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Ford Dealers Ink Deal With Envirospark For EV Chargers

As it works to vastly expand its EV charging network – as well as take advantage of Tesla’s Supercharger stations – Ford looked to its dealers last year, asking each to either opt in or out of the company’s new Model e Certified program. Most Ford dealers ultimately opted in, meaning that they’ll be able to sell all-electric vehicles in the future, albeit with some requirements that must be satisfied, including the pricey and complicated act of installing chargers on site. Now, a group of Ford dealers in nine U.S. states have signed a deal with EnviroSpark, which will further help in these efforts, according to InsideEVs.

EnviroSpark EV Chargers

EnviroSpark has been around since 2014, and specializes in the design and installation of EV chargers. To date, it has deployed around 5,000 of those chargers across the U.S., and handles all of the things required in that process – from design and installation to acquiring permits, inspections, ongoing maintenance, and even remote monitoring and troubleshooting in the event that something doesn’t work properly – which makes it seem like a perfect fit for Ford dealers that don’t want to deal with those sorts of things. On top of that, EnviroSpark is also in the process of integrating Tesla-style North American Charging Standard (NACS) connectors into its chargers, too.

As part of this new deal, EnviroSpark will install 432 Level 3 fast chargers at two dozen Ford dealers in Georgia, Alabama, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Texas, Tennessee, Iowa, and Indiana by 2024, which will net the company around $13.4 million in revenue. “Installing electric vehicle charging stations on our lot is not just a smart business move, but a critical step towards meeting the growing demand for electric vehicles,” said Brad Correll of Loganville Ford in Loganville, Georgia. “After reviewing proposals from several EV charging companies, we chose to partner with EnviroSpark. Working with their company has allowed us to embrace the future of fueling Ford vehicles in a completely convenient and seamless way.”

EnviroSpark EV Chargers

“Our partnership with Ford dealerships is a significant milestone in the industry, and we are so proud to join forces with on-the-ground automotive leaders,” said EnviroSpark founder and CEO Aaron Luque. “By building our cutting-edge EnviroSpark chargers at dealerships across the country, we are making sustainable transportation more accessible and convenient for everyone.”

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  1. Bill Howland

    HAHAHA !

    I’ve seen exactly those ‘chargers’ before…. The first is some Chinese thing, and the second is an old Clipper Creek model with a new face plate.

    Somebody is cashing in on Mark-Ups without expending any more effort than rebranding existing products… A’int America Great?

  2. Craig Vassar

    So 432 level 3 chargers at 24 dealerships? That’s 18 per dealership. Highly unlikely.


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