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Ford Maverick Among Top Midsize Pickups In 2023 APEAL Study

The results of the 2023 J.D. Power APEAL Study have thus far been quite positive for The Blue Oval, as the automaker managed to rank above the mass market average as a whole, while the Ford Bronco Sport tied for second place in the small SUV/crossover segment, and the Lincoln Nautilus was the third-ranked mid-size premium SUVs/crossover. However, those models weren’t alone in that regard, as the Ford Mustang Mach-E also managed to rank among the best compact SUVs/crossovers on the market, which was also the case with the Ford Maverick in the “mid-size pickup” category – fresh off a top-three ranking last year as well.

This year, the Ford Maverick also finished third in the mid-size pickup segment of the 2023 J.D. Power APEAL Study, falling behind the Hyundai Santa Cruz and Nissan Frontier – the latter of which is actually a mid-size pickup, not a compact model like the Santa Cruz and Maverick. Regardless, these were the only three models to make the cut in this year’s APEAL Study in this particular category.

As a whole – for the first time in the 28-year history of the APEAL Study – the overall market suffered a consecutive year-over-year decline in owner satisfaction, however, dropping by two points last year and three in 2021. This particular study measures owners’ emotional attachment and level of excitement with their new vehicle by asking them to consider 37 different attributes. This year’s results were derived from the responses of 84,555 owners of new 2023 model-year vehicles who were surveyed after 90 days of ownership.

“The decline in consecutive years might look small, but it’s an indicator that larger issues may lie under the surface,” said Frank Hanley, senior director of auto benchmarking at J.D. Power. “Despite the technology and design innovations that manufacturers put into new vehicles, owners are lukewarm about them. While innovations like charging pads, vehicle apps, and advanced audio features should enhance an owner’s experience, this is not the case when problems are experienced. This downward trajectory of satisfaction should be a warning sign to manufacturers that they need to better understand what owners really want in their new vehicles.”

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  1. Jorge Acosta

    MIDSIZE PICKUPS? Wrong!! The Ford Maverick is s compact pickup, you guys should know better…

    1. Lurch

      More to the point, APEAL should know better. It’s comparing apples to aircraft carriers.

  2. Bob

    Kind of funny. Saw a car carrier that had 5 F150’s one Maverick. Guess Ford doesn’t make enough.

    1. Marco G

      Duh. Waiting near 16 months for a hybrid LARIAT. Finally have an alleged build date of September…we’ll see.

  3. William Donnelly

    I think it’s rediculous that you have to wait 1 1/2 to take delivery of a Hybrid, that being said me and the wife love the Maverickso much I talked my grandson in to buying one and my brother in to ordering two of the hybrids but he might jump ship as he ordered them 2022 and Ford did not pick up the order so after a year wait he had to start the wait all over that’s just not right

    1. ronarb

      I ordered a ’24 Maverick Hybrid Lariat a few weeks ago with the understanding that I would not have delivery until spring or early summer of next year. I’ll keep the ’24 model for a few years then pick up a 2nd gen hybrid model with AWD and power on board in ’26. Just gotta be patient with supply and demand issues.

      1. Mrx19

        Supply chain issues largely ended six months ago. Ford is simply allocating all resources to 60k plus vehicles.


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