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Ford Still Benchmarking Snorkeled Land Rover Defender S

In a market that’s hot for boxy, old-fashioned, off-road-focused SUVs, Land Rover threw its proverbial hat back in the ring in 2020 with the all-new Defender, a nameplate that has quite the rich history, just like one of its rivals, the Ford Bronco. The Land Rover Defender lineup has since expanded to include a shorter, two-door 90 model, as well as a V8-powered variant, too. As such, it’s no surprise that Ford Authority spotted FoMoCo benchmarking a Defender in late 2021 in four-door, regular wheelbase, 110 guise. Turns out, Ford is still benchmarking that same Land Rover Defender S, which is equipped with a rather interesting feature.

That feature is a snorkel – or a raised air intake, as the automaker calls it. This item is made from plastic and designed to help protect the engine by reducing the amount of dust particles taken into the air filter and does not increase the SUV’s water fording depth, as is the case with a traditional snorkel. It’s worth noting that the Ford Bronco Everglades comes equipped with a real snorkel from the factory, which does provide enhanced water fording capability.

Aside from that feature, this Land Rover Defender S represents the base model in this vehicle lineup, with a base price of $60,600 – significantly pricier than the Bronco, but also more luxurious and well-equipped. The S can be had with two different powertrains – a twin-turbocharged 2.0L I-4 that produces 296 horsepower, or a twin-turbocharged 3.0L I-6 that generates 395 horsepower.

As Ford Authority reported back in May, Ford is currently developing two new Bronco variants – a “Work” model, as well as a “Premium” SUV. It’s unclear what these two new models might look like, but the Premium is most likely a luxury trim of some kind. As Ford Authority reported back in August 2021, the Bronco team previously refused to rule out a more upscale version of the rugged SUV at that time, which could perhaps better compete with vehicles like the Land Rover Defender.

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  1. Larry

    Why????? You make them in England. Got to admit though the 2 door Defender looks great!! I seen one. But I need to save my pennies to get that $60,600.

  2. Walter

    I would totally be in on a fixed roof Bronco over a Defender. But if Ford keeps dragging their feet, I’m going to get a Defender. I’ve already test driven and priced one; just have to decide on color and wheels.


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