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Ford Focus Powershift Transmission Fix Attempt Fails: Video

Mere months after the COVID-19 pandemic emerged in early 2020, service departments around the globe began experiencing problems securing the parts needed to repair vehicles, leading to extended delays that still persist today. This doesn’t just include newer vehicles either, as 2011-2016 Ford Fiesta and 2012-2016 Ford Focus models equipped with the problematic Powershift transmission – the subject of numerous lawsuits over the past several years – are also facing extended repair delays as a result of the chip shortage. As Ford Authority reported earlier this month, affected Ford Focus and Fiesta owners are now eligible for a one-time Transmission Control Module (TCM) replacement, though that isn’t stopping some – including YouTuber WatchJRGo – from attempting to repair their own Powershift transitions, with varied levels of success.

2015 Ford Focus Powershift Transmission TCM Repair 002

Our host’s girlfriend just so happens to own a 2015 Ford Focus equipped with this much-maligned gearbox, which was exhibiting the typical symptoms – check engine lights, bucking at stop lights, and even a failure to get going from a stop, too. After scanning the car for codes, only one came up, however – P0902 – which relates to the clutch actuator circuit when it’s short to ground. The remedies for this problem are replace the clutch actuator, repair the circuits, and test the TCM, after which it could need to be replaced or updated.

First, our host tries the obvious – testing the ground cable to see if that is in fact the cause of the problem, which is possible given the fact that the battery isn’t in the best of shape in this case. While he’s in there, our host also cleans up the remnants of some leaked battery acid and scrubs the connectors with a wire brush before greasing up all the applicable goodies.

This job did make the check engine light go away, and the Ford Focus drove just fine for a short time. However, the light soon came back and the car started exhibiting the same symptoms as before. Unfortunately, that means that the TCM is likely failing, though at least the owner may be able to get a one-time replacement for this pricey part for free.

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  1. JME80

    I guess I was EXTREMELY lucky as I had a 2015 Focus SE with the Powershift….95K miles with ZERO issues. Traded it for a Fusion as I wanted something bigger.

  2. Randy

    Ford really blew it with this transmission. I had a VW GTI with a dual clutch transmission and it was great. Ford didn’t use wet clutches and that was one of the problems. When these transmissions came on line it was the death knell for the traditional automatic. Then the engineers and bean counters got to work and ruined the design. There are lots of high end sports cars running this type of transmission without problems. The recent 5.2L 760 hp Shelby GT500, all C8 Corvettes, several European cars, etc.

  3. DRW

    Engineering knew this transmission was fragile before it even left the factory. This is indicative of a toxic organization and, needless to say, makes it hard to recommend a Ford product to anyone. My niece had a Focus, had the transmission fixed under warranty, and started to experience the same transmission issue again (all this within 60,000 miles). She now drives a RAV4 and Ford will never see her again.

  4. Ernie

    Curious why he didn’t try replacing the clutch actuators first after fixing the grind problem from the bad battery. I bought my daughter’s 2014 Focus from her with 90,000 miles on it and it was exhibiting some of the same issues. Got 2 replacement actuators, cleaned up some around the clutches and voila no more problems. I now have 130,000 miles on it trouble free and was only out $150 and some time

  5. Drew Ford Retiree

    How reliable is the replacement TCM or does the replacement also have a short life?

  6. Fred

    My 2012 did the same thing. Check the transmission actuator. There should be two, one on the top and the other on the bottom. This is a relatively easy fix and much cheaper.

  7. Lisa

    My daughter bought 2016 Focus as certified used at dealer in 2020. Four months after owning, dual clutch had to be replaced. Good thing I know how to do internet research. Going on year 3 of owning and have had dual clutch replaced 3 Times. Wish we had been informed of the lawsuit before purchase.

  8. Knowledge

    Hi i ive got ford focus 2.0 tdci 2013 its got transmission problem ifixed it then the problem is back again

  9. Tracy Summar

    I have a 2015 fiesta . I replaced both clutch actuators , new tires , hubs and bearing trying to resolve the issue . Now the transmission itself is giving me issues because othe TCM . Took the recall letter to a local dealer ,who was very nice ,but told me he had scar there that had been parked for six months waiting on this part . I was then informed that there were 53,000 names ahead as of me for said part . That it will be a VERY LONG WAIT to get my car fixed . I was also informed that this issue made my car unsafe and should be taken off the road .


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