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2024 Ford Transit Custom Nugget Debuts As All-New Camper Van

The Ford Transit Custom Nugget has proven to be a very popular camper van, as the automaker elected to increase production of the specialty model in 2021. With last year’s reveal of the all-new Transit Custom, it was only a matter of time before it spawned its own Nugget variant too. And now, the 2024 Ford Transit Custom Nugget has officially debuted as an all-new model for European van shoppers.

2024 Ford Transit Custom

At its core, the 2024 Ford Transit Custom Nugget features the same upgrades that its previously revealed counterparts received, thanks to an all-new platform. The new architecture also brings with it the first-ever Nugget PHEV, which utilizes the same 2.5L Atkinson cycle plug-in hybrid powertrain that is already offered on the Ford Kuga crossover. That setup features an 11.8 kWh unusable battery paired with an electric motor to deliver a combined 232 horsepower. A diesel variant with an eight-speed automatic will also be available. The all-new model also features an independent rear suspension and optional all-wheel drive, although the automaker did not outline if four wheel traction will be able to be paired with every available powertrain.

2024 Ford Transit Custom

Inside, the 2024 Ford Transit Custom Nugget features the automaker’s Sync 4 software on a 13-inch touchscreen, which supports wireless Android Auto and Apply CarPlay capability. The redesigned van also features wireless charging and a standard 5G modem. Additionally, the Nugget can be ordered with a solar roof option that can recharge the leisure battery and generate power for all of the built-in feature of the van.

Features unique to the 2024 Ford Transit Nugget have also been revamped, and Ford says that it and partner Westfalia have increased quality with the redesign. The living space has been totally overhauled with separate zones for cooking, sleeping, and eating. With two double beds set up, campers can move around the cabin, cook, and enter and exit the vehicle without disturbing the sleepers. The kitchen has been optimized with a new layout, complete with a new drawer fridge and a new integrated hob and sink unit with standard hot water.

Seating for the 2024 Ford Transit Custom has also been improved, as the front driver and passenger seats are heated captain’s chairs, and the rear bench can be ordered with heating as well. The track-mounted rear bench featured new controls that make it easier to operate and can even be operated with one hand.

Additionally, the tilt-roof has new self-folding fabric to make lowering the roof easier, and there are other features that are new to the camper as well, like new integrated stowage locations for the standard outdoor table and chair roller blackout blinds that replace curtains for enhanced privacy. The van also gets a new rear-mounted hot/cold shower outlet as standard. The 2024 Ford Transit Custom Nugget can be ordered at Ford dealers this month, with an anticipated spring 2024 delivery date for diesel variants. PHEV and other models are expected to be introduced over the 12 months that follow.

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Ed owns a 1986 Ford Taurus LX, and he routinely daydreams about buying another one, a fantasy that may someday become a reality.

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  1. David Dickinson II

    This looks pretty darn awesome and with a host of very useful possibilities for those that like to get outdoors. Missing, however, is the all-important price. Yeah, it’s great…until you say it costs $125k (making that number up).

  2. JME80

    That’s all well and good that Ford is revealing product for other markets, but how about focusing on your core market….the U.S.??

  3. RedneckGarage

    Hilarious- Gas is going to hit way over $4 (and 5 or 6 possibly 7 in Cal. ) Ford decides to discontinue the Transit Connect van which gets double the MPG of the Transit …… Hmmmmm – “Ford is discontinuing its Transit Connect in North America, but the van will live on as a European-only model. “

  4. TomD

    That would be nice option here. Put a hybrid in it and sell it for under $50,000 and you will sell them faster than the Maverick.
    Not everyone can afford $100,000 vehicles

  5. Robert Byrne

    what happened to USA ???????????????? all this new ,stuff for other countries
    waited 19 months on a maverick, then GAVE UP !!

  6. Mark Jaworski

    Hi there,
    Its great that Europeans have so many options with cars. How about us Americans. When we will be treated equally – we’re always second. European cars have more selection, more choices.
    Please tell me when we’ll get same camper. We cannot be always be treated as second choice.
    Think about it. Mark Jaworski

  7. philip tilley

    I understand comments from the U.S.A., but what about the U.K., no Bronco, Maverick, etc., we should all be treated the same, surely if you produce more, it should bring the cost down.

  8. Hong J Lee

    how can i buy ford nuggete plus camper van included bathroom
    or Volkswagen T7 camper van.
    if you have any dealer or show room you let me know Please?

  9. Foreign is better designed

    The USA has the worst products compared to the rest of the modern world. I thought about getting a Transit but I want a vehicle I like. At this time, I’m waiting for the new foreign models coming in 2026 to 2030. I’ve never bought an American vehicle as they’re a sad second. I inherited one and it’s the worst vehicle I ever had.


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