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We’re Driving The 2023 Ford Maverick XLT Tremor – What Do You Want To Know?

We’re spending a week with a 2023 Ford Maverick XLT with the Tremor Off-Road Package. The Tremor was added to the lineup for 2023, and this is the first example we’ve been able to test with the package. This Maverick represents the third of its kind we’ve had in the fleet, as we previously tested a Ford Maverick XL hybrid and a Ford Maverick XL with the 2.0L EcoBoost.

2023 Ford Maverick driver side view

This 2023 Ford Maverick XLT features Avalanche paint with a Black Onyx interior. Starting MSRP for a base XLT is $24,855. Additionally, this Maverick was ordered with Advanced 4WD ($2,220, required for Tremor), the Tremor Off-Road Package ($2,995), Ford Co-Pilot360 Package ($650), Splash Guards ($180), and a spray-in bedliner ($495).

The Tremor Off-Road Package includes the following:

• Off-road tuned suspension
– Unique front/rear springs – ride height increase
– Unique front/rear shocks – Tremor logo on rear
• Trail Control
• Front skid plates for underbody protection
• Advances 4WD with twin clutch rear drive unit
• 4WD lock
• Rear drive unit lock
• Selectable drive modes: Normal – Tow / Haul – Slippery – Mud & Ruts – Sand
• Off-road screen in cluster
• Heavy duty transmission cooler
• Trailer hitch Receiver w/ 4-pin connector
• Full size spare tire
• 17” machined-face Tarnished Dark aluminum with orange painted pockets
• 17” A/T Tire 235/65R17
• Exterior Tremor highlights
– New front bumper with improved approach angle
– Upper grille – unique style w/ Tremor orange accents
– Front tow hooks – w/ Tremor Orange painted accent
– Fender vent – w/ Tremor Orange accents
– Tremor box decals and badges
– Unique front and rear Ford logos
– Black chrome headlamps
– Black chrome taillamps
– Tremor unique exterior color – Avalanche Gray
• Interior Tremor highlights
– Black Onyx Seats with Tremor Orange stitching and logo accents
– Tremor instrument panel and floor console accents
– All weather floor mats, Front and Rear (with Carpet Mats)

2023 Ford Maverick

The Ford Co-Pilot360 Package contains the following:

• BLIS® (Blind Spot Information System) with Cross-Traffic Alert
• Lane-Keeping System (Lane-Keeping Aid, Lane-Keeping Alert and Driver Alert System)

When destination and delivery is factored in, the overall cost of an identical Maverick is $32,990.

2023 Ford Maverick

The 2023 Ford Maverick XLT paired with the Tremor Off-Road Package features the automaker’s 2.0L EcoBoost I-4, which is rated at 250 horsepower and 277 pound-feet of torque mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission. Fuel economy is rated at 20 miles-per-gallon in city driving, 24 miles-per-gallon in highway driving, and 21 miles-per-gallon in combined driving.

2023 Ford Maverick

We received this 2023 Ford Maverick and will have it until July 13th, so now is your chance to ask us any questions you have about the pickup. Go ahead and drop us a line in the comment section below, and we’ll get you the answers when we can. What do you want to know about the Maverick?

Ready… set… go!

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Ed owns a 1986 Ford Taurus LX, and he routinely daydreams about buying another one, a fantasy that may someday become a reality.

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  1. Ernie

    Is it possible for any model to be four wheel down towed?

    1. Edward Snitkoff

      There is a neutral tow mode for the Maverick – page 293 of the owner’s manual describes the procedure.

      1. Edward Snitkoff

        As Rick said, it’s only for the hybrid – page 292 of the owner’s manual.

    2. Rick V

      Only the hybrid.

  2. Richard Wylie

    I have had the XLT with Tremor package since Jan and am getting much better MPG. Overall so far I’m at 26.7 and have had some tanks in the 28 range where there was no city miles and would be interested in what others are getting.

  3. Bill Byrne

    Why cant They make one after a 18 month wait !!

    1. Edward Snitkoff

      I wish I had answers for you Bill, sorry to hear about your situation.

  4. Joe D

    I drove my Eccoboost XLT home from the dealership (600 miles) and averaged 32.2 MPG…

  5. Jim VanCise

    Does the interior still have the gray-colored door panel?

