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2024 Ford Bronco Lineup Gets More Expensive

Like most new vehicles, the Ford Bronco has been treated to its fair share of price increases over the past couple of years, with the 2023 version seeing a mid-year price increase recently and the Ford Bronco Raptor facing multiple price jumps that have made it roughly $15k more expensive than when it launched for the 2022 model year. Regardless, this trend doesn’t seem likely to end anytime soon, as the 2024 Ford Bronco lineup has been treated to yet another price increase, too.

2024 Ford Bronco Raptor Code Orange Package - Exterior 002 - Side

2024 Ford Bronco Price Changes
Trim Level 2024 Ford Bronco 2023 Ford Bronco 2024 +/-
Two Door
Big Bend $39,130 $39,130 $0
Black Diamond $42,630 $41,500 +$1130
Heritage Edition $47,855 $47,105 +$750
Badlands $49,315 $48,145 +$1170
Wildtrak $60,025 $58,775 +$1250
Heritage Limited Edition $69,685 $69,445 +$240
Four Door
Big Bend $39,870 $39,870 $0
Black Diamond $43,370 $42,240 +$1130
Heritage Edition $48,775 $47,595 +$1180
Outer Banks $47,940 $47,940 $0
Badlands $50,685 $49,435 +$1250
Everglades $55,520 N/A
Wildtrak $60,565 $59,135 +$1430
Heritage Limited Edition $71,105 $70,485 +$620
Raptor $89,835 $86,580 +$3255
Destination and Delivery $1,895 $1,895 $0

As Ford Authority previously reported, the entry-level Base Bronco has been eliminated from the 2024 lineup. This means that the SUV, has gotten more expensive in general, even if the Big Bend – the new “base” model – is the only trim other than the Outer Banks – which is no longer available in two-door guise – that hasn’t received a price increase for the new model year. Otherwise, every 2024 Ford Bronco trim is more expensive than before, ranging from a $240 jump for the Heritage Limited Edition to a whopping $3,255 for the range-topping Bronco Raptor – which now starts out at $89,835. While the Everglades has been confirmed to return for 2024, it isn’t currently listed in the build and price configurator, however, which just went live today.

In addition to these price increases, there are a few other updates in store for the 2024 Ford Bronco. The Blue Oval is ditching the 8-inch infotainment screen in lesser models and making the larger 12-inch screen with Sync 4 standard across the entire lineup. Additionally, Badlands-trimmed models will come equipped with the Heavy Duty Modular Front Bumper as standard equipment.

As for the Ford Bronco Raptor, that pricier high-performance model is getting a new Code Orange package, two new exterior colors, and the option to spec the SUV with color-matched fenders, too.

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  1. Fras

    Fords going up on their prices while their cars quality is suffering.

    1. Harold Banks

      Ford motor company. doesn’t care about the quality here in the USA. Only in Canada and Australia. Ford said. That’s why they didn’t put AC in the back seat for the Bronco and ranger To cut corners.

    2. Marcie Connell

      Yes I wonder if they fixed the engine failure issues I read about! I was considering a new Bronco and then I found that online said can fail as early as 2500 mikes in the V6

  2. Dave

    Ford is doing their best to price themselves right out of the market. They are following Stellantis right off the cliff.

  3. Jacob

    Here’s the thing. They’re not pricing themselves out of anything yet. Neither Ford nor any other car company could care less about whether the average person can afford anything. As long as they have enough orders on the books to keep the plants operating at maximum capacity, (which they do, and then some) there’s zero incentive for them to lower the price. In fact, there’s every incentive for them to jack it up as high as they can, which I’m sure they’ll continue to do. The only thing that will bring the price down is if orders drop significantly, and there’s nothing to indicate that’s going to happen because people love the Bronco and those with money will still gladly pay the higher prices. And since they haven’t been able to make enough Bronco’s to keep up with demand due to “supply constraints” (an excuse no one is buying at this point), the prices of used ones are still crazy. So it’s just a vicious cycle keeping both the new and used prices propped up. And it’s getting very very old.

    1. Dave

      I partially agree with you, however there is such a glut of unsold F series trucks (over 100 day supply at last count) that they are going to have to cut prices to move them, especially with current interest rates. While they may have enough orders on the books for Mavericks, that isn’t really the case for their other vehicles. Even the Bronco now is in stock at dealers.

  4. DRW

    Bill Ford and Farley socialize both professionally and socially with people of similar economic means. They have no idea what lives are like for the rest of us and the economic constraints that we operate under. I make good money but have been priced into the used car market. And, of course, Ford and Farley do not have to actually buy their cars anyway.

  5. Robert Davis

    Ford is losing billions on the EV even with the Government subsidies for that ‘trend’
    As many have pointed to, they are content with where the market is on Broncos. They are happy with our tax dollars while pricing so many people out of the market. Just have to face it, they are a controlling entity just like the government , living off the soon to be carcasses of people. Maybe they will only need to build enough to go around in their smug circle

  6. BroncoEAI1975

    Ford really f’d up on the 2024 release, they got rid of the Outerbanks 2dr., same crappy colors, and more trims than are needed. I can’t believe you got rid of the v6 for the Big Bend. please just make B&O it own pkg, Make all the safety it’s own package, and since your going to vinyl and leather only just included all the other stuff in the packages standard. get rid of the damn plastic bumper and make the capable bumper standard, it looks the best. Where is our colored top, why can’t i get painted fender flares. Why are’ t the method wheels an option from the factory? Damn i am disappointed! May just have to say screw For and buy a Jeep. HERE IS A HINT, LET US PICK ANYTHING WE WANT FROM THE PARTS LINEUP AND SELL DIRECTLY TO THE PEOPLE.

    1. Walter

      If they made an OBX with a simple black interior I’d get it (and immediately dump the ugly wheels). But I’m not paying a premium for a Badlands just to get the black interior and pay for lots of other stuff I don’t need when I know the most off roading I’ll do is some dirt roads when going biking or kayaking. And seriously, I would have thought 3 years on we’d have some different/distinct/painted options for a roof instead of a gray that doesn’t quite match the black/gray of the doors. Disappointing year after year for a vehicle I’d really like, but cannot justify the price.

  7. Jeff

    Just me but I also noticed the 2024 build site for Bronco has one noticeable change. They all are coming with Part 4×4 systems. Current versions at least the higher end ones had the full time system.

  8. Missy T

    Will they ever make a hybrid Bronco. I

    1. Steve

      God, I hope not….ever. That’s not right, a Bronco a hybrid. That’s straight up blasphemy.


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