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Ford Performance Tire Pressure Gauge Debuts Online

The Ford Performance catalog has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years with the addition of new parts and accessories on a regular basis, and there are plenty of items in there designed to cater to off-road fans, too. In fact, sixth-generation Ford Bronco owners can purchase anything from a Warn winch cover to a high-clearance exhaust system directly from The Blue Oval itself, but the automaker isn’t just making and selling its own parts exclusively. Rather, it has also teamed up with a variety of aftermarket companies to create and market new parts and accessories, and that includes ARB – as the two just began selling a new portable tire inflator and deflator in the Ford Performance catalog, and now, it has also added something very similar – the Ford Performance by ARB Tire Pressure Gauge, too.

Ford Performance By ARB Tire Pressure Gauge

The new Ford Performance by ARB Tire Pressure Gauge is precisely what it sounds like – a portable tool that gives vehicle owners the ability to easily and quickly check their tire pressure anywhere they might be. The compact piece comes with its own storage/carry case as well, so it can be easily stashed somewhere like the glovebox or center console until one needs it – whether that be on the road somewhere or out on the trails.

The Ford Performance by ARB Tire Pressure Gauge features a digital blue backlight display and an easy access deflator bleed button, which reportedly make it simple to both read and operate, as well as a rubber bump guard that prevents it from being damaged if it’s dropped. The tire pressure gauge utilizes a dual swivel PVC coated and braided hose, offers up accuracy of plus or minus one PSI at 15-75 PSI, and will run for up to 200 hours on a pair of AAA batteries.

Ford Performance By ARB Tire Pressure Gauge

The new ARB/Ford Performance tire pressure gauge retails for $45, and can be purchased from one’s preferred Blue Oval dealer, or via the Ford Performance catalog under part number M-1830-TP.

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  1. Bob

    Ford accuracy + or – 15%.
    Batteries not included. lol

  2. Realistic retiree with 35+

    Wow. 7% off reading at 15 psi for $45? Harbor freight for $3. Is this what “Ford performance ” is down to? Sad.

  3. Joe Layman

    For a $2.98 plus tax Air Gauge??????? At any Auto Zone Store……….. I think someone at Blue Oval needs to go get a job in the real WORLD.

  4. Joe Layman

    Goofy idiots, no wonder their stock isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on.

  5. Dwight Snelling

    $45 ???? Seriously / Can’t be serious ……. NFW !!!


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