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Ford Mustang Supercars Racers To Get Revised Engine

Over in Australia and New Zealand, the Supercars Championship remains one of the more popular forms of motorsport in that particular region, and it’s a series that the Ford Mustang has long enjoyed tremendous success in, largely thanks to the fact that the vehicles that compete in the series are closer to their road-going brethren than most. Like many motorsports series, however, Supercars is always searching for ways to even the playing field, and now, that means that the Ford Mustang racers are in line to receive a bit of an engine update, according to Motorsport.

Starting this weekend with the Sydney SuperNight event and moving forward, the Ford Mustang Supercars racers will utilize an 80mm throttle body rather than the larger, 87mm unit that’s been present until now – which will bring it in line with Chevy’s own Supercars V8 engine specs. While one might assume that this could put the pony car at a bit of a competitive disadvantage, that apparently isn’t the case at all, as many believe that the smaller throttle body will eliminate rear tire lift and improve drivability – problems faced by the Ford Mustang racers that haven’t affected the Camaro, apparently.

“Supercars can confirm that the Ford homologation team requested an Engine Specification Document (ESD) change to use an 80mm throttle body,” a Supercars spokesperson said. “This has now been tested, verified, both on and off track, and is now approved for introduction for the Beaurepaires Sydney SuperNight.”

This is the second recent change for the Ford Mustang Supercars racers after The Blue Oval debuted a new aero package for the car previously – a move also designed to improve tire life and stability when braking – which led to a win from Anton De Pasquale at the Townsville 500 earlier this month.

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    Don’t worry, The gm teams will give a under the table donation and suddenly they will have rules once again in their favor, just like nascrap!


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