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Ford F-150 Lightning Works As Mobile Detailing Rig: Video

As most are aware by now, the Ford F-150 Lightning comes equipped with The Blue Oval’s Pro Power Onboard feature, a portable generator of sorts that’s good for all kinds of things. That includes providing power in the wake of devastating storms, charging other EVs, powering an entire concert, entire homes, and even charging itself. Now, as the Ammo NYC YouTube channel has demonstrated, the Ford F-150 Lightning makes a pretty darn effective mobile detailing rig, too.

Ford F-150 Lightning Mobile Detailing Demonstration - Exterior 002

This is because, of course, the Lightning’s Pro Power Onboard generator and its 9.6 kW output can be used to power all of the tools a detailer might need to do their work on the go, with outlets at both ends to plug those devices into. In this video, our host demonstrates precisely how that can be done, as well as how much battery power is consumed by various detailing tools.

That process starts with a basic wash using a commercial-grade power washer, which works fine for a while before the truck goes into protection mode. Our host explains this is because these types of power washers draw a ton of power, which overloaded the 110-volt outlet, but it should work fine in the 240-volt outlet, at least. Thus, he swapped it out with a lighter-duty pressure washer, which finished the job with no problem before drying the truck using a Master Blaster. This entire process only used up three miles of range, to boot.

After doing a little off-roading, our host decides to put this system to the test out in the woods, this time with a pro foamer instead of a pressure washer due to the lack of a water connection out in the wilderness. He then goes to work polishing the paint, sealing it, vacuuming out the interior, and using a compressor to blow out the hard to reach areas. The whole process works quite well, proving that the Ford F-150 Lightning would be a great choice for anyone wanting to start a mobile detailing company.

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