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Tesla Cybertruck Wearing Ford F-150 Wrap Spotted On Road

A few days ago, a single photo of a very interesting Tesla Cybertruck emerged online, a prototype that was quite humorously wearing a vinyl wrap that makes it look like the Ford F-150. Seemingly a rather good troll job by the folks at Tesla, this very interesting truck was likely wearing a wrap to conceal some of its final design updates, as the very first production model just rolled off the assembly line at Gigafactory Texas earlier this month following roughly four years of delays since its debut. Now, this Blue Oval-like Tesla Cybertruck has been spotted out and around Palo Alto and Livermore, California, by a couple of different Twitter users.

Set to compete directly with the Ford F-150 Lightning when it does eventually launch – which is currently slated to happen later this year – the Cybertruck is wearing manufacturer tags, as one might expect, and is reportedly “huge” in person. Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently stated that the Cybertruck will be among the very few pickups in the world that has a six-foot bed and four doors that can also fit in a normal-sized garage, however.

In any event, this is an interesting development given the Tesla CEO’s previous remarks that pickup trucks have gotten “boring” in recent years. Perhaps even more interestingly, the prior photo of this prototype revealed the frunk area in the Cybertruck for the first time as well, which doesn’t appear to be quite as large as the one present in the F-150 Lightning – or it’s “Mega Frunk,” as it’s otherwise known.

In the meantime, the Tesla Cybertruck – which Ford CEO Jim Farley recently said is a vehicle built “for Silicon Valley people” has watched much of its competition launch and go on sale over the past few years. That includes F-150 Lightning production, which kicked off in April 2022. After that, the Lightning faced tremendous demand prior to multiple price increases due to raw materials costs and other economic factors that ultimately caused that to taper off, though a recent boost in production and falling costs prompted FoMoCo to slash prices significantly. It’s currently unclear what the Tesla Cybertruck will retail for when it launches, as the automaker removed pricing from its website some time ago. However, it seems unlikely that the EV pickup will start out at $39,900, as was originally slated to be its base MSRP.

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  1. JimL

    I must be a dope. I don’t get how this supposedly trolls, or why it’s numerous. To me, at best, it’s a curiosity — what’s the point?

    1. JimL

      Humorous, not numerous. Hey F.A., you really need to give us a way to edit our own posts.

      1. Kevin

        You don’t get why wearing a different skin of the #1 best pickup truck company or wearing the skin of a competitor who lost when f150 and the cyber truck had a tug of war? You must a dope after all!

    2. Alfred

      You must not have been following the back and forth between Elon and Farley, or you just don’t have a sense of “humor.”

  2. Tigger


  3. Ford Owner

    That is proof that Musk wants to copy Ford’s products. So he just admitted that his Cybertruck is worse than the F-150 Lightning!

    1. Alfred


  4. Mark

    Some would think you’re fugly? Perhaps? But your mom and God thinks you’re perfect. 😀. I hv a lightning ⚡️ ❤️ and think the Cybertruck is awesome and beautiful !

  5. Dz\' Lightning

    Another brilliant move by Musk. Now that that DeLorean wannabe looks like an F-150 maybe it will sell.
    Just kidding. The Cybertruck looks cool and I’m sure it will have great range and innovative features.
    But don’t think you will see it on too many construction sites.


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