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Ford Focus, Fiesta Owners Get New One-Time TCM Replacement

Mere months after the COVID-19 pandemic emerged in early 2020, service departments around the globe began experiencing problems securing the parts needed to repair vehicles, leading to extended delays that still persist today. This doesn’t just include newer vehicles either, as 2011-2016 Ford Fiesta and 2012-2016 Ford Focus models equipped with the problematic Powershift transmission – the subject of numerous lawsuits over the past several years – are also facing extended repair delays as a result of the chip shortage, as Ford Authority previously reported. Now, however, it seems as if some relief is finally on the way, as affected Ford Focus and Fiesta owners are set to get a one-time Transmission Control Module (TCM) replacement, according to a Reddit user.

That user – a Ford Focus owner – posted a copy of a letter sent to dealers from FoMoCo itself, outlining this particular program. It applies to select Fiesta and Focus vehicles from the previously-mentioned model years that are equipped with the Powershift transmission – or DPS6 as it’s otherwise known – and supplements the existing technical service bulletin and customer satisfaction program related to this particular gearbox.

While Ford previously extended warranty coverage for these vehicles to 10 years of service or 150,000 miles from the warranty start date, owners that have already exceeded these milestones can now get a one-time TCM replacement through June 30th, 2025. Owners also have the option to take advantage of pickup and delivery service through select dealers, if available.

This move comes after many owners have experienced a number of issues with the Powershift transmission, such as slipping, jerking, bucking, delays in downshifts and acceleration, and sudden acceleration, which are reportedly exacerbated by improper TCM programming, the computer that controls shifts.

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  1. wjtinfwb

    We own a Focus, but with a manual transmission. It’s been a great car as was the ‘03 Focus it replaced. But Ford has destroyed the reputation and resale of these cars with the Powershift trans and their half-assed fixes and band aids. Ford has a perfectly good 6-speed automatic they used in the Fusion and Transit Connect, retro fitting the 6speed for the Powershift would have solved the problem immediately and while certainly expensive, would have saved Ford money in the long run. Ford’s Quality, Recall, Dealer and customer satisfaction stats have taken a huge hit which I’m sure is impacting stock price and earnings, as well as sales volumes. Those items need to be fixed immediately as all the new and great vehicles will have little impact if the clients are dissatisfied.

  2. Mrx19

    Ford knew this dual clutch trans was a disaster within the first year. It was the one major black eye of the Mullaly era. Ford should have changed to a torque converter trans immediately and saved themself multiple thousands of dollars and who knows how much lost good will. Don’t know if it is possible, but Ford needs a major shift in public perception, but might be too late.

  3. Ed Jury

    My tcm went out. Sitting at Ford dealership. Now I read I my get it fixed in a year. What’s going on with Ford?

  4. Gene

    I find Ford company and the employees who are responsible deceptive and big headed feeling there not responsible for the screwups in there products not doing or saying anything just kept selling faulty product hopefully they’ll pay if not here they will be judged by god

  5. Kim

    Is this going to be something we can get reimbursed on if we already paid out of pocket to get the transmission replaced? It’s frustrating they continued to produce these cars and give buyers false information. Bought a 2019 fiesta and transmission went out at 75k miles.

    1. Steph

      Our 2014 Focus transmission went out early in July. We had no idea they’d be offering free replacement until we received a letter on July 31, and already had a transmission garage fix. Now Ford is refusing to reimburse (even though the letter states possible reimbursement), because their letter was dated July 2023 and our repair was also July 2023. These guys are sneaky and deceptive.

  6. Michael K

    I’ve always wondered why Ford left this costly engineering flaw in production for so long, rather than investing to fix it. There must have been a cost calculus in their decision to just eat the warranty costs and bare the harm to its reputation. For their part they seem to at least foot the bill, even if it’s a miserable experience for all the owners.

    1. Wendy

      We. Just had the transmission replaced in our 2011 fiesta. Got it home and the stutter is happening again. I’m so sick of it, after tall that money. This car has been a money pit.
      $900 a/c compressor
      $300 antifreeze leak fix
      Now the transmission.
      Worst car I’ve ever purchased.

  7. Karena Thompson

    My TCM went out on my 2012 Ford Focus that I purchased for my daughter six months ago. I wish I knew this was an issue before we purchased it. Now it’s been sitting at the dealership for over a month now with no idea when the part will come in.

  8. Frank McNamara

    After I got my TCM replaced the dealership called me and told me that there’d be a possibility of getting my money back that I paid for the TCM and labor took some time like a month or so but I did get my money back I got to reimbursement now the issue is I was told from the dealership that it has dual clutches and they are likely to go out and that will cost around $3,000 I don’t understand how Ford could create a monster like this like the girl that purchased a car for her daughter now she’s got to wait for her daughter to be able to drive it until she gets it replaced! Ford is better than this obviously they’ve got the wrong people making decisions

  9. Jennifer Valdez

    My focus broke down last month. I received a letter saying they’d replace it if it was still under warranty or the 150000 mark. The 10year warranty went out last year but what’s messed up is I received the letter in June 2023. I had just finished paying it off this year. $10,000 I paid for this car and it’s just sitting in my front yard and can’t afford to fix it. I wonder if they’ll come pick it up to do the replacement.

