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Ford CEO Farley Going On Road Trip With Ford F-150 Lightning

Following a red-hot start to its ambitious EV plans, Ford is now facing a bit of a lull as early adopters have moved on and the automaker must now find a way to not only convince others that all-electric vehicles are the future, but also find ways to make those vehicles more affordable and easy to charge for the average consumer. Ford CEO Jim Farley has previously compared this transition to the one Henry Ford faced when marketing the Model T, complete with bumps in the proverbial road – including a recent delay in the automaker’s plans to produce 600k EVs annually, all while instead pumping up hybrid sales in the interim, though apparently not plug-in hybrids. Now, the Ford CEO himself is apparently ready to show America that EVs like the Ford F-150 Lightning are suitable road trip vessels, as he explained in a recent LinkedIn post.

2023 Ford F-150 Lightning Pro - Exterior 001 - Front Three Quarters

“A few of us are setting off this week across the American West in an F-150 Lightning to go and see researchers, businesses, dealers, salespeople, EV conversion shops, EV drivers, and communities,” Farley wrote. “There are things you can’t learn in an office or from a PowerPoint.”

This journey is set to begin in Silicon Valley and move south to Los Angeles before the Blue Oval team heads east on Route 66 and ultimately, on to Las Vegas. Along the way, the Ford F-150 Lightning will utilize various charging stations to “fuel” this trip – including at least one Tesla Supercharger – all while stopping to share the team’s experiences along the historic route.

“Long hauling in an electric truck is an act of pioneerism, not because it’s hard or dangerous, but because it’s a new way to experience America,” Farley said. “Shifting from fueling stations to charging stations requires new behaviors and opens new possibilities. Thanks to the technology in the Lightning, I’ll be able to get work done from the road, just like so many of our customers do every day.”

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  1. Chris

    A bad CEO driving a bad vehicle, fitting. What a sad publicity stunt. #BudLightEVs

    1. Keyboard Karen

      What’s an example of a good CEO and a good vehicle?

      1. David Dickinson II

        Sam Walton and his ’79 F-150

  2. Bob

    Hope he enjoys the charging network that always disappoint. I am glad he is going out to experience it himself.

    1. Tigger

      I’m sure there will be an entourage of company-paid security and their vehicles that will take care of any issues.

  3. Tom Mattick

    This next weekend, I begin a cross-country trip from Las Vegas to northern Vermont in my 2022 Lightning. I’m sure it will be interesting and at times challenging with the charging networks.

  4. StromSpeed

    Love this guy! Great to be unlike 95% of CEOs and see what it’s actually like in the real world. True car guy.
    Please do us a favor and pull a trailer too. Let’s see how that factors into the long haul experience with E-trucking.

  5. Frank

    I work for a Ford dealer and recently had the opportunity to drive an F150 Lightning on a 287 mile road trip between two dealers. There was some apprehension on my part, but I charged along the way, adding 50 miles of range in 15 minutes. There were no problems and I arrived with 87 miles of range left. There is a place for these vehicles in our market, even though they may not be right for every customer.

  6. John

    Good luck let me know how much longer it takes as opposed to a gas car and call me when you run out of electrical power.

    1. Ford Owner

      Don’t call Jim if you run out of gss. He will sell you the Lightning if you di call!

  7. Bill

    Rural areas have limited charging stations and/or slow 50 or 62.5 kW Charge points stations. Would like these pr drives done off the beaten path deep in rural America

  8. Ford Owner

    Jim is following Claire Ford, not Henry. She established the first distance records driving her Detroit Electric. And it was safer than her husband’s gas cars, too.

  9. Venom5.0

    Lol what a joke, a road trip thru California and to Las Vegas, which is close to California is not particularly challenging… how about take a road trip thru rest of the US where it isn’t as easy for an EV and where ford has bigger market share.

  10. David Dickinson II

    Farley made the very public disparaging statement that Tesla’s Cybertruck is just for people from Silicon Valley….and then Farley does this publicity stunt with the Lightning and where does he start the journey? In Silicon Valley!

  11. Dave Mathers

    Farley is going to find a new form of frustration with his trip.

  12. Mac Mike

    Should be no issue as it just takes time and planning. I just did a trip around the USA in my Lightning. Drove through 44 states in 3 weeks and added 10,000 miles to the truck. Started my trip from Texas.

  13. Old Ford Guy

    I hope he enjoys his trip and gets the chance to learn and experience the real world. Certainly can’t hurt.
    I also hope the a/c goes out on one or more of the vehicles in his entourage, while driving across the desert to Las Vegas (just like it did on my relatively new Bronco Sport.) Yes, it’s covered under warranty. No, there are no parts available, no timeline to get parts, and hundreds of people are in line (nationwide) in front of you to get parts. “Have a nice day” the dealer said.
    Experience THAT, Mr. Farley!

  14. Martin Scott

    Oh wow “Tommy Boy”

  15. Timothy

    I hope Jim Farley plans a follow up trip with the CEOs of all the EV charging systems so that they can work together to improve the EV customer charging experience in America closer to that being developed in the EU.

  16. David Leiker

    I am glad they were able to build one for his grand tour. 13 months later and $500 poorer all I have to show for my Lightning order is my deposit receipt and a nice colored brochure. If you can’t build them why should I take a chance that you can fix them ?

    Lifelong Ford owner and I am going to have to shop Chevy or GMC. A disgrace Mr. Farley, laid at your management teams feet

  17. Debuck

    EVs are way to expensive for the average person not to mention way to short a range. The way Henry Ford sold the Model T was making very very affordable to everyone not just the elite.


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