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Deferred Payment Deal Launched For 2024 Ford Maverick

Entering its third model year of production, the 2024 Ford Maverick has been treated to a host of changes as demand for the compact pickup continues to far outweigh supply. As The Blue Oval continues to struggle to build enough Mavericks to meet that immense demand, buyers haven’t been treated to too many incentives, as is usually the case with popular models. However, the 2024 Ford Maverick is now eligible for a new deferred payment deal, according to a dealer bulletin recently seen by CarsDirect.

Ford Credit is offering a no payments for 90 days deal for the 2024 Ford Maverick through October 2nd, 2023, though it’s worth noting that deferred payment incentives such has this one don’t mean that buyers are getting anything for free – rather, interest continues to accumulate on a loan during this time frame. Regardless, it does provide a little more flexibility for customers that are interested in such a thing. Otherwise, Ford isn’t offering any financing or lease deals for the 2024 Maverick whatsoever.

Among the many changes facing the 2024 Ford Maverick for the new model year, the biggest is the fact that the hybrid is no longer the standard powertrain, as it has been replaced by the turbocharged Ford 2.0L I-4 EcoBoost, while the thrifty electrified powerplant now costs an extra $1,500. The 2024 Maverick has also dropped its manual siding rear window, windshield wiper de-icer, and the SecuriCode  keypad, though the latter feature will still be available as a dealer-installed option.

Meanwhile, the Lariat Luxury Package is now standard on that particular trim, along with the Ford Co-Pilot360 Assist Package, while the Tremor has gained new decals while ditching the optional Tremor Off-Road Appearance Package. In terms of exterior colors, the 2024 Ford Maverick loses four of them, but gains new options such as Terrain and Azure Gray, all while getting a price increase across the board.

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  1. Robert

    What in the world are you talking about?
    No one can get a 2024 before Oct. 2 2023.

  2. Michael J Genzale

    I could very well be mistaken but I think a very big attraction was the standard hybrid drive in the Maverick. A ‘base’ no option truck was a great value MSRP wise and a great ownership value because of all the hybrid benefits. Great MPG, longer brake life because of regenerative braking and extended milage between oil changes since the gas engine runs less.
    It would be interesting what % of sold Mavericks were hybrid. I guess that would determine if sales will take a hit.
    Now plus $1500 on top of the base price increase? Hmmm

    1. ronarb

      I ordered a ’24 Maverick Lariat Hybrid fairly loaded with options at $ 38K and change out the door. I keep for 2 years and trade in on 2nd gen Maverick Hybrid with AWD and power on board all the while using my F dividend ( Roth) to make monthly payments. Don’t expect delivery until spring ’24.

  3. Sean Conlon

    The whole value of the Maverick was the base model with hybrid power train at a cost of approximately $21k. No one else has a truck out there that got 40mpg and could be had at that price. Nice money grab Ford. I’m out.

  4. TomD

    Now let me see if I have this right. I skip the first four payments and then need to make all payments and interest on the fifth payment. Now that loan is currently around 7% interest on a loan somewhere between $28K and $34K right? You must be out of your minds.
    Most people are born at night, but not last night.

  5. Johnny

    I want ford to to let me skip some payments on my 23 super duty

  6. Charles Huot

    Why this talk of a 2024 Maverick that you show in a discontinued color? We had our hearts set on cyber orange because my wife keeps getting in other peoples cars. Now we have to settle for regular colors that everyone has. Black, white, and 50 shades of gray just don’t work for me.

    1. Jennifer

      I agree. I have a 2022 in cyber orange and love the color, but didnt get all the features I wanted. Now order a 24 to get them, and cant have my color. That sucks.

  7. Lou usa

    If we ordered a 2023 in August of 2022 and then had to reorder in July 2023, do we still get the new truck for 2022 price?

  8. Liquid

    I will never understand trims and packages. It should be just like Subway or Cipotle.
    Base Model, then add the items you want, special extras cost more. Having certain colors and options available for only specific trim is egregious.

    Tailgate assist, Yakima racks, and blackout kits are now completely eliminated. Bumped from 23 to 24 and told my options and color are no longer available and that it would cost more is a bunch of horse $hit.

