Ford To Debut Mid-Engine Mustang This Thursday: Exclusive (Updated)

The Ford Mustang lineup has never been stronger, as the recent motorsports push through special variants like the Mustang Dark Horse R has demonstrated. Additionally, The Blue Oval clearly intends to push boundaries as to what the Mustang brand represents in the modern era, with the upcoming Ford Mustang Mach-E Rally serving as evidence that the company won’t let its treasured nameplate stagnate in one particular lane. Later this week, the company is planning on essentially doubling down on that ethos with plans to debut the first-ever mid-engine Mustang, according to sources familiar with the matter.

As a matter of fact, this upcoming mid-engine Mustang has already been shown to a select group of individuals in Las Vegas, who got to see the vehicle yesterday, August 14th, 2023. The public reveal will occur this Thursday at a special event in Pebble Beach, California. Sources say the vehicle will be built by Multimatic and it will be a Mustang branded vehicle, but it does not utilize the S650 platform. Aside from the current crop of specialty Mustang products, Multimatic built the Ford GT

and currently builds the Ford Bronco DR for The Blue Oval. It is currently not clear if this Mustang branded product is based on the GT, but our sources say the company essentially considers it to be a supercar.

As Ford Authority has previously outlined, a mid-engine Mustang would add another Mustang-branded vehicle to Multimatic’s obligations to Ford and its customers. The Ford Mustang GT3 and GT4 are built by the company, as the relationship between Ford and Multimatic has expanded by a substantial margin in recent years. Demand for both vehicles has been higher than expected. Aside from a one-off concept vehicle created in the 1960s, there has never been a mid-engine Mustang.

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Update: What is apparently being called the Ford Mustang GTD has leaked.

Ed owns a 1986 Ford Taurus LX, and he routinely daydreams about buying another one, a fantasy that may someday become a reality.

Edward Snitkoff

Ed owns a 1986 Ford Taurus LX, and he routinely daydreams about buying another one, a fantasy that may someday become a reality.

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    • How do you expect them to build it on the assembly line? You really have no clue whatsoever about how car manufacturing works, do you?

      • I bet I have a lot more expertise in automotive than you. They could build this at their pilot plant in Dearborn. FYI a pilot plant is where they hand build prototype and other low volume vehicles. GM is using their pilot plant in Warren, MI to build the Cadillac Celestiq at rate of 2 a day.

        • My daughter that was drive train project manager for the 2024 super duty, says the pilot plant costs programs too much money and time. I have worked in pilot plants as a prime vendor and the delays were unacceptable.
          Have you actually worked in a pilot plant? BTW Super Duty program used Roush.

    • Multimatic has been a long time partner of Ford. Raj Nar, former president of ford North America runs the show at Multimatic. Building a very limited production vehicle on an assembly line is ridiculously expensive and I might say requires technicians and engineers rather than assemblers. Odds are good that if you've seen a mustang or GT on a track on race day , it's a multimatic built vehicle. Somethings you just have to farm out. Shelby days were no different

  • So another "not a Mustang" Mustang. In fact, probably just a new GT with the Mustang name for some reason.

    • Probably. It's dumb, but not as dumb as an actual midengine mustang. Maybe this version they stuffed the gt500 motor in though? That would piss off a lot of 3.5 GT owners.

  • A Ford GT with "Mustang" written on it is still a Ford GT.

    And it will be equally unaffordable.

  • What a coincidence... I was thinking about a hypersportive version of it Saturday, like what they did with the Skyline GTR!

  • Looks more like the corvette couldn't come up with their own ideas so they stole Chevrolet corvette body style.

    • Don't be daft. The image is of a Ford GT, and the design originated in 2016. Now go look at the 2016 Corvette - if you still see a similarity, I suggest getting your eyes checked, because that's back when GM was busy trying to steal design elements from the Viper.

  • I love how somebody was willing to violate their confidentiality agreement, but couldn't be bothered to leak the correct info about the car

  • There is one awesome mustang that know one has mention so far 1and it's the 4 cylinder turbocharged SVO which I own back in the 80s super super nice pearl white with a black fin tale on the back, i had know problems with it at all.

  • Would like to see something like the Shelby GR-1 concept as a mustang model. Mid-engine or not, that design feels more like what a modern Mustang could morph to.

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