 Platinum day one. Got Order confirmation and thank you for the order email, 2 supply constant emails, (45 days) then silence for several months. Removed the multicontur seats at Ford ‘s
    request ( NOT HAPPY WITH THAT !!) this was to speed up the process.
    Ford knew how many high trim trucks were sold months ahead of time, before production.

  4. Larry Anderson

    Ordered F350 Platinum HO Nov 7, 22 and still no schedule date. This is BS! Now I see the 2024 order banks open July 17. What about the trucks people have already ordered?? Aren’t we going to get our 2023’s? Upset🤬

  5. steve

    Ordered a 2023 King Ranch in Dec 2022. Brandon Ford 2nd largest dealer in country is were i ordered. On july 10th I called Brookskie The Gen manager and he said its not going to build. I said will it roll over to a 2024, and he said No it won’t. I have to order another. So were starting all over. it sucks A@@. So tired of Fords crap. Ram has no trucks and there style is old and outdated. Not buying the GMC or Silverado , yet Ford plays copycat on half the things GM does.

    1. Bill

      I ordered a 2023 Ford F 350 king ranch in November 2022. I have not heard anything on the build. Last week of July 10. My salesman notified me and said he hasnt heard anything on when the build will start. Phase 1 build was already released. Does anyone know when the phase 2 trucks are being build or when the production is going to start. 2024 are already to be ordered. Not happy

      1. John Tedrow

        Phase 2 started in April. Took a month off in May because of production issues and started back up in June. I was told that 2023’s are done, no more will be built. I ordered my F-450 Platinum in October of 2022. No Vin # issued nor production date.

        1. steve

          2023 trucks are not done. they are being built thru November 2023.

          1. John Tedrow

            Some truth to that according to Ford. I myself am not holding my breath on that. Dealer is telling me that I’m being put into “Rollover Status” on Monday the 17th. Which still means nothing.
            Ford also tells me that the F-Series on this latest go round on the 17th-July will not start being built until January 2024.
            So….. Bottom line, where does that put any of us that never received a truck, Vin # or any type of schedule for the 2023″s

        2. mickey

          John Tedrow, so your first email says the dealer told you no more super dutys are being built for 2023 and its July. then you say roll over status which there is no such thing and that hints to maybe. then you say it will be January 2024 for a build, so is ford taking 7 months off or just maybe your info is real flawed or false. did you get a email from Ford when you ordered truck with conformation ? read the guy steve above, he received the correct info.

          1. John Tedrow

            Go Mickey Go Mickey……. You might want to check your fire my friend!
            Did you bother reading the TWO post’s that Steve posted?? Based on your reply to my post’s…. you did not.
            Steve’s post “Ordered a 2023 King Ranch in Dec 2022. Brandon Ford 2nd largest dealer in country were i ordered. On July 10th I called Brooksie the Gen manager and he said it’s not going to build. I said will it roll over to a 2024, and he said No it won’t. I have to order another.”
            Mickey….. I work and have always worked with a minimum of 3 dealerships when buying any vehicles. Whoever gets me the best price, that’s where I go period. Been doing this for almost 40 years so, I think I know what I’m doing here.
            Based on what I’ve been told from Ford & the dealerships, and not just the 3 I mentioned they ALL say pretty much the same thing. Ford is done building the 2023 Limited, Platinum’s and KR’s period. They will finish, thru November, 2023 up to the Lariats period.
            You also mentioned if I received a conformation of order from Ford…… Of course I did. Ordered 10-28-22, conformation 10-30-2022. Since that date…… No Vin # / Clean schedule. You also mention that there is no such thing as a rollover status…. there is and follows with a priority status also. So….. my information nor is flawed or false. Do YOUR OWN homework before calling someone out. Obviously your a little behind.
            To close, and to make you happy Mickey, I will more than happy to post my conformation when I receive it for my 2024 F-450 Lariat HO, in a rollover status 1st priority. That said, I am also ordering a 2024 F-450 Platinum HO, just like what I ordered 10-28-22. If I get the Lariat first like I’m sure I will, because I don’t believe Ford will or has fixed their issues, I will at least have a truck to drive until they get their $hit together and get the premium trucks on the lot..
            FYI….This forum is to discuss problems, that were having with Ford and or the dealers period. For you to come on here and call someone out is a joke. Your obviously un-informed. Maybe you can find a friend using GOOGLE.

          2. John Tedrow

            Here you go Mickey…….. As promised.

