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Ford F-150 Lightning Platinum Gets Special Order Discount

Following multiple price increases – largely attributed to soaring raw materials costs – Ford F-150 Lightning customers finally got some relief when The Blue Oval slashed the cost of its EV pickup significantly last month, after which it launched a discount to ensure that pricing of existing inventory also fell in line with that cut. At the same time, the Ford F-150 Lightning was also treated to its first-ever factory rebate in July, along with a special $1,500 order discount, to boot, even though destination charges also increased by $100, somewhat offsetting these deals. Now, those seeking an Ford F-150 Lightning Platinum, specifically, can also take advantage of a special order discount, according to CarsDirect.

Those that order a Ford F-150 Lightning Platinum to either purchase or lease through September 4th, 2023, are eligible to receive $2,000 in Retail Order Bonus Cash, and interestingly enough, it seems to be the only trim level eligible for this new discount.

However, as is usually the case, there are certain caveats – in this instance, this deal is only available for customers in Atlanta, Georgia, Chicago, Illinois, Charlotte, North Carolina, Cincinnati, Ohio, Dallas, Texas, Detroit, Michigan, Houston, Texas, Kansas City, Missouri, Memphis, Tennessee, New York, Orlando, Florida, Phoenix, Arizona, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota.

It’s also worth noting that the F-150 Platinum does not qualify for the $7,500 federal tax credit due to the fact that its MSRP is higher than the $80k limit, and lessees aren’t eligible to receive the credit on trim levels that do qualify, as Ford keeps that money for itself. However, as Ford Authority recently reported, lessees do now have the option to purchase their EV pickups at the end of the lease, which wasn’t previously the case.

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