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2024 Ford Mustang Interior Designed To Attract Young Buyers

The all-new 2024 Ford Mustang debuted last September, sporting quite a few changes, along with a few welcome carry-over features, such as a fortified version of the naturally-aspirated Ford 5.0L V8 Coyote engine – which the automaker plans to continue to offer as long as possible – though it did ditch the manual transmission option in the EcoBoost due to low demand. With production ramping up and deliveries imminent, the pony car faithful will soon get to experience all of these changes first-hand, which include a heavily-revised interior designed to attract young buyers, as Jim Owens, head of marketing for the Mustang, recently explained to CarExpert.

“When you get to play with that stuff, it’s going to bring in a younger audience for sure,” Owens said. “The focus group stuff that we did; younger audiences said ‘hey it’s about time’ and ‘oh this is cool,’ They like to personalize their technology, it’s how they grew up – and they loved it.”

Interestingly, 2024 Ford Mustang buyers have a choice between two screen layouts – a base setup that uses two screens as separate units, along with an optional layout that provides more of a seamless look, courtesy of a single piece of integrated glass that covers both screens and is angled toward the driver. Either way, both screens offer drivers essentially the same features. The instrument cluster, for example, can be customized to display different animated designs and new drive-mode dependent visuals, with a copper appearance theme and different graphics based on what drive mode is selected.

Both screens are fully customizable and drivers can make changes with simple swipes, while both utilize the same Unreal Engine 3D creation tool used in modern video games like Fortnite, presenting real-time graphical renderings, along with the ability to change ambient interior lighting settings.

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Brett's lost track of all the Fords he's owned over the years and how much he's spent modifying them, but his current money pits include an S550 Mustang and 13th gen F-150.

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  1. Mark

    Apparently Ford is banking on the young buyers ability or inability to pay $1000/mo for a computer tablet with wheels.
    BTW, someone please tell me how its more safe to play on the screen vs a cell phone? Both take eyes off the road and are equally distracting IMO.

  2. The Retired Viking

    I’d far rather have a speedometer, tachometer, The Four Gauges, two ample front seats, a handle to work the emergency brake, a proper shifter, and subtle but high quality trim.

    You know: like a REAL sport car from the 1950s or 1960s.

    It’s a car, not a video game.

    1. Keyboard Karen

      Good for you! Stick with the classics.

      This is for the techy young audience

      1. Julian Digby Bottin

        I am 28 and I agree with him, I don’t like all this tech garbage either…it isn’t about young vs old like Ford believes…it is people that love high tech stuff vs those that dont…and people of all ages fall on both sides of the spectrum. I happen to be the target audience and I can not stand it. If they really cared about the younger enthusiast, they would have kept the manual as an option on the EcoBoost…..they got rid of it for the same reason they gave this a screen interior and the same reason they lowered the quality of the remaining few buttons….. to save money.

        We are at a place now where it is cheaper to put bigger screens in cars than not to.

        I have owned two Mustangs, a 2014 (the best modern Mustang) and a 2000 New Edge…so I am a Mustang fan, but this new one is not for me.

  3. Steve

    Touch screen cars are hopefully a short lived fad. When your dash goes dark it’s not like buying a new cell phone. Just wait and see.

  4. Keyboard Karen

    You mean it’s designed to attract for wealthy to buy it for their young drivers or drivers who live with their parents.

    In 1967, a young teacher was able to buy a 67 Mustang. Nowadays it’s unaffordable for teachers and non profit workers.

  5. StevieT

    How about a long wheelbase version so there is enough legroom for the backseat passengers?

    1. Paul Benedict

      I agree. I had a 2016. It had 30-inch rear legroom. I had hoped the 24 Mustang might add an inch or two. Nope, they took another inch out. I guess it’s a handy place for baggage that won’t fit in the trunk. Amazingly, the trunk is still quite large for such a car.

  6. Noah Greenhouse

    As a former Mustang owner I was hoping they would do something to make the steering more lively and responsive, or maybe go with a different transmission instead of the trash MT-82 that’s been in the Mustang since 2011. Especially if they are trying to cash in on the inflation train this time. Instead they were like “We’ve heard your complaints from the previous generation but we did a focus group study and learned that you kids like screens now so we’re doing this instead”. What a poor way for the Mustang to go out.

  7. Joe Lovell

    Unfortunately most manufacturers are going down the same path. Bottom line…if you like it, and can afford it, buy it! If you don’t like it, don’t buy it! And if you like it, but can’t afford it, get a better job. Or, keep the non-profit job and buy a Hyundai.

  8. jth877

    People bought the mustang, in part, for the classic look and real gauges. I have a 2013 GT. I really liked the S550 interior and styling. The 2024 looks bland from the outside and down right horrifying on the inside. I’m sure a lot of younger buyers will pay $50k for a new GT. Younger people weren’t even the majority of 2013-2014 cars and they were much more affordable.

  9. Marc

    As one born & breed in Dearborn, dad had 20yrs with Ford, we had a 64 1/2 Stang. My has a 07 GT, we both have 4×4 Plat & FX4. Your making the choices for the youngers to have both eyes and right hand NOT DOING WHAT THEY SHOULD BE DOING. That’s bad parenting and manufacturing, delivering them to disrespectful driving to possibly getting into accidents or even causing death. Phones are horrible RIGHT NOW. why give people any more potential to do wrong. New obstacles, new tragedies. I’m all Ford, but make EVERYTHING HANDS FREE. New stangs do look pretty bland, need to bring back COOL ASS GAUGES !!


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