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Ford F-Series Sales Outdo Rivals Yet Again During Q2 2023

Ford F-Series sales increased in the United States and Mexico during the second quarter of 2023.

Ford F-Series Sales - Q1 2023 - United States

In the United States, Ford F-Series deliveries totaled 166,086 units in Q1 2023, an increase of about 18 percent compared to 140,447 units sold in Q1 2022. Of these, Ford F-150 Lightning sales totaled 4,291 units.
MODEL Q1 2023 / Q1 2022 Q1 2023 Q1 2022
F-SERIES +18.26% 166,086 140,447

Ford F-Series Sales - Q1 2023 - Canada

In Canada, Ford F-Series deliveries totaled 23,407 units in Q1 2023, an increase of about 28 percent compared to 18,218 units sold in Q1 2022.
MODEL Q1 2023 / Q1 2022 Q1 2023 Q1 2022
F-SERIES +28.48% 23,407 18,218

Ford F-Series Sales - Q1 2023 - Mexico

In Mexico, Ford F-Series deliveries totaled 2,702 units in Q1 2023, an increase of about 43 percent compared to 1,887 units sold in Q1 2022.
MODEL Q1 2023 / Q1 2022 Q1 2023 Q1 2022
F-SERIES +43.19% 2,702 1,887

Competitive Sales Comparison (USA)

Ford F-Series sales (see running F-Series sales) maintained the top spot in the full-size pickup segment in Q2 2023, soaring 34 percent to 212,516 units during the quarter.

The Chevrolet Silverado maintained second (see running Silverado sales), slipping one percent to 141,299 deliveries. The Ram Pickup took third, down 0.14 percent to to 117,699 units, followed by the GMC Sierra (see running Sierra sales) in fourth with a 22 percent uptick to 75,810 deliveries. The Toyota Tundra placed fifth, up 48 percent to 32,084 units, while the Nissan Titan once again took sixth (and last) place, increasing 36 percent to 4,797 units. Given news that Nissan has no plans to redesign the Titan after the current generation, the pickup will likely be discontinued around 2025.

Sales Numbers - Full-Size Mainstream Pickup Trucks - Q2 2023 - USA

MODEL Q2 23 / Q2 22 Q2 23 Q2 22 Q2 23 SHARE Q2 22 SHARE YTD 23 / YTD 22 YTD 23 YTD 22
FORD F-SERIES +32.85% 208,050 156,602 36% 31% +25.95% 374,136 297,049
CHEVROLET SILVERADO -1.21% 141,299 143,032 24% 28% +1.57% 268,291 264,139
RAM RAM PICKUP -0.14% 117,699 117,867 20% 23% -8.95% 223,049 244,983
GMC SIERRA +21.64% 75,810 62,321 13% 12% +20.24% 143,008 118,938
TOYOTA TUNDRA +48.04% 32,084 21,673 6% 4% +34.79% 59,735 44,316
NISSAN TITAN +35.75% 6,512 4,797 1% 1% -5.90% 10,550 11,212
TOTAL +14.85% 581,454 506,292 +10.01% 1,078,769 980,637

From a segment share standpoint, Ford F-Series sales accounted for a segment-leading 36 percent share, up five percentage points compared to Q2 2022. The Silverado claimed 24 percent share, down four percentage points, while the Ram earned 20 percent share, down three percentage points. The Silverado’s corporate cousin, the Sierra, posted a segment share of 13 percent, up one percentage point, while the Tundra earned five percent, down one percentage point. Finally, the Titan’s share remained flat at one percent.

The full-size pickup truck segment expanded 15 percent to 585,920 units during Q2 2023, meaning that F-Series sales outperformed  the segment average.

It’s worth noting that adding up Q2 2023 sales of General Motors’ two trucks – the Silverado and Sierra – results in 217,109 combined deliveries, knocking the F-Series from the top spot by 4,593 units and earning 37 percent segment share.

Sales Numbers - GM Full-Size Mainstream Pickup Trucks - Q2 2023 - USA

MODEL Q2 23 / Q2 22 Q2 23 Q2 22 YTD 23 / YTD 22 YTD 23 YTD 22
CHEVROLET SILVERADO -1.21% 141,299 143,032 +1.57% 268,291 264,139
GMC SIERRA +21.64% 75,810 62,321 +20.24% 143,008 118,938
TOTAL +5.72% 217,109 205,353 +7.37% 411,299 383,077

Below, we are including Honda Ridgeline sales for informational purposes, since the model straddles the midsize and full-size pickup truck segments.

