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Ford Benchmarking Tesla Model X: Exclusive

Over the past couple of years, Ford Authority has spotted The Blue Oval benchmarking an array of Tesla models – including the Model 3 sedan, the Model Y crossover, and the larger Model S sedan in high-performance Plaid form. With the Cybertruck just entering the early phases of production after its debut in 2019, that left just one model that we hadn’t seen Ford benchmarking, until now – the Tesla Model X, which is a larger, more luxurious, and far pricer crossover compared to the Y.

Unlike the Model S that was previously spotted in FoMoCo’s possession, this Tesla Model X is the dual-motor all-wheel drive variant – not the Plaid – as we can see from the absence of that very badge from the rear decklid. This particular model is finished in Solid Black, starts out at $98,490, and is equipped with the standard 20-inch Cyberstream wheels, while 22-inch Turbine units are available as an option. The Model X can be had in five-, six-, or seven-seat configurations, and with a traditional steering wheel or the controversial yoke.

Even the regular Tesla Model X is no slouch in terms of performance, as it’s capable of doing 0-60 in 3.8 seconds, with a top speed of 149 mph. This variant offers up a solid 348 miles of range to boot. Ford doesn’t currently offer any sort of direct competitor to this model – the Ford Mustang Mach-E is a Model Y foe, after all – but it’s possible that the automaker is exploring such a rival, or perhaps it’s just taking a closer look at the crossover’s tech and powertrain.

Both the Model S and Model X have been around for quite a few years now, but both received a bit of a refresh in 2021, which included slight exterior styling revisions, the addition of the aforementioned yoke steering wheel, a new instrument cluster display, infotainment screen, center console, and a new rear display screen, among other updates.

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  1. Edward

    Hopefully Ford is just more interested in the motors and will not take any notice of the horribly cheap interiors and the fit/finish.

  2. Michael K

    The so-called Explorer EV is suppose to resemble the hatchback shape of the Model X….unfortunately.

    1. Ford Owner

      That “supposed” remark is not true. Probably a Tesla fan boy is spreading that rumor. The Explorer for the Americas is bigger than the European model, and will have much more cargo space. It needs no ducktail or ramped hatchback to improve its aerodynamics.

  3. m

    Trump lost you dick heads

    1. Tigger

      Yes. Your point?


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