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Ford Exec Comes Out Against Any Changes To UK ICE Ban

Ford is in the midst of a major transformation across the globe – but particularly in Europe, where it’s planning to go all-electric across its passenger vehicle lineup by 2030 or sooner following the introduction of a host of new EV models, including the recently-revealed Ford Explorer EV. However, while the European Union is currently planning on banning the sale of new ICE vehicles in 2035 – minus some exceptions – the same cannot be said for the UK, which recently exited the EU and is currently lulling what its own emissions requirements might look like. Back in June, Tim Slatter, the chairman of Ford of Europe, suggested that the UK should follow EU regulations to make things simpler for everyone involved, and now, Slatter has officially come out against any changes to the UK’s proposed regulations, according to Bloomberg.

“We’re in danger of making it feel like the world’s on fire; it’s too late,” Slatter said in an interview. “That’s not the case. If we want to make this happen, we can make this happen. We can reduce CO2 emissions, and we can probably get them down in time. But we need to get on with it.”

This statement provides a bit of a response to some recent comments from UK Prime Minster Rishi Sunak, who seemingly backed down from the UK’s proposed 2030 ICE ban by saying that this proposed legislation would “unfairly impact the public,” noting that the UK will “make progress towards net zero” but “in a proportionate and pragmatic way” that “doesn’t unnecessarily give people more hassle and more costs in their lives. That’s not what I’m interested in and prepared to do.”

However, this sentiment clearly isn’t shared with Slatter, nor all of Sunak’s political counterparts – including Michael Gove – who is the UK’s Secretary of State for Leveling Up, Housing and Communities, and Minister for Intergovernmental Relations. “No, it shouldn’t,” Gove said when asked if blocking the sale of new ICE vehicles in 2030 would impose excessive costs on people. “We’re committed to maintaining our policy of ensuring that by 2030 there are no new petrol and diesel cars being sold. I’m sure there are some people who would like to change that policy, I understand, but no, that policy remains.”

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  1. Nico

    Ultimately, it’s the people who will choose their own timeline on whether to convert to full electric or not, Ford has chosen to go full EV, which is curious considering the Kuga PHEV is one of your best selling vehicles. IMHO, converting to hybrid and plug-in hybrid would have been a stepping stone for EV adoption, guess I’m wrong!

  2. David Dickinson II

    Costs matter. If these governments think they can force people to buy more expensive, less convenient products, they are wrong. Especially in the UK, which has the highest inflation rate in Europe. The average Joe/Juan/Johan has run out of money. Forcing people to pay even more is unwise for any elected politician. We need solutions, not mandates.

  3. Tigger

    Where does Ford hire these dopes? Nothing like having management that assists in the potential demise of the company.

    1. Joe Layman

      Amen !

  4. Michael

    The Chairman of Ford of Europe makes this statement……
    We’re in danger of making it feel like the world’s on fire; it’s too late,” Slatter said in an interview. “That’s not the case. If we want to make this happen, we can make this happen. We can reduce CO2 emissions, and we can probably get them down in time. But we need to get on with it.”

    If I were a Ford stock holder I’d sell my stock now. This person is NOT interested in generating profit to share holders, instead he’s a shill for the world is ending gang. Ford, you need to wake up. The world IS NOT ending because of climate change. The climate has always changed and humans have adapted. If we go 100% EVs it will have NO impact on climate change, but it will cost the citizens of this planet dearly in terms of lost prosperity.

  5. wj

    I am not in panic mode with climate change….as some of these fear mongers are trying to convince us….no one is promising better weather…if we do what they say….and if EVs are not better in 10 years or so than now…you see some of these ice banning politicans…voted or replaced out of power…..they have the final say….here most of liberal states are legalizing dope….but wanting to ban ice engine….if they were worried about children and what is doing to familys …crime…etc…that where i want the focus to be….the EPA…needs to be demoted…and not have final say in some of this….every 10 years since..90s…the climate is going to destroyed….and every 10 years it says mostly the same….let it turn hot…and its climate change….but let it turn cold….and see what happens…also…Epa…is making hvac units start using a flammable refrigerant starting in 2025. R 32 and R 454b…and cutting production of 410 a …cost will skyrocket..companies will hoard it…like in past R22….they way evap coils leak….climate change could be in your home….most all these companies….autos …hvac and others…are cheerleading you buy there stuff…and front load it with climate change…to advertise…Climate has always changed…even before autos were invented…

  6. jchinuk

    A view from the UK.
    Those suggesting a delay are the ‘usual suspects’, a rag-tag group of discontented MPs, spooked by their party (the Tories) nearly losing Boris Johnson’s old seat in a by-election.
    The ‘ban’ excludes hybrids anyway, so those in the current Ford range will continue to sell.
    As far as I can see, all manufacturers are planning ‘all electric’ ranges, perhaps with a few hybrid cars, by 2030, and given the timescales car manufacturers work to, I would suggest postponing the ban will have little difference in the showroom.
    Unlike politicians, manufacturers build cars on their timescales, not the 4 or 5 year electoral cycle.

  7. LWA

    Slatter clearly has no idea what the car buying public wants. And that will be the ultimate factor.

    Makes you wonder how he is a Ford exec.


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