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2024 Lincoln Aviator Will Ditch HVAC Button Array

Both the 2024 Lincoln Aviator and its platform mate, the Ford Explorer, are in line to receive a refresh, as Ford Authority has covered extensively in recent months. These forthcoming mid-cycle refreshes will bring about revised exterior styling at the front and rear, along with a few changes in terms of interior design and tech, too. Now, sources familiar with the matter have told Ford Authority that the 2024 Lincoln Aviator will present buyers with one very notable change – the luxurious crossover will ditch its HVAC button array.

2024 Lincoln Aviator interior

The 2024 Lincoln Aviator will not come with the physical HVAC controls that are present on the current model, and instead, will utilize a setup that mirrors what’s offered on the 2023 Lincoln Corsair – which also ditched its physical HVAC controls for digital “buttons” on its center touchscreen as part of its own refresh. This became somewhat evident when Ford Authority spied the interior of the 2024 Lincoln Aviator for the first time in January, but that particular area was covered up with camo, making it difficult to confirm at that time.

Otherwise, it’s virtually a guarantee that the refreshed Aviator will come equipped with a larger center touchscreen, making it easier to use these digital controls, even if many prefer the presence of physical buttons. It’s also likely to be similar to the treatment present in the 2024 Explorer, as we saw with a completely uncovered ST-Line model last month.

2024 Lincoln Aviator rear three quarters

To date, Ford Authority has spied uncovered examples of the 2024 Lincoln Aviator on three different occasions, giving us a good look at its updated exterior styling, too. There, we can clearly see the luxurious crossover’s larger front grille, updated signature lighting elements, and a few other subtle tweaks that aim to keep the Aviator fresh for at least a couple more years, when a more comprehensive redesign is expected.

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  1. Tim

    More reasons to take your eyes off the road ! Oh boy Let’s play with our screen just like we do in our basement …….

  2. J. Oberlander

    Wake up Ford, customers wish real buttons & knobs for keys elements, heat/fan/defrost. Eyes on the road!
    Guess will take a few “Pinto” lawsuits to get your attention.

    1. Dave


  3. Lincoln Fan Mark

    HVAC controls should always have a backup option. What happens when you start the vehicle some frosty morning and the screen is black and unresponsive and you have no way to activate heat and defrost cycles? Are control buttons going away for aesthetic reasons? Are buttons going away to cut production costs? Wrong answer either way on a $75,000 vehicle.

    1. Edward

      You can always press the “speak” button on the steering wheel and just tell the system what you want. Works exceedingly well.

  4. Robert Hutson

    Purchase the Aviator for the simple user friendly controls and got rid of a Lexus LS500 due to the complicated screen controls that required too much eye attention off the road. Pay attention to your customers and keep the present controls.

  5. Scott Paul

    I’ll say it again – how does Farley keep his job?
    Maybe cutting the prices and giving rebates on EV’s recently will wake stockholders up.

    1. Lincoln Fan Mark

      I read an article from the Wall Street Journal this week, and I will concur: the storm clouds are gathering around the CEO’s door. Prices are being reduced on the F-150 Lightning to stimulate sales and the remaining ICE powered vehicles are being used to prop up their entire EV business which is expected to lose a staggering $3 billion this year. The whole industry is wrestling with government mandates, but some of Ford’s decisions in this regard are worrisome.

  6. Gary

    One more reason I will probably not buy another ford product. Their stick on screens are bad enough now while the competition are redesigning beautiful dashes with wide horizontal screens. Now getting rid of convenient buttons? Terrible.

  7. Roger

    I liked my hvac and audio buttons. Don’t remove them.

  8. Michael K

    The outgoing Nautilus and Navigator have the same screen going into the Aviator, but a full array of hard-buttons. It doesn’t make much sense to eliminate often used controls in favor of a screen that is particularly out of reach, especially in a vehicle this costly. They should have at least waited for the new HUD screen setup to trickle down from Nautilus before doing this.

  9. Matt

    Customers interested in buying a Lincoln are also likely to have a pension and not likely going to use the complicated system of changing the temperature on their cars.

  10. Jack

    Only reason I went with 2020 nautilus oner 2021. It had a better instrumentation layout, with buttons.

  11. Count Dracula

    Complete garbage. What else could they do to copy Tesla? Perhaps they could make their doors and body panels so they don’t fit. Great idea!

  12. Lois

    Are you making the Aviator hybrid plug in for 2024

  13. Julian Digby Bottin

    Ford: We need to find more ways to keep customers away, we ruined the interior of the Mustang….what vehicle interior do we ruin next?

    1. FrankR

      They also starve Lincoln of any good product we actually want to buy. Ford could profit from a Mustang S650 based Lincoln LS, Mark 9 and Continental. All with V-8’s but no, we get dull trucks with no classic Lincoln heritage style whatsoever.

      1. John Gottlob


  14. John Gottlob

    Pretty much the only thing that has never required a trip to dealer is getting axed, ridiculous.
    I have like 5 modules giving me fits right now!


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