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Another Ford 10-Speed Automatic Lawsuit Has Been Filed

In recent years, a number of lawsuits have been filed over issues experienced with the Ford 10-speed automatic transmission and its reported tendency to exhibit harsh shifts, jerking, hesitation, and slipping gears. These lawsuits pertain to both the Ford F-150 and Ford Mustang, having been filed in August 2019, January 2020, February 2020, January 2022, and April 2023, though one was dismissed back in November 2020 after the judge presiding over that case agreed with The Blue Oval’s arguments to the contrary. Now, another lawsuit has been filed that covers even more models equipped with the Ford 10-speed automatic transmission, according to Car Complaints.

This newly filed lawsuit – Vangel, et al., v. Ford Motor Company – was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida, with two plaintiffs being represented by Milberg Coleman Bryson Phillips Grossman, The Carlson Law Firm, P.C., Wallace Miller LLP, and Brent Coon & Associates. As is the case with other lawsuits related to this particular gearbox, the plaintiffs allege that their vehicles experience jerking, lunging, hesitation, clunking, loss of power, and gear slipping that comes directly from the transmission’s operation.

The lawsuit names a host of models affected by this problem – the 2017-2023 Ford F-150, 2018-2023 Ford Expedition, 2018-2023 Ford Mustang, 2019-2023 Ford Ranger, and 2018-2023 Lincoln Navigator. The lawsuit was filed by two owners who claim that Ford refuses to replace these defective transmissions, even though they present owners with “life-threatening” safety issues.

Thus far, Ford’s response to these alleged problems is to reprogram the powertrain control module, which forces the computer to re-learn its shift strategy, though this can also lead to harsher shifts for a period of several days. Additionally, technical service bulletins advise technicians to “overhaul the main control valve body and/or perform an adaptive learning drive cycle.” However, the lawsuit claims that these fixes are inadequate.

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  1. steve

    after 15k miles my F-350 super duty has started to bang a few times a week.

  2. Chad Taylor

    My Expedition has already been at the dealer around 10 times for the transmission. They supposedly fixed it but it still doesn’t work right. I hope Ford acknowledges their customers and does what’s right.

  3. Eddie bask

    I have a 2021 f150 it has 8500 miles it shifts fine but every time you slow down it make big clucking sound on the down shifts I drive it hope for the best

  4. Goat

    This is what happens when you partner with GM on something. A trans that works like crap. I have a 2018 Expedition that has had the trans out multiple times and a 2018 F-150 that has intermittent issues with 3-4-5 shifts that the dealer can never seem to replicate. Luckly my dealer is understanding and once it finally breaks they will be able to fix it. Just hope everything is still under warranty.

    1. The Retired Viking

      Go to GMAuthority and read the comments about GM partnering with Ford so the transmission is bad blah blah blah blah.

      Ford forgot how to make transmissions since after the C6 and its cousins, and GM has had their share of issues since the days after the Slim Jim and the Jetaway. Make of all of this what you may.

  5. Bob B.

    GM does not seem to have the issues with their version of this 10 speed that Ford does. GM has problems with their earlier 8 speed.

    1. The Retired Viking

      That issue with the 8-speed was resolved with a new fluid. If your transmission wasn’t already damaged, a thorough flush-out and replacement with the new fluid cured everything.

  6. Richard Wisecup

    I bought a 2019 F-150, put a 100,000 miles on it and had to replace the transmission…..
    I have a 2021 F-150, have a little over a hundred thousand on it, too….
    We are replacing the transmission in it, too…
    I also have a 2022 F-150…
    It has 83,000 on it….transmission is still working fine, so far…..
    I’ve bought all 3 brand new….
    They are all highway miles…..

  7. Michael H.

    MY F150 2017 with 65000 miles on it was working just fine until Tipton ford did a PCM up grade and now the transmission dont shift right took it back 3 times and still cant fix it this is really bad to treat people like this …….

  8. Adam Q

    Is it time for a Class Action Lawsuit?

  9. Michael

    I have a 2021 F150 and my trans. Clunks very hard on the downshift, and often slips into neutral when coasting up waiting for oncoming traffic, so I can make a left turn, I have almost gotten T-BONED twice, I took it to the dealership and all they say is that they can’t find any issues, and they also charge me $300 everytime, it seems as if they are trying to make me go away, but im not going away, my truck only has 50k on it. I’m hoping 🙏 that enough people make a stink about this so that BIG BLUE does the rite thing, instead of law suit after law suit!!

  10. Jeff

    Jeff Foster. I’ve attached a final letter to ford after weeks of going back and fourth.

    It was very disappointing but I wasn’t surprised on Monadnocks Fords finding. As I have noted through this whole ordeal is that the issue was extremely uncomfortable at higher temperature. Well those higher temperature’s here in New Hampshire have come and gone. I will also note that Monadnock ford did feel an abnormal shift when letting off the throttle as stated on there report. This abnormal shift as stated by Monadnock ford will amplify 100 times worse if temps were high. This shifting that occurs is not normal and will eventually be self-destructive to something in the drive train. No Drive Train can take a continuous slamming without catastrophic effects.

    I will also note as I stated to many of the ford representative’s. That I had test driven many ford trucks over a three month period prior to this one. I also had a 2022 rental ford 150 XLT for a week and it drove and shifted perfectly. The mistake I made and I have stated this as well. Is that Portsmouth ford sent my wife and I down the road with 28 miles to empty so our limited drive did not allow us the highway speeds required to feel this horrible shake. If I had felt this at that time I would not of purchased that particular truck and I wouldn’t have spent countless hours and money to fix an issue that I’ve inherited.

    The other mistake made and it wasn’t until after the fact, Is that Ford Is well aware of this issue. My issue is a carbon copy of others having the same issues. I also believe there is currently a class action lawsuit for this same issue. So it really bothers me that this anomaly I’m experiencing is one that we want to sweep under the rug.

    I would also like to point out that my wife feels and I do convey her concern is that this truck is unsafe to drive and over time something will happen. Hopefully it doesn’t happen at high speeds..

    What is our next step? Do I seek arbitration? The issue hasn’t mysteriously gone away. It shifts horribly causing the drive train to bang and will shudder again when the higher temperatures come back.

  11. Mike Vose

    My 2018 F150 Lariat’s 10 speed transmission worked perfectly fine until 94,000 miles. It then developed a shifting problem coming out of 3rd gear when it was cold. Within a week the issue was impacting multiple gears. Then it would drop out of gear when at a stop light and not engage first gear until I first put in in reverse. In the next couple days I started having troubles in 10th when driving on the interstate where the transmission would drop out of gear when going downhill. The last straw was I pulled into the left lane on the interstate to pass a vehicle & the engine just revved. No engagement at all! I let off the gas and the transmission caught after I slowed down 5 mph. Just had the PCM reprogrammed and got my 125,000 mile service work done early ($700+). 10 days later I’m still having problems with 3rd gear (I have to let off the gas to allow the transmission to change out of 3rd), and losing power on the highway for several seconds before recovering under normal driving conditions. The dealer said they were willing to change out the valve body for $2,200 but they couldn’t guarantee it would fix the problem. They said a new transmission would cost around $9,000. I feel like I’m throwing good money after bad… I’ve owned 2 dozen vehicles, but this is my first Ford truck. I expected so much more!!!


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