    1. Edward Snitkoff

      It is mostly blue but it also has silver-gray inserts. Check the drop-down gallery above to get a good look at the interior.

  6. TomD

    Does the FX4 model have the same drivetrain as the Tremor?
    Are the skid plates the same on an FX4 as they are on the Tremor?

    1. Edward Snitkoff

      It has different gearing and the twin-clutch AWD system, so it’s a bit different. But it does have the 2.0 EcoBoost and the eight-speed automatic.

      The Tremor package has a unique set of skid plates.

  7. Normand Leboeuf

    The 4K trailer hitch is not avaliable with the Maverick Tremor package, why ?

    1. Edward Snitkoff

      Different suspension and a smaller radiator to increase ground clearance likely meant that Ford could not pair it with the 4K Tow Package.

  8. Michael McKee

    A question as to the “FEEL” of the Maverick – In the woods, does it feel “nimble”, able to make quick, sharp turns around trees & other obstacles?
    I had a 2023 Tacoma and it was Huge – felt clumsy off road. The earlier, smaller Taco that my son still has was MUCH better when off road.

    1. Edward Snitkoff

      I almost certain am not going to take it into the woods but it feels pretty nimble around parking lots. This is the same platform as the Ford Escape and Ford Bronco Sport, which are also very nimble.

  9. mike s

    Does all realize that the recent news that all the trims are increasing in price for the 2024 Maverick also means that the new Toyota Scout will be matching that price? Ford is really screwing up what just a couple of years ago, a worthy truck for a good price, wanted by your average customer. Not only will Ford continue to show it’s disdain for the public, but now they will deprive another producer from offering a vehicle for less than $25K. I hope I’m wrong but it just makes business sense for Toyota to match those rising prices.

    1. Rich

      Mike, I believe it is all about demand exceeded supply and Ford wanting to share in the dealer mark ups. That being said, I think Ford has produced about 150K Maverick since the start of production almost two years ago and is building about 10K a month now. Interesting that back in the mid 1960’s when the Ford Mustang became very popular Ford was able to ramp up production to build 700K in 18 months. Maybe when production increases and demand slips there will be dealer discounts, but I wouldn’t count on it any time soon.

      1. catalina c c assoc.

        Comparing a 1964 Mustang to a 2023 Maverick in ease of build? The display screen in a Maverick is more complex than the whole 1964 car.

  10. Dan O\'Brien

    Just crossing our fingers that after waiting 20 months for ours to he built we can find out answers next week when the new orders start once again! Last year after being on the list over a year our neice odred a hybrid and it was delivered in 4 months! Any suggestions:???

  11. Bill

    I have a 2022 Maverick XLT hybrid. I love it and recommend it. I thought I might like an XLT TREMOR but noticed it still only tows 2000# and as a unibody will have limited wheel travel.

    My question, wouldn’t a Ranger 4X4 (base model not FX4) XLT be a better, more durable, more capable truck for a similar price? 7500# towing would indicate it has great strength.

    Thanks for your great service.

  12. Frank Burns

    is there any chance Ford will offer a chrome package for the Maverick or maybe an extended cab like the old S10.

  13. Bill Thomas

    I have a Tremor XLT. Love It! I have been off road in the desert and mountains. Other than limited ground clearance, it seemingly can go wherever you point it!
    I have had a reoccurring “Powertrain Malfunction” code, that invokes “limp mode” and a gear wrench symbol. They have disappeared after a restart. This has only happened above 5000’ elev. at 75-80 mph. Anyone else experience this?

  14. Duane

    Found a Shadow black Maverick lariat Tremor on a dealership lot this week, after the sales guy say were not even asking markup, I said it’s sold then. Hands down the most amazing car I’ve had with the comfortable ride down the road you hit train tracks potholes hell speed bumps, n barely even feel it. Gets good mpg, has enough HP when you need it, and honestly it’s a head turner I’ve never seen so many people pointing at my vehicle as I’m driving down the road. If you can actually find one of these rare trucks 8% of all Mavericks are Tremors and I don’t need to tell anyone how hard they are to find I been searching for any Maverick even a base lx for 2 years with no luck and to find this unicorn on a lot, I still am in shock over it.


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