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Ford Rival Stellantis Gears Up For Potential UAW Strike

The United Auto Workers (UAW) has been insisting that they will strike should contract negotiations fail this summer. They’ve already taken aim at Ford CEO Jim Farley, claiming that he, along with his Detroit Three counterparts, are overpaid, and that corporate profits can easily pay for their desired changes to current compensation levels. In early July, Ford and other automakers prepared to meet with UAW representatives for contract negotiations, revealing its biggest concerns ahead of the discussions. It seems that Ford’s rival, Stellantis, is gearing up for a strike on its end of things, ramping up vehicle production to head off a potential strike deadline in September, according to a recent report by Reuters.

Stellantis is requiring union workers to work mandatory overtime at the Warren Truck assembly and Jefferson North facilities, accelerating Jeep production in the face of impending strike. Stellantis stated that both plants would be in “critical” status beginning on July 5th, 2023 and ending on October 2nd. Going “critical” means that a plant can run up to seven days a week for a period of 90 days overall, requiring union employees to put in more than nine hours overtime.

In a post on social media, the rank-and-file committee, an organization made primarily of union workers, stated, “The company executives are doing this to build up inventory ahead of a potential strike. They are trying to intimidate us because we will not accept another sellout contract from the United Auto Workers.”

Meanwhile, Stellantis stated that its reason for ramping up Jeep SUV production is a response to strong sales and high demand for the vehicles.

Just a few days ago, Ford CEO Farley released an op-ed taking issue with several of the UAW’s top demands, claiming that UAW-Ford employees have, in fact, received wage increases along with annual inflation bonuses that would not have been paid out if cost of living adjustments had been implemented.

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Alexandra is a Colorado-based journalist with a passion for all things involving horsepower, be it automotive or equestrian.

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  1. Burt Reynolds

    Back in 2019 the strike was really dumb, it was a power move and got the workers jack all. This time around I’m with the UAW they need to do something because the big 3 especially ford are making hand over fist with these games they’re playing with production and prices. Screw em go on strike

    1. Jay

      it’s gonna go like this – we will give you what you need, after some hardball negotiating…

      6 months later – sorry we are firing 4000 more employees because we are moving line A to country B.

  2. Cigna

    The worst news for Failure Farley, along with endless recalls/lawsuits, now there is the possibility of a strike.

  3. ronarb

    If the UAW is such an outstanding labor organization then why don’t they represent the auto workers at Toyota, Honda, Volvo etc. US based production facilities ? Seems like their leadership is simply going after the low hanging fruit from the Big Three.

    1. T-bo

      Why do think all the car companies you speak of are in the south? Do your research before running your mouth.

    2. Loudtuna

      Let us not forget most white ppl in the south still support slavery. So how can we expect them support a union a collection of blue collar ppl standing up to a corporation who pulls in billions and returns less than 1% to its force thru profit sharing joke of a formula 1k per billion try 10k. Why is it the people who work n hardest sacrifice the most children sacrifice wife’s husband’s mothers fathers all blood n sweat everyday grinding on a line get the smallest portion of the pie. u how horrible of a job I do I quit that it sucked so bad. While the ppl who do nothing but traditionally run the company into the ground after its been profitable awhile. Hourly labor is not a flexible cost you can extract profit

    3. John Pickford

      Simply put, you have a Union because of poor leadership in working with employees. The foreign plant leadership works to eliminate longterm problems; the Big 3 don’t. When it comes to foreign company CEO compensation it’s not ‘pie in the sky’, likely $2.5 to $3 mil. Mary Barry’s compensation is $29 mil even if her salary is $2.1. Why? Yes, the southern states do not have s Right To Work law where have to join a Union, but make no mistake, if southern workers were treated or compensated poorly then an Union would be formed. The foreign CEO leadership is just more involved across the board to eliminate problems, generate ideas, offer training and essentially walk the talk. The Big 3 don’t.

  4. Paul

    GM and Ford had unionized plants in Georgia for decades, so there’s more to it than that. GM still has a UAW plant in Tennessee. The transplants have worked hard to have labor relations that are just good enough to avoid unionization.

  5. Duane

    Leave them go out on strike,just remember who buy them expensive vehickles ,all UAW is greedy for money,wish you the best,I don’t buy big 3,I buy Toyota and Honda only,there built to last.

    1. Loudtuna

      Your a jackass they have just as many recalls and while it may support a us job ultimately the money is leaving. Most of the development is done in Japan or Europe. At least if you buy a big 3 the money stays here the vehicles are developed here which is the begin stages b4 production which is just as big if not bigger then profuction thousands of designers engibeers , cade guys, electricians, metal fab, painters, model mskers , photographers, shipping, analitical jobs. The list goes on n on all this jobs are over sees when u buy from them u maybe split ur economic investment but mostly it goes oversees your money that is. Ask yourself this are you gonna invest in your neighbor 401k b4 your own? Course not so why invest in another lands economic advancement. Your contributing to the opposing teams economic superiority over your own team keep your money so its respect by this same ppl in your local economy its really simple dude but traitors like you exist go live there then dude. Since u wanba invest ur money there go there we don’t want you.

      1. Loudtuna

        While this asshole forgets if he went to there land he could afford his Toyota that’s what’s funny its this country supplys u the means n u give ur money back to another country which is in direct comprtion with your hone land. They built to last ur an idiot dude UAW workers should get 1/4 of the profits 1/4 investment 1/4 shareholders 1/4 excutives FAIR when there profits of course no fixed cost there not gonna go for it ever. Hit the profits hard 30% 12 billion 3 billion goes to hourly skilled trades Fair 55k employees at ford each receive 55,000 profit sharing 1 year @12 billion profit u can def win that profits fall it falls but that’s the risk of business u take the good with bad man.

  6. Bill

    Duane. People like you buying foreign cars supporting foreign countries are the ones that are making this country the way it is. You probably don’t have a clue on what you’re even talking about. Probably a Trump supporter too. D-/? A”-


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