  10. Tamara Swinford

    I am writing to just say that I am not happy with any of the Ford Dealerships that I have called. I read the information online stating that the TCM would be covered and the rental car and the money – even if it happened not to be the TCM – as long as it had the same symptoms – but the service departments are not wanting to honor it. Nor are they willing to just change the TCM out and let me be on my way. I don’t think that is fair. My car is stalling while I am driving it and instead of these dealerships being concerned about me dying – they just say that the stuff online is not always the most accurate information. Really! I am sick and tired of these companies not taking ownership of their brand and covering stuff when it needs to be covered. It makes me so mad.

    1. Elizabeth

      Just left the dealership after waiting two weeks for an appointment which I asked for because I received the TCM issue letter. I don’t think they ran the diagnostics because when I asked for the codes, they looked at me (75 year old woman) like I was nuts. The invoice showed the symptoms of the TCM issue (shuddering, slow between 1-2 gears). Based on My description they did a clutch replacement ($3000 +-). The way the associate described it is: the TCM is the computer, and clutch is the actual mechanics, which was out of warranty. Additionally, when I asked for a new battery for my key fob, which they replaced for $5, they told me that the buttons (lock/unlock) were bad and I could replace it for $400. Fortunately, I have a 2nd key fob, and the first one seems okay with the new battery. My thoughts: if the buttons work intermittently, it’s the battery, and if the buttons don’t work at all, then it’s a bad fob. My main concern was they didn’t return my calls after keeping my car two extra days, and, I have no proof that they actually ran the diagnostics. But, I’m just a 75 year old woman.

      1. anonymous

        they are lying to you. call ford motor company 800 number and report them that might get you some results. i got runaround from my dealer and i called ford then i called the dealership back low and behold they came and towed me in and i am driving a loaner from them. they have had it for 5-6 weeks. no part available. terrible!!!!!!!

  11. Nkosinathi Reuben Makhaye

    I am in South Africa,want to know where to get my Tcm re embursed as my car is sitting in my garage.

  12. Doug Waller

    I don’t know that Ford IS better than this. They need to prove if they are. If TCM and clutches, or a retrofit, are the solution, then so be it. Fraud and conspiracy usually have consequences. Reckless endangerment, depraved indifference. People driving these vehicles put self and others in harm’s way without a proper solution. Accidents happen, but Ford isn’t alone in allowing greed to be its decision maker.
    Until they prove themselves, everyone should think before buying any Ford product. State attorneys general should be contacted. By all who currently own. It’s part of their scope to protect the consumers in their state.
    Current and former owners need to do so, as many had these cars sat and “gave up” on them. Ford owes them compensation.
    Accountability is something we all face in time.

  13. AE

    Rather convenient how Ford sends out recall notices and then has no available parts to do the required repairs, it’s all on “backorder”. They knew how many parts they would need BEFORE those letters went out and how many repairs would have to be made. Imo, neither Ford nor their dealerships want to address this issue so parts are on backorder and dealerships will not make timely appointments for repairs. Either an appointment is a month or more out or they play the “drop it off and we’ll get to it when we can” game. And we wonder why Japan beats the U.S. in the car game. If this becomes too much of a hassle, probably will become a Toyota customer…very disappointing Ford, very disappointing.

  14. Daniel Freeman

    Our 2015 Ford fiesta has been sitting at the dealership for months, waiting for the TCM that you can buy on Amazon for under $200. The repair should only take 15 to 20 minutes based on the information we found online. I find it hard to believe that Ford can’t get a hold of a part that we can easily order online. They are, amazingly poor at customer relations!

  15. James McCool

    So I got the recall notice from Ford, concerning the Transmission Control Module (TCM). Well my car has always hesitated when accelerating, so I figured I’d get it fixed. The letter says “All parts and labor are covered” if the part needs replaced. So Ford still charged me $140 anyways for labor for performing “tests” to discover I do not need the TCM replaced. They said, like others, that the issue is my clutch and valves.. I’m like “Well, all the ‘checking’ is still ‘labor’ that is covered under the recall. They will ‘get back to me’ about removing the charges…

  16. Lisa Daggett

    Just call about the TCM problem I’m having. The end of 2022, I call about my car problem and told them it was the TCM. They set me a appointment, when I got there, I was told I would have to leave my car a few days, and pay $125. For the Test to make sure it’s the TCM. I know it was, because I had it tested somewhere else. That’s why I was bringing it to Ford to get it replaced FREE, and she said they need Ford people to run the test and they would not accept any other information. They also said NO car rental, pick up service, and no way for me to get home, if I left my car. She did tell me Car rental was across the street in the mall. Car is getting worse so I called again 11 mos later, test is now $195 and if that’s the problem (TCM) no charge. But if that’s the problem along with something else, then I still have to pay. Service people for Ford are not happy about doing this for Free. So they are trying to get something out of it. I know they will come up with something. I also asked about the key fob to be replaced shop working, was told $400. Auto store send me to a guy who sold me a key fob and programmed it for $60. I have no problems with it. Going to see if something can be done about this, maybe that could be a law suit.

  17. anonymous

    Call Ford Motor Company and report this. that is what i had to do, After that they came and towed me in and i got a leaser from them Report it!!!!

  18. Carmen Chilton

    They want to charge me 200+ just to see if it ‘Needs” it when it bucks and stalls and once I couldn’t even get it to go in gear (auto transmission). NO
    All diagnostics to see if you need it should be free too. Ford screwed us and continues to. Poor service and this will be the last Ford I own.

  19. samantha knight

    i need to know if my 2016 ford fiesta was part of the tmc re call transmission


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