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Tesla Cybertruck Prototype Spotted Wearing Ford F-150 Wrap

At this point, it seems like we’ve been waiting a very long time for the impending launch of the Tesla Cybertruck to actually happen, a sentiment clearly shared by the million-plus people who reserved one years ago following the EV pickup’s debut in 2019. Since then, we’ve been treated to a few updates and hints at design changes, as well as the construction of the automaker’s new Gigafactory Texas production plant. The Tesla Cybertruck was originally slated to launch by the end of 2021 but has instead faced multiple delays, though the Ford F-150 Lightning competitor has finally entered production, with one unit rolling off the assembly line just last week. Several Testa Cybertruck prototypes have since been spotted wearing different types of camo recently, but none are as puzzling as this one, which was caught sitting in a shop with a Ford F-150 wrap covering its flanks.

There are a couple of reasons why Tesla might want to make its very unique EV pickup look like a Ford F-150, of course. This could be a simple case of trolling on the automaker’s part, poking fun at the F-150 Lightning’s more conventional appearance when compared to the wild, angular Cybertruck. It could also be a way to help disguise the prototype and make it blend in a bit more with the crowd as well, though it’s tough to do that, in all fairness.

In any event, this is an interesting development given Tesla CEO’s previous remarks that pickup trucks have gotten “boring” in recent years. Perhaps even more interestingly, we can clearly see the frunk area of this Cybertruck for the first time as well, which doesn’t appear to be quite as volumeous as the one present in the F-150 Lightning.

In the meantime, the Tesla Cybertruck – which Ford CEO Jim Farley recently said is a vehicle built “for Silicon Valley people,” has watched much of its competition launch and go on sale over the past few years. That includes F-150 Lightning production, which kicked off in April 2022. After that, the Lightning faced tremendous demand prior to multiple price increases due to raw materials costs and other economic factors that ultimately caused that to taper off, though a recent boost in production and falling costs prompted FoMoCo to slash prices significantly. It’s currently unclear what the Tesla Cybertruck will retail for when it launches, as the automaker removed pricing from its website some time ago. However, it seems unlikely that the EV pickup will start out at $39,900, as was originally slated to be its base MSRP.

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  1. Kechke

    Cybertruck has gotta be the ugliest looking conglomeration I have ever seen!
    Ya think Elon will take a hammer to the side glass again?

  2. Bob

    I will just wait for the first one to catch fire by itself & send out a smokeshow.
    Like a “red headed stepchild’, this nightmare will die FUGLY!!

    1. Alfred

      The Lightning has already done that.

    2. Just me

      Teslas have not been having this problem. Those are other car manufacturers with the bolt being the most notorious.

  3. Bosko

    For a smart guy, Elon has horrible grammar.

    1. Alfred

      You do know he has Asperger right?

  4. DAB

    The Tesla truck-like thing is soooo ugly and bad, that I think Musk had them to this to make it worth more! I don’t think there’s much can be done to take away the ugly from this thing, but disguising it as a Ford would be a huge improvement.

  5. Michael

    I sure am glad you guys have a place to vent your frustrations.
    Don’t you wish you could be somewhat successful as Elon?
    I am a redneck pick up truck driver. Elon will have no trouble selling his Cyber truck.

  6. T Cleaver

    It’s like in the Cat in the Hat movie where the vehicle had the Hummer car cover to make it look cool. When the cover was removed, there was something ugly underneath.


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