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Ford Explorer Owners Can Now Buy The Timberline’s Skid Plate

Skid plates have long been popular upgrades among off-roaders for one simple reason – they provide protection for vital mechanical components underneath the vehicle, which is critical given the fact that things like rocks, tree limbs, and various other obstacles can quickly turn a good day out on the trails into a very bad one. While many new Blue Oval models come with skid plates from the factory, owners of the outgoing Ford Ranger and current-gen Ford F-150 can also purchase those same items from the official Ford Performance catalog. Now, those that own a non-Timberline Ford Explorer can buy that model’s skid plate for their crossover, too.

The new Ford Explorer Timberline skid plate kit fits all models built between the 2020-2023 model years, and is constructed from steel for added strength and protection against whatever the trails want to throw at the crossover’s vitals. The skid plate comes with all of the requisite mounting hardware as well, making it a quick and simple upgrade for owners that may want to take their Explorer for, well, a bit of exploring.

Measuring in at 27.5″ x 6″ x 49,” the Ford Explorer Timberline skid plate kit tips the scales at 15 pounds, making it a beefy upgrade that off-road fans are sure to enjoy. Since it’s designed specifically to fit the Ford Explorer, it figures to represent a nice alternative to the array of aftermarket parts that are already available, too.

Skid plates have long been a popular way for adventure seekers and off-roader enthusiasts to protect the vital mechanical components of their vehicles, and have recently started to show up more and more on OEM offerings. However, they also represent a bit of an upgrade in terms of looks in this case, making the front end of the Explorer look just a bit beefier, which is a nice bonus as well.

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  1. Robert Frederick Hawtin

    Can I get the part number for the skid plate that would fit my 2022 Explorer?

  2. Robert Frederick Hawtin

    Can I get the skid plate part number that would fit my 2022 Explorer?

  3. Sean

    Can you provide the part number? Also, I believe that the Explorer is an SUV, not a crossover as you describe it.

    I’m still perplexed why you keep writing ‘the blue oval’ instead of Ford. Why?


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