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2023 Ford Maverick Among Top 10 Recommended Cheap Cars

The Ford Maverick has made a splash in the nascent compact pickup segment, picking up plenty of accolades for its affordability and quality. It was recognized as one of the top 10 vehicles for college graduates in need of a capable vehicle with an inexpensive price tag, as well as being one of the “coolest” vehicles under $30,000Car and Driver even called it out in its 10Best list earlier this year. Add another title to the Maverick’s trophy case, as Consumer Reports included it among its top 10 recommended cheap cars currently on the market

In order to rank the vehicles on its top 10 list, CR takes into account the average transaction price using data from TrueCar. The publication then selected models that it felt best met its “stringent” standards in road tests, reliability, and safety. Then, each model was ranked based on its average transaction price, not MSRP, as vehicles are still selling for over MSRP thanks to current market conditions. All of the vehicles on the list have average transaction prices over MSRP.

The 2023 Ford Maverick made the list in ninth place, with a Maverick XL front-wheel drive being the an example cited by the publication. According to the data, the average transaction price for that particular example, with a $22,595 MSRP, is $24,663. The average spent over MSRP for the Maverick is $2,068, which backs up what other outlets have said about what buyers are actually paying in today’s market. By contrast, the cheapest vehicle on the list, a 2023 Volkswagen Jetta S manual, is selling for $466 over MSRP with a $21,121 sticker price.

Not only is it one of the top 10 recommended cheap cars by CR, the Ford Maverick has also been recognized by the publication as the most satisfying new pickup trucks on the market today, according to data from its members. The pickup was added to the publication’s recommended list in December 2022 and represented a bright spot in an otherwise disappointing showing in the outlet’s annual reliability survey.

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Alexandra is a Colorado-based journalist with a passion for all things involving horsepower, be it automotive or equestrian.

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  1. Jim Glass

    How about “sub luxury”, “inexpensive”? Cheap has a vary negative connotation.

  2. John E. Bowders

    Except that Mavericks are vaporware. They do not exist. I have seen exactly 3 on the street in the past 18 months. Two different dealers have taken my $500 deposits and then —crickets. Interesting that CarMax has a bunch of them, all sub 10K miles, marked up into the $35K range. Also, a decently-optioned 2024 will sticker for @ $34K, according to Ford’s configurator. Not exactly a $20-22K bargain truck.

    1. Papi Gil

      I have been waiting since 9/15/2022 for my 2023 Maverick order. Carmax and dealerships are getting them and are marking them up 10-15 thousand above MSRP. But those of us who ordered them via a dealership are still waiting. Something is wrong and I still smell a skunk.

  3. Bob

    $22,595 MSRP, is $24,663. The average spent over MSRP for the Maverick is $2,068
    So what you are saying, if your LUCKY you can get a Maverick for 25,650 or 26,730
    Which leads me to ask whats it going to be worth when GM, Toyota or Nisan come out with their small Truck.

    1. mike s

      Bob, it’s gonna be worth exactley the price you stated. If you think that Toyota is gonna sell their truck for less than that, you are naive. GM nor Nissan will produce a small truck for the US market. Ford has screwed this “cheap truck” attempt up royally. Actually, I believe, they saw this as an opportunity to wring out as much cash for their cheap truck as they could. Greed got the best of the dealerships and then corporate Ford did the same. The present prices for the Maverick have slowed the ordering by the public which indicates that the “sweet spot” has been exceeded so if there is a less expensive MSRP by Toyota for their vehicle, it won’t be by much. Ford also takes blame for that as well. The “deal” on a new vehicle is gone and while Ford may not be directly responsible for that, they sure didn’t help things. I have owned a Maverick, it’s nothing special. I learned in the 7 months I owned it that the small bed just didn’t work for me and I’m just an average Joe. The dashboard of the vehicle looks very cheap. Still, if I could buy one for the original price I would do it again. But no way at these prices.

  4. Bill Byrne

    CHEAP!!!!!!!!!!! THEY STARTED OUT REAL GOOD $19995 FOR A HYDRID. but good luck gettin one-we reordered twice. now its ONLY $5000 higher for a 2024 then TRY to get one on the lot for STICKER !! still up to $6000 over here in FL for hybrid.
    we waited 15 months ,then got something else- then on month 19 it came in, TOO LATE!!

  5. Jo b

    I ordered my Maverick last September and got it in July so worth the wait. I love it

  6. Dave Milleri

    I ordered my 2023 Maverick in Sept 2022 from Bill Brown Ford for zero down. Took delivery in August of 2023 under MSRP. Love the truck. No problems with it. Two neighbors just put orders in for 2024s withmy salesperson.

  7. Don Norton

    I ordered a hybrid Lariat in Sept. 2022 and I figure if I don’t have an email with a build date and VIN by Sept. 4 then I will be pushed to the 2024 model I ordered July 17, 2023. I wonder if Ford will extend me the courtesy to inform me what they are planning to do with my two orders and if they ever plan on building either truck? I hope so, but we will see. I won’t order a 2025. I will wait for Toyota’s answer.

  8. David

    Wish I could get the one I ordered a year and a half ago. Only one email from Ford, October 2022, saying they were sorry the order was taking so long. The local dealership I mistakenly chose for delivery has given me the run around and stopped responding to my requests for information. There are several here in the local area with company logos on them. The local water company, a roofing company and two different pest control companies. How did they get theirs.
    David W.

    1. LG

      I ordered my Maverick pickup in July this year. My order was for a 2024 XLT with a 4 cyl engine, front wheel drive with a few accessories for just over $26,000. The dealer had a black XLT with black wheels and tires and some other accessories for $30,000. I turned it down because I did not want a black truck with black wheel. There was no dealer markup. So all the dealers are not bad guys.

  9. Dan Akers

    The truck is an excellent vehicle but cheap it ain’t it cost almost as much as a Honda top of line and I am talking a Lariat. I waited over 6 months switching dealers. Although I am now satisfied and stuck! The only thing I will say at this point is this is not a cheap vehicle.

  10. Nelson Padgett

    Not cheap.
    They don’t sale very well because the CVT transmission.

    1. kevin

      What??? They don’t sell well??? Go try and find one.
      Think before you say something!

  11. Duane

    You can resell for almost up to 20% profit in some areas some dealership are marking Tremors up 10k above MSRP people are waiting up to 2 years to get the one they ordered good luck finding one on a lot actually.
    wtf are you talking about Nelson.

  12. Tammy

    I ordered my Maverick in May of 2022 and my truck came in the end of April and I have to say I just love my truck! I have all the options, including the black out package and I opted for the hybrid and I am totally satisfied. It was well worth the wait.


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