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Ford Next CEO Arrested After Domestic Incident

Back in June 2021, Ford hired former Renault executive Franck Dominique Louis-Victor to lead its New Businesses Platform team, but with the creation of Ford Next – the automaker’s autonomous vehicle development, mobility services, and startup incubator – Louis-Victor moved on to become CEO of that particular unit as well, which just launched the Ford Drive leasing pilot program last month. Now, however, Louis-Victor is making news for something a bit less savory – a domestic incident that has him facing two felony charges, according to Click On Detroit.

The incident occurred at Louis-Victor’s home in Oakland County, Michigan this past Saturday. When police arrived, they discovered that the Ford Next CEO was involved in a domestic violence altercation during which he attempted to set two high-end hand bags – valued at around $10,000 – on fire.

Louis-Victor was arrested and is facing two charges – arson – preparation to burn property worth between $1,000 and $20,000; and assault with a dangerous weapon. He has since been arraigned at the 48th District Court and is being held on $25,000 bond, cash/surety, with a probable cause conference and preliminary examination scheduled to take place later this month.

“We are aware of what has been reported in the press, but it would be inappropriate to comment on personal matters,” a Ford spokesperson said in a statement in response to the incident.

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  1. John

    First world problems

  2. onewhosayswhatothersthink

    I honestly have an ironic respect for the guy. I think his actions were understandable given that the fuse to on this may have been 2 10k purses that his wife purchased. Who wants a wife like that? Once you get past those who put on the glamour for professional image reasons, most of those with REAL money despise over preteniousness. Hopefully, he lit the purses on fire out in the yard!

    1. Plains States Patriots

      You have respect for a man who hits a woman so hard, she’s taken by ambulance to the hospital emergency room? Also, lights her own property on fire?

      Well, aren’t you just a breath of fresh toxic masculinity!
      What’re you going to do next? Throw a parade for the redneck down the road who kicked a puppy?

  3. Rob A

    He looks more like Larry the Cable Guy than a CEO with that scruffy looking beard. I think Ford got duped when they hired him!

  4. Dave Mathers

    Burning his own property in his own residence? What’s wrong with this picture?

    1. Plains States Patriots

      The property is his wife’s, not his, and he hit her so hard, she was taken to the hospital emergency room (Source: Detroit Free Press, 14 July, 2023).
      What’s wrong with this picture, indeed.


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