  9. Frank McGrath

    The fact that the order bank for the Maverick is still open, tells me that the people who wanted a Maverick as it first was 0ffered have lost the some interest, and may be waiting to see what other trucks will be coming out soon. When the Maverick was first available, it was a Hybrid truck, with lots of options to build it the way you wanted for under 21K. Now it’s around 28K with less truck, and higher loan rates, packages you don’t want, colors you can’t get, options no longer available etc. and you would be lucky to get one before 2025.

    1. Ford No More

      Thank you, Frank. Well said. You are exactly right!
      I (was) one of those customers who walked away when you could finally order one and saw the price increases with less options.

  10. Dave

    Frank nailed it. I was first interested in the standard hybrid XL truck for 21-22K. Shame on me for not pulling the trigger earlier, so my 23 that i ordered was closer to 25K. Not too bad for what i was getting. Now that same truck is close to $28K. I have price protection, so i will still go through with the deal, bit if i had to pay $28K for the same truck that was $22K 2 years ago (22% increase!!!), i would just hang onto my Toyota hybrid. It only has 90K on it and is running fine. I Fords goal was to slow down orders of the maverick, i would say mission accomplished.

  11. FalcSD

    SO riddle me this… How can you get a paltry 90 days no payments on a 2024 Maverick by October 2nd, 2023, when production on said truck isn’t scheduled to begin until mid-late October 2023?
    I placed my order for a 2024 XLT Hybrid on the first day the order bank opened (7/17/23), optioned out just the way I wanted it, it’s going to come to about $33k. Same build would have cost about $28k in 2023 (roughly an 18% mark-up over the 2023 model year). Additionally, thanks to changes to the packages/trims, I’ll have to take the truck to Line-X to get a spray-in bed liner (sell or scrap the plastic one Ford is forcing customers to take with the XLT package) and get the bed extender as an aftermarket add-on. Frustrating that both of those factory options were available on the XLT in 2023, and now for no reason whatsoever, not available on the 2024’s!
    Seems like Ford is just as money grabby as their dealers with their ridiculous mark-ups these days.
    Frankly, when the truck arrives sometime next spring, if Toyota or GM have made any further commitments on their anticipated 2025 compact truck offerings (ex: Toyota Stout), I’ll be passing on the Maverick -especially if either nameplate offers a plug-in hybrid.
    I want a 2024 Maverick, I don’t NEED a 2024 Maverick!

  12. Leonard Giardelli

    I have been waiting for Maverick since 2021 any kind of Maverick right now would be an improvement over nothing but the Ford company just doesn’t care about anyone person it’s all about the bottom line Ford should change their name to liars that’s right liars 😠😠😠😠😠😠

  13. dan carlin

    i missed ordering the maverick in2022 while on a 4 day vacation. i had been touch with vista north county ford for months to order a 2024 xl hybrid and found the price went up about 2500 dollars from ford company, they built the factory and the truck. North County Ford Ambushed me with Starguard $1395 Securty protection $795 And clear shield package $ 595 .$ 2785 to the thiefs to order a truck I will not do busness with pirates or brigands|

  14. Jason C

    Does the 90 days start at order date or delivery date? If I could actually get a Maverick for list price, drive it for 3 months and the sell it for what I owe (or maybe more if the demand continues to be crazy), I would get to use it for free other than gas and insurance and not have to make any payments while doing so. Perfect!

  15. C. Caddell

    Got my 2023 Maverick 3 months ago after ordering a 2022. Took 20 months but love the mpg, the truck and the price stayed the same as when I ordered

  16. Dennis B

    Yes. To all those comments. Ty Ford. You have betrayed a long term trust.
    I want my grand Marquis back.

  17. Vince & Megan

    We have a 23 hybrid xlt. Was going to order a 24 hybrid xlt or lariat and trade this in on it. But with the increased price I think we’ll just keep it another year or two.

  18. Vince Sampietro

    Received my 2023 Hybrid Area 51 Maverick Lariat 4 weeks ago. So far I am averaging 42 mpg after 1800 total miles. It was well worth the one year wait. I could not be happier with this vehicle. It’s amazing!! Thanks Ford


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