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Additional 2024 Ford Bronco Lineup Changes Revealed

Entering its fourth model year, the sixth-generation Ford Bronco has thus far only been treated to minor changes, largely consisting of exterior color deletions and additions, along with the launch of a handful of special trims and variants. However, the 2024 Ford Bronco is in line for a few more notable updates, all on the heels of this morning’s announcement that the Ford Bronco Raptor is getting a new Code Orange package, two new exterior colors, and the option to spec the SUV with color-matched fenders, too.

2023 Ford Bronco Outer Banks Europe - Exterior 002 - SIde

As for the regular 2024 Ford Bronco lineup, FoMoCo has announced that its rugged, off-road-focused SUV is receiving a handful of changes for the new model year that were made in response to customer feedback, as well as the automaker’s ongoing desire to reduce complexity in its lineup, which will help it shorten the time it takes to build vehicles moving forward.

Bronco fans will be happy to learn that the Everglades is making a return for the 2024 model year, which wasn’t immediately clear after that particular trim was previously dropped from order banks. Now, it seems as if the snorkel and winch-equipped variant will in fact live on, at least for one more model year.

2023 Ford Bronco Badlands Europe - Exterior 001 - Front Three Quarters

Additionally, Ford is ditching the 8-inch infotainment screen in lesser models and making the larger 12-inch screen with Sync 4 standard across the entire 2024 Ford Bronco lineup. Finally, Badlands-trimmed models will come equipped with the Heavy Duty Modular Front Bumper as standard equipment. As Ford Authority reported earlier this week, 2024 Ford Bronco order banks are currently scheduled to open up next Wednesday, August 16th, 2023, which is also when the build and price configurator for the SUV will go live.  However, as is always the case, this date is subject to change.

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  1. Nick Calla

    Ford Authority a great resource to get up to date information on Ford and Linclon. Special thanks to you all.

  2. John

    How about a NO SCREEN option. I wish the base model was truly base, with analog gauges and a basic Bluetooth and HVAC controls. Power windows and locks are fine, that wouldn’t save any money to delete, honestly, but the rest would! Don’t need a 12″ screen to go off-roading!

    1. Leo

      Totally agree.

    2. Tom

      The base is being eliminated in 2024.

    3. BroncoEAI1975

      Why, if anything almost all features should be standard by now, the unnecessary ones would be the safety bs, nav and B&O audio. Would be cheaper in the end. Less parts and mass produced. What choices I do want are, the grill, front and rear bumpers, wheels, tires, monotone paint like the O/B. I feel that any trim below Bandlands needs dropped and let us pick exactly what we want. And the heritage bronco was totally messed up.

  3. M. Stan Mauldin

    Does Bronco Wildtrack with 354a lux package and sasquatch package come wit power/folding mirrors

  4. Happy Mellish

    I have a Bronco and waited a year and a half for it. I had it 8 months and was rear-ended. It held up great and I’m thankful for that but can’t get the parts to fix it. I’ve been driving for over three months with collision plastic on the back window! Ford is letting me down with this.

  5. Duane S

    If I want to take delivery next summer for a 2024 full sized Bronco, When should I place my order?

    1. M.Malone


    2. Shadowrain77

      August 16 2023 is when order banks open but call first before you go up there and make sure they are taking orders Duane . I’m out bro. 😎

  6. Shadowrain77

    Hey everyone make sure you get the SBD ( sway bar disconnect ) also called ( front anti-roll disconnect device ). . The Badlands trim is the horse that has this fabulous technology . With a push of a button inside your cab the front swaybar will disengage at 20 mph or lower in 4wheel high or 4wheel low and will allow more travel of your suspension and tires for added traction because of increased range of motion of suspension and tires which translates to better 4×4 traction on any terrain. 😁🤣😂 Oh yeah SBD

  7. Shadowrain77

    Keep in mind not all 2024 Bronco trims will have this technology SBD ( sway bar disconnect ) so if you would like this piece of a jewel on your horse make sure that the trim level you’re getting has this electronic SBD with your trim .


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