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2025 Ford Expedition To Have Range Rover-Like Aesthetic Out Back

The 2025 Ford Expedition is expected to represent the next big update for the full-size three row SUV, which will arrive three years after the last changes to the lineup were introduced. Although not much information about the latest version of the Expedition is known at this time, there have been some hints at what we can expect from the update, like an updated interior and 24-inch wheels. Of course, exterior changes are coming as well, and judging by how much camo has been seen on the prototypes already spotted, it seems like the front and rear ends will both be tweaked substantially. Now sources have told Ford Authority that the updated Expedition’s rear end will bring with it changes akin to what’s on a Range Rover.

Unfortunately, sources did not indicate exactly what product in the Range Rover lineup the 2025 Ford Expedition might emulate out back, but they did say there will be a lot of changes out back. If they’re talking about the namesake Range Rover, which was recently redesigned, it’s possible they’re talking about the taillights and the connecting tissue between them. Based on what we’ve seen so far, it certainly appears the Expedition will gain more vertically oriented taillamps. Beyond that, it also looks like the lighting will extend from those lamps horizontally into the liftgate, although it’s not clear if the lighting will connect on both sides. It’s highly likely that it will emulate the 2024 Ford Explorer liftgate design, possibly with a bit more emphasis on the Expedition badging and the surrounding area, like what’s seen on the Range Rover. It’s also possible that the section above the license plate gains a black-painted area not unlike the Range Rover, as a gap in the camo near the Expedition’s driver side taillamp seems to indicate.


It isn’t clear when we can expect the 2025 Ford Expedition to break cover, but we do know that the 2025 Lincoln Navigator will also receive an update, which should bring Nautilus-like styling to its front end along with a coast-to-coast display.

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Ed owns a 1986 Ford Taurus LX, and he routinely daydreams about buying another one, a fantasy that may someday become a reality.

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  1. LB

    I hope not… in addition to not changing to a new generation, they still want to spoil where they get it right? What a horrible thing!

  2. Left Coast Geek

    God save us from 24″ wheels. I drove a low mileage 2020 Expedition that had 24″ aftermarket rims, the ride was *AWFUL*, the steering was hammered and sloppy, this SUV only had 24000 total miles. I’m actually shopping for a 2018-2021 Expedition, and when I find one, I’m going to swap 20 or 22″ wheels for 18″ so I can have a decent sidewall profile (275/65R18) so I can mount all terrain tires.

    1. steve

      we have a 2021 Expedition EL with factory 20″ wheels but we changed the crappy hancook tires to Michelins the same day we bought it. it rides very nice. Just because you go to 18″ wheels it does not mean the tires get a bigger side wall. Almost all suv’s that go from 18″ to 20″ wheels means the suv with 20″ will sit 1″ higher than 18″

  3. steve

    we have an expedition , its new , its been good to us so far, but its old feeling. same design since 1997. there making them lighter and lighter so on the interstate its top heavy. the out side is plain, no body moldings, no badging -plain jane. crapy Hancook tires were changed to Michelin. the 3.5 eco boost sounds like a grand prix we had 30 years ago .The Yukon is much sporty er. maybe they will really redesign this one day, and NO we don’t need 26″ wheels with a 1″ tall side wall on the tire, LOL

  4. Mark

    Looks like an Expedition to me. I dunno about no Rangey look, lol

  5. Mark

    They are better off working on quality than look. Brand new Expedition LONG in the family and the cowl over the speedo is separating! That’s what should be worked on for near 85K loaded, and I’m a all Ford man.

  6. Meandmyself

    Please Ford and Lincoln ,offer a 2 row for us who have no need ,want or will ever have a use for a 3rd row .I like the secret under floor locker to stash cameras lap top s drone s and goodies

    1. Chef CJ

      You could always buy one and uninstall the third row hardware and build that same lockable box in its place while retaining what it looks like when the third row is folded flat. My buddy does similar installs like this in his shop. Not uncommon. He’s in the Chicago area and I recently moved to LA but I found a shop that does it here too so I’m sure all you have to do is a little digging to find a shop to fill your request/desire.

    2. Tiller

      They do. The Expedition XL STX is two row


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