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Ford Performance Debuts Retro Fox Body Mustang Car Cover

Ford Performance is no stranger to making and selling special car covers for the Ford Mustang, and currently offers one with its logo for the S550 model, as well as a very cool 50th anniversary Cobra Jet car cover designed to fit that particular race car – and it even has accommodations for a parachute, to boot. Now, Ford Performance has something extra special up its sleeve for Fox Body Mustang owners – a retro-style car cover that it recently debuted at Motor City FoxFest, which was held at the automaker’s headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan.

The new Ford Performance Fox Body Mustang retro car cover is a premium piece designed exclusively to fit pony cars produced between the 1979 and 1993 model years. Like car covers in general, it’s designed to help protect and preserve those specific models, all while highlighting that generation’s unique looks within the pony car realm, too.

Ford Perfomrance Fox Body Mustang Retro Car Cover - Exterior 002 - Rear Three Quarters

This car cover is made from high-quality materials to ensure durability and a longevity, all while providing protection against all sorts of environmental hazards such as sun damage, rain, and other nasty stuff, helping to keep one’s Fox Body Mustang in pristine condition when it’s in storage and not being used.

Perhaps the best thing about this Ford Performance Fox Body Mustang car cover, however, is its throwback design. The cover sports vintage “Ford Motorsport” branding on the outside, which perfectly matches the car it’s designed to cover. For those that were around to appreciate that particular moment in time, it’s certainly a nice touch – and a far cooler way to show off their Fox Body when it’s in storage versus some plain, boring car cover.

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  1. steve

    In 1987 I was 18 years old and bought a brand new white mustang GT / gray cloth 225 hp / 225 torque, and it was the most fun car I ever owned. I beat that car every mile I drove, so much fun !! , then owned an 1989 GT , then a 1992. great cars for the money, it was 16K dollars out the door !!

  2. Wes

    Awesome that they are redoing the colors of the Ford Motorsport era. The car cover looks awesome. I would really love to see them do the Lincoln Mercury Motorsport tri-colors as well. I am sure there are quite a few Mercury Capri owners that would enjoy one.

  3. Slick

    But where can you buy one?

  4. James Botts

    Where can i buy? I cany find anything other than articles and none of those state how to buy.

  5. John Rausch

    Cannot buy fast enough, wish they would remake the tricolor motorsport tape stripes


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