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Ford Maverick Production Remained On Track In July

The Ford Maverick has remained one of the hottest new vehicles on the market following its launch for the 2022 model year, to the point where plenty of folks have been waiting a very long time to take delivery of theirs. However, Ford Maverick production at the Hermosillo Assembly plant has steadily picked up over the past few months, totaling 25,486 units in Q1 of 2023 and going from 7,263 in April to 11,061 in May – a 52 percent increase. Now, with the release of the automaker’s July sales report comes news that Ford Maverick production remained steady last month, too.

Last month, Ford produced a total of 10,211 Maverick pickups, which is an increase of 78 units, month-over-month. It also brings the Maverick’s year-to-date total to 64,154 units, which is undoubtedly encouraging news for those that have been patently awaiting the delivery of their new compact pickup.

Unfortunately for some of those folks, with 2023 Ford Maverick production set to end in October – as Ford Authority reported back in March – and some orders may wind up getting pushed to the 2024 model year as The Blue Oval continues to struggle to build enough units to meet what remains extremely high demand. Even worse, the popular hybrid model is still constrained, too.

In the meantime, Ford continues to work to ramp up Maverick production by adding a third shift at the Hermosillo plant just last month. The Blue Oval is planning to expand its Ford Maverick and Ford Bronco Sport annual production run rate by a total of 80,000 units by the end of the year, which is presumably for both models, combined. However, it’s worth noting that this means the Hermosillo plant will have the capacity to build 80,000 additional units of these vehicles – not that it will, which is important since the automaker is still facing some lingering supply chain issues that continue to hamper production.

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  1. Alan Barth

    The progress sounds great, but where’s my XLT Hybrid Lux Package? Ordered 9-16-22!

    1. ronarb

      Alan – I ordered the same package last month with a ” discussed ” delivery date of spring ’24. Hopefully you will receive yours right before mine comes in. Good Luck !

    2. Gayla

      I can only say I’ll believe it when I see it…… ordered 2022 XLT Hybrid with Ford CoPilot. No other frills. The date was July 13, 2022…..

      Our dealer and Ford have been basically “silent” until a week ago.

      Got an email and a call that our truck is set for production the week of August 28 2023. I went on line and checked the VIN sand sure enough our truck is listed but window sticker not printed yet.

      When questioned about expected delivery we got silence and stuttering.

      I’m so disappointed in Ford. Part of me wants to take my money and get something else…. But I love trucks and have owned a hybrid Toyota. So a hybrid truck under 30k really has me treading water.

      I’ll continue to drive my husband’s Ridgeline or SSR until my UNICORN arrives. Good luck to everyone that is waiting.

  2. Kenneth McMillan

    Glad to hear the progress, We ordered our 2023 in September of 2022 before you closed the order date. Hopefully we will not have wait much longer.

    1. Papi Gil

      Kenneth, I ordered my 2023 Lariat (Hybrid) on Sept. 15, 2022, and still waiting. The dealership is not very optimistic that it will be built before they shutdown the 2023 line. They told me to update my order to the 2024. I’m not a happy camper with Ford, but I’m not giving up hopes yet.

  3. Al

    How, way back in 1964, did Ford ever keep up with the Mustang demand? Must have been smarter in the “old” days.

  4. Shockandawe

    That truck is an ugly little critter.

  5. Dave Miller

    I ordered my Maverick XLT EcoBoost AWD 4K in Sept of 2023 and took delivery the First of Aug. It was X plan price with NO dealer markups. Truck is outstanding and worth the wait.

  6. Barry Ruggles

    Can you get and publish info on remaining number of 2023’s to be built ? That would be some good info on how long the wait may be for the rest of the 2023’s.
    Thanks for your great info day to day.

  7. Jeff

    Waiting for an article on how many 23 hybrid orders were not built. Also how many reordered the 24 hybrid since they couldn’t get their 23. Does anyone know how long the order bank was open for the 24’s.

    1. CJ

      I’m still waiting for my Lariat 23, I place the order and deposit on September 22, but if Ford can deliver before Toyota comes with the small truck hybrid on 24-25, I’ll cancel my Maverick and keep going with Toyota,
      Good luck my friends I wish Ford can Produce the orders before December!!!

  8. Hondo

    The folks on the Maverick truck club forum have unfulfilled 2023 orders just north of 20k, with the bulk being hybrids. I doubt there is a way to tell how many of those reordered and which engine/trim, but Ford started moving all of those rollovers (if done correctly by dealers) to priority 2 this week so their are made before 2024s. Order banks still open for 2024 though some dealers may have stopped taking orders due to allocation limits.

  9. david heiman

    how many 2023 hybrid maverick are left to build before 2024 orders start. I hope mine is built in 2023 model. I have no vin # or date to be built. Ford employee should get priority

  10. Mike K

    I also ordered a Lariat hybrid on September 15 2022 . No build date in site. I didn’t reorder for a 2024.

  11. Don Norton

    The number of units built in May is a nice improvement over April, but how many were built in June and in July and expected in August and September before the 2023 line is shut down. My order for a hybrid Lariat has been in since September of 2022. I am really hoping for delivery of a 2023, but no build date notice yet. I did go ahead and place an order for a 2024, but I suppose that just puts me at the back of the list for 2023’s. Wonder if I will get the truck before Christmas?

  12. Gary

    The issues seem to be with the Hybrids , I Ordered a 2024 gas engine in July hopefully im not going to wait longer then the hybrid purchasers!


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