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Ford BlueCruise 1.3 Will Debut On Mustang Mach-E This Summer

Since its launch, Ford’s BlueCruise hands-free highway driving assist feature has quickly attracted a large number of subscribers, who have accumulated millions of miles with the feature activated. BlueCruise has also garnered its fair share of accolades along the way, most recently ranking as Consumer Reportstop-rated hands-free system. Now, following the release of BlueCruise 1.2, Blue Oval CEO Jim Farley just revealed that an updated 1.3 version will debut on the Ford Mustang Mach-E this summer.

BlueCruise 1.3 will begin rolling out in Mach-E crossovers rolling off the assembly line first, and later in the summer, existing customers will receive a software update as well. For now, it’s unclear what sort of features 1.3 will introduce to the existing software, but version 1.2 added three notable ones – Lane Change Assist, which will perform a hands-free lane change when drivers tap the turn signal, Predictive Speed Assist, which automatically adjusts the vehicle’s speed as it approaches sharp curves, and In-Lane Repositioning, which keeps the vehicle in its lane while also shifting its position away from vehicles in adjacent lanes.

In the meantime, BlueCruise enrollment and usage continue to grow, with over 200,000 users covering 90 million miles as of the end of June – the latter of which represents a 40 percent increase compared to the conclusion of Q1. However, some users recently expressed their frustration with a price increase that saw a three-year subscription go from the original cost of $600 all the way up to $2,100. Alternatively, customers can pay $75 per month or $800 per year after their 90-day trial period is up.

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    When will they upgrade my BlueCruise 1.0 on my 2023 Navigator? It’s practically unusable.

    1. Rob Schmerler

      You cannot update Blue Cruise 1.0 because the later versions require factory installed hardware additions

    2. John

      We were told that 1.2 is a software upgrade. No hardware required. Seems like the thing that Ford Authority should be finding out instead of just parroting marketing promises from Ford.

  2. Mike

    Ford Authority, Please do not put a fictional tease about Blue Cruise 1.3 without telling us what is going to be in it. You are not good science fiction writers. It is likely a fraud. First go to the Blue Cruise personnel, ask them what version 1.3 is and only then write about it.

  3. John

    That’s great. We seem to have blown right past 1.2. Not a good look for Ford when they can’t get these software updates done in a timely fashion. They will have to do 1000% better if they plan to compete with the likes of Telsa.

  4. John

    I have a 2023 F-150. I am still waiting for BC 1.2. Not liking this rollout which seems to favor the Mach E when the F-150 is the best selling of all time. Just saying that sounds like a galactically stupid business move. Well you know, Edsells.

  5. Mike

    Will 2023 Lincoln Corsair get 1.3 without the need to upgrade hardware?


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