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Ford F-150 Lightning Destination Charge Increased Last Month

Following multiple rounds of price increases spurred by rising raw materials costs, the Ford F-150 Lightning finally got considerably cheaper – albeit still more expensive than it was at launch – following a recent round of price cuts last month. To compensate for trucks that are already sitting on dealer lots, Ford then applied a special bonus cash discount to bring them in line with new models, and also launched special financing rates and a $1,500 bonus offer for retail customers as part of its national summer sales event last month. However, amid all of these price decreases, the automaker also increased the destination charge for the Ford F-150 Lightning as well, according to CarsDirect.

Ford F-150 Lightning Production Restart Rouge Electric Vehicle Center - Exterior 001 - Front Three Quarters

The mandatory Ford F-150 Lightning destination charge increased by $100 to $1,995 in July, affecting pickups invoiced after July 5th. This actually brings that particular charge right in line with the ICE F-150 lineup, which also has a $1,995 destination charge, making it less of a surprise – particularly since automakers have been keen to increase these fees in recent years.

At least in this case, the increase in destination charge is accompanied by steep discounts of up to $10,000, depending on trim and configuration. Those price cuts were attributed to an improving supply chain and lower raw materials costs, coupled with Ford’s ability to build more pickups following a recent expansion at the Rouge Electric Vehicle Center.

Ford F-150 Lightning SafeHaven Pest Control Pilot Program - Exterior 002 - Rear Three Quarters

When Ford F-150 Lightning production restarted at the Rouge plant this past Monday, The Blue Oval announced that it had effectively tripled its production capacity for the EV pickup – from 50k units per year to 150k. The plant was ultimately shut down for a total of six weeks, and at its current pace, the facility is on track to build 70,000 units in the 2023 calendar year.

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  1. George

    Your destination charges are totally a RIP Off as it relates to higher profits for the you and the
    dealer. It certainly does’t cost that amount to ship from Detroit to Toronto in a group of maybe
    5-6 vehicles per transport.
    The Euopean Auto makers do the same thing and it is terrible to screwed like this . I have been a Ford man most of my life but this is just gouging and will no longer consider Ford in the
    future as the Quality of your product has diminished over the years. I have a 2020 Escape that i am still waiting on parts for a recall. I have never had so many recalls on a Ford product since 2012. Get your act to-gather

  2. Shane

    Ford pulling a typical Bait & Switch. Untrustworthy as ever.

  3. Al

    Yet a Hyundai from Korea only has a $1335 destination fee!!

  4. Shockandawe

    Damn Furd, at it again ripping off us loyal customers!


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