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2024 Ford Ranger Prototype Spotted Wearing Rhinohide Armor

The North American version of the all-new, next-generation, 2024 Ford Ranger debuted back in May, ushering in the next era of the mid-size pickup. Production of the 2024 Ranger is currently scheduled to begin at the Michigan Assembly plant on August 21st, as Ford Authority reported last week, and The Blue Oval recently shared the most popular configurations, colors, and options order holders are going for thus far. However, as has been the case with many recently-launched FoMoCo products, 2024 Ford Ranger customers figure to have an abundance of aftermarket parts, accessories, and other upgrades to choose from – one of which may be previewed by this prototype recently spotted by Ford Authority.

This 2024 Ford Ranger prototype’s bed sides are covered in Rhinohide Armor, which is a two millimeter ABS panel designed to provide protection from things like rocks, branches, and other types of debris one might encounter out on the roads or off-road trails, and it’s reportedly easy to install with no drilling required, either.

Rhinohide Armor is already available for the current-gen Ranger, but the kit listed on its website is a bit different than what’s pictured here – meaning that if it is offered as an official accessory for the mid-sizer, it may wind up varying a little from what’s currently available. What’s particularly interesting about this application, however, is the fact that Rhinohide is an Australian company – though this prototype is a left-hand drive model.

In any event, the 2024 Ford Ranger figures to enjoy an expansive catalog of parts and accessories following its launch, as has already been previewed on a number of occasions. In fact, a variety of goods for the next-gen model are already available, and Ford Authority spotted another prototype decked out with all kinds of upgrades just this past May, too.

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  1. Gary Averett

    Just found out the 2024 Ranger 4×4’s will NOT be recreationally flat towable!! All previous years have been with the “neutral tow” setting. Since the owner’s manual has not been released yet, doubt some buyers are unaware. Got the info from my dealer and have cancelled my order for the 2024. Had to find a 2023 on a lot and get it!!

    1. Z71_Tahoe

      You know that your dealer doesn’t know jack right? These are 100% flat towable. 9 times out of 10, Dealers know less about a model than the average person who walks in. Do not seek vehicle information from them about the vehicle itself.

      1. Gary Averett

        Here’s the document I got from my dealership. Can’t post it here, but it is from Ford HQ, not the dealership.

  2. John

    Now how about a long bed SuperCrew and the Bronco’s 7MT on 4wd (as an order-only, no-cost option over the 10AT, on XL, XLT, Lariat).

  3. Firemage

    Could we get this for my mom’s escape which keeps getting hit in her work parking lot

    1. Neal

      It wouldn’t help at all
      “ a two millimeter ABS panel designed to provide protection from things like rocks, branches, and other types of debris one might encounter out on the roads or off-road trails”

      1. Al

        Of course it does look at Ronny Dahl’s review on YouTube. He’s been using it for years and loves it

      2. Chad

        I recently ordered a Supercrew XLT model in Ohio. Might have to take a deeper look into a this Rhinohide. Interesting add on. My last 4×4 was beat up after 2 years.

  4. Craig

    Rhinohide. The ultimate 4×4 protection. Needs to be all over the USA. Fantastic product

  5. Deano

    I need this Rhinohide for my Bronco! 👏

  6. Jamie Davison

    I love the rhinohide on my ranger. Is covered in scratches which would have otherwise wrecked the paintwork.

    It also looks kick ass, reminds me of a scene from Mad Max when see it parked on the beach.

    Wicked that my US mates will be able to get it soon as well.

  7. Charles

    Rhinohide is tough stuff. My brother in law lives in Australia and said it’s popular around his 4×4 club and it gets the job done. Hoping we can get ahold of it over here soon. My 150 Lariat got dinged up pretty good last outing.

  8. HR

    Would love to get this Rhinohide protection on my Bronco.


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