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2024 Ford Edge Production Has Already Begun

Back in June of 2020, Ford Authority reported that the next-generation Ford Edge had been canceled in a surprising move that was seemingly spurred by labor negotiations over the future of the Oakville Assembly plant, which is where the Lincoln Nautilus is also built. That report was seemingly confirmed months alter after Ford and the Canadian union Unifor came to an agreement that will see the Oakville plant retooled to produce EVs starting in 2025. However, though Ford Edge production was previously expected to end after the 2023 model year, the crossover will continue to be built into early 2024, as Ford Authority reported in late December. Now, sources familiar the matter have told Ford Authority that 2024 Ford Edge production has already begun.

2024 Ford Edge production officially began at the Oakville Assembly plant on July 17th, 2023, ushering in the beginning of the end for that particular model. Order banks for the 2024 Ford Edge opened up back up on May 15th, though the future of that particular model is a bit murky at best.

The aforementioned report from last year claims that Edge production will continue at the Oakville plant through January 31st, 2024, after which the facility will be retooled for production of the forthcoming Ford Explorer EV and Lincoln Aviator EV, which are expected to be the only two models produced there moving forward. In the meantime, an all-new Edge debuted in China a few months ago, while the recently-revealed 2024 Lincoln Nautilus is slated to be built at the Changan Ford Hangzhou Assembly plant in that same country.

As one might expect for a vehicle entering what looks to be its final model year of production, the 2024 Ford Edge carries over completely unchanged from 2023, as Ford Authority reported back in May, and hasn’t been treated to new color options, features, or trims.

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  1. Kevin

    Edge is a fine wine looks better than ever and stronger in every sense of durability. When you can find tune a vehicle to death it’s really the golden year. But still overpriced when smaller then the explorer and costs more


    I work at this plant. We were first told March 2024 now the rumor is May 2024 which is still the 2nd quarter of 2024. When the contract is completed which should have more information on the retooling. January 2024 is false information.

  3. Jeff Aulik

    Pretty sad to see Ford just write off this whole segment.

    1. Tigger

      What’s new? How many other segments have Ford walked away from recently

  4. Ronald

    Ford getting more out of its tooling life. Great move for Ford.

  5. ronarb

    Have a few family members and neighbors with the Edge or Nautilus brand with everyone happy with their vehicle, especially the ride and safety offerings. Probably would make sense to update to a Hybrid rather than dump the whole auto line.

    1. M Baxendale

      Couldn’t agree more. Let’s hope Ford does some serious re thinking!!! There are so many on the road. I have leased 3 of them and currently trying to figure out what my options are, if any, for another Ford lease. I do not want an EV but definitely would seriously think about an Edge Hybrid.

  6. ByebyeFord

    I’m ready for another Edge or Nautilus but will not consider a vehicle made in China under ANY circumstance.

  7. Roger Smeltzer, Sr.

    We have 2 Lincoln Nautilus’ and are totally satisfied with them. One replaced our Lincoln MKX and will not consider a vehicle built in China. I’ve always been a Ford/Lincoln Owner and will be looking for another model built in North America when the time comes to replace them.

  8. Mick1

    They should have just exported from China the new 2024 Edge with the Nautilus.

  9. Mark

    In three years no one will be interested in gasoline engine vehicles. Advancements being made Now in battery technology will be in vehicles in two years from now. Double the energy density at half today’s price per KW. The big auto companies know where the market is going more than a bunch of arm chair quarter backs. Most of whom want nothing to do with progress or new technology. If the big three don’t move fast enough into BEV and wind down the ICE vehicle production, they will be out of business by 2030, and the chinese BEV vehicles will be selling in their place.
    You can’t sit back and think the world is going to stand still because you don’t want to move forward into the future. That didn’t work well for the big three in the late 70’s during the oil embargo. Why would that work today?
    I give credit to each of the big three for seeing where the auto industry is really going, and also to our government for setting tougher standards for internal combustion vehicle emissions now and for the near future. Our government needs to stop subsidizing the fossil fuel industry to the tune of $400 billion each year, to help level the playing field. Then their would be no need to give tax credits on BEV vehicles. People would then make the best choice based on real cost of each, ICE vs BEV.
    Enjoy the rest of the evening!

    1. Tigger

      Dream on…..

    2. Emanon

      “In three years no one will be interested in gasoline engine vehicles.”
      Until solid state battery technology is the standard in BEVs, which is going to take another 5-10 years, ICE will remain the preferred vehicle type for most people.

  10. Jim

    Every manufacturer needs to pull their heads out of the politicians rears and ditch the full court press on EVs.
    Hybrid vehicles can and do save fuel, without the sacrifices needed for full EVs. If the full EV push continues, the US electrical grid will collapse in the summer of 2025. We simply do not have enough power generation available in the US to supply all the vehicles, and still won’t have the charging infrastructure by then, no matter what the bureaucrats say or think. This will shut down America for sure !
    Every vehicle on the road needs to be made into a HYBRID now, today ! Not a plug in hybrid !
    As to building these Lincolns and Ford Edges in China, you can choke on them , stop funding our adversaries military !

  11. grumpyunk

    Hybrid EVs make so much sense it seems foolhardy to continue on the road to only BEVs. Less demand on the grid, easy to get long range, superb fuel economy, and happy owners. Why do people clamor for the hybrid Maverick? Because it has decent economy without the headache of finding charging stations or setting up home charging facilities. The automakers don’t make what people want, they make what the Government dicates, apparently.

  12. doug fitzpatrick

    full ev , hybrid weigh more wear tires , roads more.cold temperature a concern too.


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