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Ford GT Production Continued Into 2023

Back in October 2022, the final road-going variant of the current-gen Ford GT – the LM Edition – was revealed, a model that pays tribute to the 2016 Le Mans-winning number 68 GT40. The 2022 Ford GT LM Edition was in fact designed to represent the last gasp for this particular model, at least in its third generation iteration, and is part of the previously-planned 1,350-unit production run. However, FoMoCo then unveiled the non-street-legal 2023 Ford GT Mk IV – which pays tribute to the original Mk IV that won the 24 Hours of Le Mans – back in December. Regardless, The Blue Oval previously said that Ford GT production would end in 2022, though according to the automaker’s most recent sales report, that wasn’t the case, after all.

Instead, Multimatic built a grand total of 18 Ford GT models in January and another 12 in February before production officially ended, or a total of 30 units in the 2023 calendar year. It’s unclear which variants these 30 units represent, nor why production was extended, but it could be that Multimatic merely needed a couple more months to finish either or perhaps both of the aforementioned variants.

Ford previously announced that it would produce just 20 examples of the GT LM Edition, but that process was slated to begin last fall and wrap up by the end of the year. As for the GT Mk IV, just 67 examples were scheduled to be built in total, and that process was expected to be completed no later than Q1 2023, which aligns nicely with this timeline.

In any event, third-generation Ford GT production has now officially ended, and the last purported example of this particular supercar was delivered to its lucky owner earlier this year – chassis number N260, which was finished in Antimatter Blue, just like the Heritage Edition prototype.

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  1. Mark B

    Regardless, they know that they’ll sell them all.

  2. ToneyG

    Would love to see this turned into a 2+2 Lincoln halo car taking the Continental Mark 9 to the next level! Dream on I guess.

  3. stilbo

    I’d love to see Ford figure out how to build a Ford GT that would be a direct competitor to the Chevrolet Corvette…
    But naaaa….
    No need for that. We gots a Mustang.
    Which isn’t anywhere near to being in the same league as a C8 Corvette.
    I own a 2021 Mustang GT and love it as much as I loved the four preceding Mustang GT’s but they simply aren’t anywhere near being the value of even a base C8 Sting Ray.
    Ford has blown every opportunity to build a Halo Lincoln car based on the last two Mustang chassis.
    Ford simply doesn’t want to build cars anymore.
    Trucks and SUVs yeah.
    Cars, no.
    And don’t even get me started on Ford Australia getting the best cars (FVP) compared to the mostly boring four door cars we were getting here…
    But things are better now.
    Ford just killed their Australian production totally.

  4. Wayne Wimberley

    Love them but it’s only a dream for the common man, not what Henry would have wanted for his company, Ford was built on being a car the common working man not anymore

  5. Alvin Chappelle

    Talk about a dream come true?
    Wow are you serious, I was born in 1950, so the 64/1/2 was just in time for my 15th birthday, now I’ll be 73 on labor day, it’s time I get mine?


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