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2024 Lincoln Aviator Spotted Once Again Without Camo

The 2024 Lincoln Aviator will be officially revealed later this year, but for now, the mystery surrounding this three row is waning, as photographers have already spotted some examples of the luxury SUV without any coverings or wraps. Like the 2024 Ford Explorer, the Aviator will almost certainly be updated with new tech to keep it relevant, in addition to the cosmetic changes that can be seen up front. Somewhat surprisingly, the Aviator mostly soldiers on without any significant aesthetic updates, perhaps because the brand felt its looks didn’t need to be altered all that much.

2024 Lincoln Aviator front three quarters

On the outside, it’s the front end that receives the most visual changes on the 2024 Lincoln Aviator, essentially splitting the difference between the 2023 Lincoln Corsair and the upcoming 2024 Lincoln Nautilus. The front grille is now taller, like the Corsair, and it also features signature lighting that mimics the Nautilus, but without the single connecting strip that runs through the Lincoln star emblem. It appears the LED fog lights have been eliminated with the refresh, as have the front turn signal indicators that occupied their own territory below the headlamps. Presumably, the driving lights that are activated when this Aviator was spotted will switch to turn signal operation when turned on.

2024 Lincoln Aviator

Curiously, this 2024 Lincoln Aviator features the optional 22-inch aluminum wheels that are standard on Black Label, although these are black, not bright, like production models. Additionally, it has quite a bit of chrome on it, including on the side mirror caps. They are noticeable standouts because the current Lincoln Aviator lineup solely features black-painted side mirror caps, meaning this example could preview what’s coming on Black Label. That said, this Aviator does seem to have a mishmash of parts and a misaligned rear bumper, so it might be more of a test bed than anything else.

2024 Lincoln Aviator

It’s unclear if the 2024 Lincoln Aviator lineup will get a revised powertrain lineup, which currently consists of the turbocharged 3.0L V6 and the plug-in hybrid variant utilizing the same engine. However, it is a safe bet that significant tech updates will grace its cabin, with Lincoln adding either Sync 4 or the upcoming Google based infotainment system as standard equipment. Lincoln BlueCruise will almost certainly be featured throughout the model range too.

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Ed owns a 1986 Ford Taurus LX, and he routinely daydreams about buying another one, a fantasy that may someday become a reality.

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  1. LB

    More or less… but I still prefer the previous one!

  2. MC

    I also prefer the outgoing model.

  3. Michael K

    I prefer the new Nautilus for sure, this redesign makes it look like the old Nautilus ironically.

  4. Marty1

    Bigger ugly front grill and higher price. I hope the interior will be close to the 2024 Mazda CX90 model that will likely under price this Lincoln.

  5. c

    It’s not so much a refresh as it is a facelift with a new infotainment system. Unless they do something with the GT hybrid to make it more refined, since power delivery on that unit is a bit clunky. I do hope that they fix the piano black plastic and improve the switch feel, because that’s the only thing that isn’t going to be perfect on this Aviator if it doesn’t change.

  6. Ciji

    The overall styling of this looks so dated and bloated. Lincoln needs that clean crisp look that made them famous. Please bring back the tire tailgate (tire decklid term updated for the new truck only lineup)


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