            John, we’ve got your order.
            Order ID: ####
            Thank you for your early order.

            Since we’re building this 2024 Super Duty F‑450 Lariat just for you, we’ll be keeping in touch – providing updates when your vehicle has a scheduled build date, when it’s built, and when it will be shipped to ###### Ford.
            I also ordered another Platinum. I will be more than Happy to show you the conformation on that also.
            Also….. Just since you don’t believe much, the order # on this Lariat is the same as the original Platinum I ordered 10-28-2022. Hmmm….. Roll over status maybe, first priority maybe??

        3. Bentley Zeus

          Yes, production issues means that the Louisville, KY plant started producing sub-standard trucks that had to run through the line at the factory if they were caught at the QC level, and if they slipped through the cracks they expected the dealers to fix up their screw-ups, unless they were so major that the previously unheard of practice of taking them back, because the flaws were so extensive that the dealer could not even sell them actually at a discount off of MSPR (and the dealership would be compensated for doing so). As far as I have heard, there were no heads rolling at that factory, which would require them to fire a factory mgt. person and there are several reasons for that not occurring (read between the lines), and the line workers were protected by the UAW union. Only time will tell if whatever methods Ford execs. have imposed on that factory will work. Their biggest problem is that for the downtime period there were no trucks being produced there, so they will have to be simply cancel out unfilled 2023 orders (usually the trucks that dealers have ordered for their stock, whenever possible), but there will still be a lot of folks who have ordered 2023 trucks will be notified that their truck will not be produced &, at a minimum, dealers will have to re-enter those orders and the buyers will be getting 2024 trucks, with or without a price increase, or a refund of their deposit. Anyway you look at it, a Ford truck buyer will not be happy waiting an extra 4-8 more weeks than they already have, just to get their truck, and who knows what the dealer will do about “trade-ins” as they usually want them on the spot, when you place the order, and they have undoubtedly sold your trade-in, which will create an issue in and of itself. Note to self, be sure to specify how that will be handled when negotiating the original purchase deal, not when you get tired of waiting for your truck. If you have been driving you trade-in while you wait, and the mileage has not changed too much, you might want to live with the deal, and of course, you might not have any choice.

  6. Jeff Jones

    I ordered an F-350 Platinum HO on November 19, 2022, 283 days ago. Same story, no info, no production date, no VIN. Just spoke to my dealer, they told me the Platinums, King Ranch, etc are on “restricted commodity”, apparently micro chips are the issue. They told me there is a approx. 75% chance my order will be fulfilled this year. Bunch of BS. No answers from anyone, just runaround.

    1. Ron Dickinson

      I picked up my 2023 F350 Lariat HO Power Stroke fully loaded July 3 that I ordered November 2022. Ford built it without Fith Wheel Prep Kit and I was told if I didn’t want it they would sell it to someone else. Proud owner of a $96,000.00 truck and I can’t tow my Fith Wheel. Getting the run

    2. Bentley Zeus

      Just curious, did you have a trade-in, or expect to trade one in for the ordered truck when it go there. If so, how did you work it out with the dealer?

  7. steve

    96K for a Lariat , insane. yet the last 3 years ford stock bumps between 11.00 – 15.00 bucks said.

  8. Randy

    Did I miss something or are the 2024 Super Duty order banks open and I just don’t know where to find them?

    When l look under – Order – Build & Price, I see some 2024.
    Super Duty only shows 2023.

  9. Waylon D.

    Ordered my 2023 Lariat Ultimate Tremor. Had every option for that line. Ordered March 2023 in Chandler, Az. Truck arrived to dealer June 2023. I kept checking shipping status and it said shipped and dealer will contact me for delivery. They never did. I put my vin # in on there website a couple days after it shipped and they had it listed for sale! I called asap and told them I’m headed down to get it. My sales person I originally bought through said he was not informed it arrived and they put on lot to sale! Anyways after that drama I took my truck home the next day. It is great! The high output Diesel performes like my 2018 that is tuned to the max. Pretty impressed for stock!

  10. Rocky

    My 2017 F-250 Platinum diesel works good but since Ford has decided to build Rainbow 🌈 Raptors, I am proceeding to order a new Ram 2500 diesel. FORD has gone WOKE. The message is clear, I don’t support men exposing themselves to children.

  11. Ron Mancuso

    So, any word on 2024 Platinum wheel change? I saw something where they did not have images of the 24 wheels. I can only hope.


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