Sales Numbers - Honda Ridgeline - Q2 2023 - USA

MODEL Q2 23 / Q2 22 Q2 23 Q2 22 YTD 23 / YTD 22 YTD 23 YTD 22
RIDGELINE +36.80% 14,512 10,608 +38.56% 27,430 19,797

The Ford Authority Take

Sales of the extremely popular Ford F-150 and Ford Super Duty pickups continued to dominate last quarter, the result of sustained high demand and supply chain issues that are finally waning. FoMoCo has significantly ramped up production of its vehicles this year to keep pace with demand, including the F-Series pickups. Production of the Ford F-150 Lightning has also kicked off after a brief planned shutdown at the Rouge Electric Vehicle Center, during which the facility’s physical size was increased to accommodate increased production.

It’s also worth noting that while Ford F-Series sales outpaced that of the Silverado and Sierra on an individual basis, both GM models outsold FoMoCo’s pickup when combined. Both of GM’s entries also posted gains over the same period in 2023, indicating that FoMoCo’s crosstown rival is also starting to see supplier constraints begin to ease up. However, the gap between the two has narrowed, meaning that Ford F-Series sales will likely continue to claim the top spot in the segment.

  • All percent change figures compared to Ford F-Series sales in Q2 2023, unless otherwise noted
  • In the United States, there were 77 selling days in Q2 2023 and 77 selling days in Q2 2022
  • Ford Motor Company Q2 2023 sales reports:
  • Ford F-Series sales include:
    • Ford F-150 and variants, including battery electric F-150 Lightning
    • Ford F-Series Super Duty models, including:
      • Ford F-250 Super Duty and variants
      • Ford F-350 Super Duty and variants
      • Ford F-450 Super Duty and variants
      • Ford F-550 Super Duty and variants
    • Ford F-Series Chassis Cab
    • Ford F-650 and F-750 are not included in these sales, as Ford records their sales separately as Ford Heavy Trucks sales
  • Ram Pickup sales include:
    • Ram 1500 pickup and variants
    • Ram 2500 pickup and variants
    • Ram 3500 pickup and variants
    • Ram Chassis Cab
  • Chevrolet Silverado sales include:
    • Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and variants
    • Chevrolet Silverado Heavy Duty models, including:
      • Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD and variants
      • Chevrolet Silverado 3500 HD and variants
      • Chevrolet Silverado Heavy Duty Chassis Cab
    • Chevrolet Silverado Medium Duty Chassis Cab
  •  GMC Sierra sales include:
    • GMC Sierra 1500, Sierra Denali 1500 and variants
    • GMC Sierra Heavy Duty models, including:
      • GMC Sierra 2500HD, GMC Sierra 2500HD Denali and variants
      • GMC Sierra 3500HD, GMC Sierra 3500HD Denali and variants
      • GMC Sierra HD Chassis Cab
  • Toyota Tundra sales include:
    • Toyota Tundra and variants
  • Nissan Titan sales include:
    • Nissan Titan and variants
    • Nissan Titan XD and variants

Alexandra is a Colorado-based journalist with a passion for all things involving horsepower, be it automotive or equestrian.

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    gm twins outsold Furd by 46k units, hehehe!

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        GM has the formula in both sales and profits.

        Ford needs to get their product launches dialed in and quality issues under control

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        You’re both really bad at this.

        What’s 411,299-382,893?

        Answer: 28,406

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      I do no believe ford produced over 83,000 more f150 in ytd 2023 than they produced ytd 2022!

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    Ford sold an average of 78 trucks a day in the first quarter, and 96 in the second quarter. I wonder how many were Lightnings.

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    I’m amazed how many people can or want to buy these trucks at the current prices.

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    My question on this is sold means ordered or actually sold? Hard to say any Numbers when ppl are waiting across multiple qts for the truck the ordered (personally ordered in Oct 22 and don’t think mine was even built yet even tho it’s been a week pass build date)

    1. Davido49

      When a truck leaves the factory its SOLD to independent dealers. This goes for ALL brands ! That’s how it works. Dealers don’t order vehicles they can’t sell.

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    Cannot beat Ford trucks in strength, durability or quality all truck guys know. Ford is on pt in all recent launches of new models that’s a fact.


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