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Pre-Price Cut Ford F-150 Lightning Pickups Get Big Discount

Following multiple price increases after its initial launch, the Ford F-150 Lightning suddenly lost its position as a bargain among EV pickups – at least the entry-level Pro, which launched with a sub-$40k MSRP but soon swelled to nearly $60k – causing many reservation/order holders to bail. With even Tesla CEO Elon Musk stating that the Ford F-150 Lightning was too expensive in its current form and inventory swelling, a little relief came in the form of some massive price cuts across the lineup that were just announced last week, as well as the EV pickup’s first-ever factory rebate and another, $1,500 incentive. Thing is, this round of price cuts doesn’t apply to trucks that have already been invoiced, so FoMoCo is giving those models a fairly big discount to compensate, according to a dealer letter recently seen by CarsDirect.

2023 Ford F-150 Lightning Pro - Exterior 001 - Front Three Quarters

This new discount – officially known as 2023-Model Lightning VIN-Specific Bonus Cash – is, as the name suggests, VIN-specific, which means that interested customers will need to check with their dealers to see if a Ford F-150 Lightning on the lot is eligible. However, the discounts essentially mirror those offered as part of the most recent price cut, making them worth seeking out for those that may not want to wait to order or take delivery of an EV pickup.

As a matter of fact, these new discounts are ever so slightly better than what Ford is offering in conjunction with its recent price cuts – at least, $21 more across the board. That means discounts of $10,000 for the base Pro, $9,500 for the XLT with the 311A equipment group, $8,500 for the XLT 312A Standard Range, $8,900 for the XLT 312A Extended Range, $7,000 for the Lariat 510A, $8,500 for the Lariat 511A, and $6,100 for the range-topping Platinum.

FordPass Rewards Online Redemption Ford F-150 Lightning - Exterior 001 - Rear Three Quarters

These discounts are available on trucks sold between July 19th and October 2nd, which gives interested customers some time to track one down – and potentially save big money compared to those that purchased one just a few weeks ago.

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  1. Sean

    All of the car YouTube channels are talking about how Americans aren’t interesting EVs. Raise the price by $15K then offer an insulting $1,500 “discount.” Let the continue to lose money on EVs, Americans aren’t buying.

  2. ChristianS

    Good thing is there is absolutely nothing the Government can do to make us buy EVs, nothing. Funny watching to auto industry lose millions on these failed EVs.

  3. John Layman

    Why in the world would anyone in America buy an Electric Vehicle that depends on Chinees technology, and batteries. Might as well go buy a dodge or chevy rather than a Chinese battery operated vehicle.

  4. jpb

    The Lightning was old, outdated, and sky rocketed with ridiculous greed as far as pricing when it launched . The dealers can’t give them away, many owners have already traded and there is no interest from consumers.
    Nice move FORD 2.0

  5. David Dickinson II

    Translation–Lighting has lost its spark.

  6. Bard

    Man a lot of made up bs in this thread…. While I agree they got over priced.. I still see quite a few on the road. Wait till solid state is a reality…

  7. Alfred

    I suspect a lot of people are holding out for the 2nd Gen truck. Its not as simple as, people just don’t want them. 1.9Mill reservations for the cybertruck as ugly as it is.

  8. Jetfixxxer

    Hopefully they drop a little lower in price. I will be definitely getting one within the next two years. I wouldn’t mind having an EV Truck.


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