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Ford Maverick Among New Cars Priced Over MSRP

Since the Ford Maverick debuted for the 2022 model year, the affordable and economical compact pickup has proven to be a smash hit with shoppers. However, this extreme demand – coupled with Ford’s inability to build enough Mavericks to meet it – has also led to some rather common markups, which continue to persist even after production has ramped up considerably through the first half of the year. The Ford Maverick remains one of several new vehicles that routinely sells for more than MSRP, and even used examples continue to sell for more than new ones – earning the compact pickup a resale value award. Now, according to the latest data from iSeeCars, that trend hasn’t let up one bit over the past few months.

The Ford Maverick continues to rank among the handful of new vehicles listed for the highest dollar amount/percentage over its MSRP, with an average sticker price of $25,892 versus an average list price of $30,998 – a difference of $5,106 or 19.7 percent. That tied the Ford Maverick with the Lexus RX for 11th place on this particular list, which is largely dominated by lifestyle vehicles and luxury models, along with premium performance vehicles. Making matters worse for prospective Maverick buyers, the pickup recently received a price hike for the 2024 model year, while the hybrid is now an option rather than the standard powerplant.

This pricing also represents a stark comparison when compared to the overall market, as the average new vehicle is listed for sale at $46,265, or 8.5 percent over MSRP, which came in at $42,645. This data comes from 13 million new vehicle listings, which also revealed that the average MSRP for new vehicles increased by 7.4 percent year-over-year from June 2022 to June 2023.

“New car prices are holding up surprisingly well given the overriding economic factors impacting consumers today,” said iSeeCars Executive Analyst Karl Brauer. “We’re seeing some slight moderation, but the average new car asking price is still more than eight percent above MSRP, confirming strong ongoing demand for new vehicles.”

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  1. Mf

    Man, it’s almost like people want inexpensive vehicles, and will compromise on capability for a lower price.

    It’s like high interest rates have really reduced demand for 70 plus thousand dollar vehicles…

    1. Bosko

      This truck is more than capable.

  2. Anonymous

    What vehicles *don’t* have a price over MSRP these days? Having been in the market now for over two years for a new vehicle, when a dealer advertises a sales event or something the “sale price” is MSRP.

    A friend recently purchased a leftover 2022 Ford Edge ST-line. $46K MSRP. The dealer offered them a “loyalty discount” of $860 because they were trading in their old Edge. When they mentioned the dealer one town over had 2023 Edge models in stock, listed online with a $1600 dealer discount, the dealer with the 2022 basically said “ok, the 2022 is offering 0% for 48 mo. The 2023 only has 0% for 36 mo.” My friend heard that and immediately said “SOLD! We’ll take the 2022 since we get 12 more months of 0% financing!”.

    So they paid roughly $1,000 more for a 2022, when they could have purchased the 2023 for less, financed it at 3.9% for 60 months, and had a $110/mo lower payment. They could have simply paid extra to the principal each month if they wanted and still paid it off early and avoided some of the interest expense (or had the flexibility of the lower payment for those months where they didn’t want to pay extra.)

  3. TomD

    And just think Ford said that they were going to put an end to this.
    What do they think would happen when the customer is waiting 18 months for their order to be fulfilled.

    1. Bill Byrne

      yeah I was 19 months, when we did not take it ( at sticker) dealer was tickled to keep and sell over sticker, on month 16 we got something else.too bad Ford NO customer service is really bad, I had fords for over 40 years.

  4. John Breal

    This absolutely sucks, I was called to come see the 23 Maverick fully fully loaded and so sticker was hi, but I said OK, ill take it because it has it all, but then they said 10K over and I said up yours….

    1. Mike

      FoMoCo has no spine. They should immediately cancel the Franchise Agreement of every Ford franchise fraudster that thinks MSRP is just a joke good for a good laugh. If they do not, then they can expect a good percentage of their customers tells them Good Bye forever Fordie.

  5. Bob

    Maverick value will crash when Toyota and Subaru and Chevy gets their small trucks out there but at the moment its the only new good cheap vehicle out there. Anyone know what the Ranger availability is? Maybe its a better choice over paying thousands over MSRP.

  6. stilbo

    What started out as a $20K entry level vehicle turned into a gouge fest by Ford dealerships. Bloated content Mavericks were the only ones available with no base models available and still not available…
    Other than Mustangs (Which have become exceedingly expensive for even the base models) Ford Motor Company has become a $45K -$100K truck company.
    Not everyone shops in that price range and between those prices and EV’s that are on average even more expensive than their ICE vehicles Ford is driving potential buyers to Asian car manufacturers.
    If the Chinese are allowed to get a toehold in the United States market with cars AND trucks, Ford, Stellantis and GM will suffer

    1. Marvin

      Ford is no longer an every man car company. They only cater to the rich these days. If Henry could only see what it has become.

  7. Michael J Genzale

    24 Mavrick has $1200 option for the hybrid, nolonger standard equipment. That was a big draw. Then the XLT was raised nearly $1000. My dealer was willing to order for me ar MSRP,. The $2000 increase kinda cooled me on it.

  8. Mike W

    15 month wait for Lariat hybrid,35 k out the door, 46.2 mpg for 7500 miles. It was worth the wait. Ordered 10/26/2021- delivered 1/5/2023, ordered a 2022, deleted options and they rolled it into a 2023 and rebated $2700 for the price hike. Ford info was nonexistent, always wer’e trying wait some more.

  9. Duane

    Walked on a lot found a fully loaded Maverick lariat Tremor for 0$ mark-up. Sorry for all your guys bad experiences, Ford should strive to do better and it’s a shame they don’t make card for everyone anymore(Taurus, tempo, escort, focus, fiesta etc.) were all for the common folk and very affordable. But when your cheapest F-150 is 35k as and about as basic as you can find kinda sucks. But it’s also the inflation of time…

  10. david heiman

    where is my maverick I ordered over a year for?


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