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Ford Infotainment Satisfaction Ranked Slightly Above Average

Customer satisfaction over Ford infotainment systems has historically fared quite well in numerous studies, and has also remained a driving force behind the automaker’s overall owner satisfaction scores as well. This is notable because many manufacturers struggle to get this important piece of the car-making puzzle right, which can have a massive impact on the ownership experience in general. Now, Consumer Reports is also shedding a bit more light on this particular topic after leaning on data collected from its own members.

This data reveals that Ford infotainment system satisfaction ranked a little above the industry average, as The Blue Oval finished in 14th place among 33 brands when it comes to built-in infotainment systems. A total of 55 percent of those polled said they were satisfied with Ford’s own infotainment systems, which is a bit better than the industry average of 50 percent.

This ranked Ford behind Genesis (74 percent), Tesla (68 percent), Hyundai (64 percent), BMW (64 percent), Rivian (63 percent), Buick (62 percent), Cadillac (61 percent), Lincoln (60 percent), Jeep (59 percent), GMC (59 percent), Ram (56 percent), Alfa Romeo (56 percent), and Chevrolet (56 percent), but ahead of many others including Dodge (54 percent), Mitsubishi (53 percent), Mercedes-Benz (53 percent), Porsche (52 percent), Volvo (52 percent), Land Rover (51 percent), Chrysler (50 percent), Kia (49 percent), Honda (49 percent), Mini (46 percent), Audi (46 percent), Nissan (45 percent), Infiniti (44 percent), Volkswagen (41 percent), Toyota (41 percent), Lexus (41 percent), Mazda (38 percent), Subaru (39 percent), and Acura (29 percent).

These ratings are particularly important as infotainment systems become more of a part of the overall user experience in new vehicles, with many incorporating controls for things like HVAC systems and volume control, which were previously controlled using physical buttons, switches, or dials, particularly given the fact that at least one automaker – General Motors – plans to ditch Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity in the future.

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  1. Mark B

    I’ve always been pretty satisfied with the way the Sync 3 works. Very intuitive, and easy to use. I have it on two of my vehicles. Though I haven’t had any experiences with any other systems other than Subaru’s, and I do agree that their system should be close to the bottom. Very cumbersome to navigate…

  2. Sean R

    For the most part, it’s OK. I just bought a 2022 Explorer ST with the vertical 10″ screen. It’s Sync 3 like my 2016 Mustang GT, but it doesn’t work the same and it’s missing features.

    Also, on the 10″ screen it has terrible Android Auto integration. Instead of utilizing the full screen for Google Maps or Waze, it used less real estate to see the maps than the smaller screen in the same model year range Explorers and even the 2016 Mustang. But the Ford navigation uses the full screen.

    IMO, Ford’s setup on the 10″ screen is a safety hazard. By making the app displays smaller, along with the on-screen buttons, it’s very hard to see while driving and even harder to hit a small button you can barely see in a moving vehicle.

    This has been an ongoing owner complaint. Sure would be nice for Ford to send an update to fix this dangerous issue.

  3. Bob Dobson

    I drive a 21 Explorer ST with SYNC3. SYNC2 and SYNC3 are by far the most poorly engineered multimedia systems in the automotive business. SYNC2 was so bad the CEO of Ford punched the screen of his Edge ST when the system wouldn’t work. Google it!

    SYNC3 updating is an absolute abortion right now, they have a version out 22251 that has completely locked up customers systems, stopped connectivity with FordPass and made the system inoperable.

    Features in SYNC3 are archaic to say the least.

    The system is slow, clunky, takes 4 minutes to boot up, the BlueTooth is so bad I take the call off handsfree to clear up the audio.

    Anyone who thinks SYNC3 is a good system doesn’t understand the technology or what’s out there in the market.

    Anyone who

    1. John Sames

      Never encountered any of these issues with my vehicles, 2017, 2020, 2023.
      Sorry to hear your encountering problems.

  4. John Sames

    So much for the value of Consumers Report reviews, Hyundia and Kia use the same systems and Hyundai gets a 64 approval rating and Kia a 49.


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