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Future Ford Vehicles Could Get On Board Air Compressor

Ford Motor Company has filed a patent for an on board air compressor that could be used in future Ford vehicles, Ford Authority has learned.

The patent was filed on December 20th, 2021, published on August 15th, 2023, and assigned serial number 11725572.

Ford Patent Onboard Air Compressor

The Ford Authority Take

In recent years, trucks have gained many useful features that make them better suited for things that, well, truck owners tend to use them for. That includes supplying power on the go via outlets and the automaker’s Pro Power Onboard feature. In fact, The Blue Oval has already filed patents for things like an integrated truck bed for power outlets, a system that could help provide more power for outlets installed in Ford hybrid vehicles, and a new Pro Power Onboard interface. However, this newly filed patent makes it seem as if some future Ford vehicles may also get an on board air compressor, too.

Ford Patent Onboard Air Compressor

Currently, many aftermarket companies offer air compressors that can be added to all kinds of vehicles – including a host of Ford trucks – and this type of item is typically featured in the medium-duty F-650/F-750 lineup for commercial purposes. However, this patent filing seems to indicate that Ford is thinking about offering an air compressor directly from the factory for a wide variety of models, both pure ICE and even hybrids.

Ford Patent Onboard Air Compressor

In this case, the air compressor could utilize exhaust gases to provide compressed air via a pair of pistons – one of which moves in response to spent exhaust gases, while the other piston compresses the air on demand. That compressed air would be stored in a tank, so that it’s ready to go whenever the user needs it. It’s a relatively simple idea, albeit one that could be potentially very attractive to folks that use air compressors on a regular basis, making it quite viable for use in future Ford vehicles.

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  1. Ford Owner

    That is an unnecessar patent, except for the Super Duty trucks, because all other Fords have a 12V powered compressor in the trunk storage compartment. What Ford should do is have it built in with a long hose to reach every tire.

  2. wjtinfwb

    I’d like this, but it’s hardly a major innovation and not sure how it’s patent worthy. In 1986, 35+ years ago, my Pontiac 6000 STE had an integrated air compressor accessed through a switch and Schrader valve in the trunk. The car came with a small kit that contained a nice air hose line with integrated dial gauge and an assortment of adapters to use for things like floats and life preservers. I never had a flat, but it was convenient if a tire was low or for recreation activities like the beach or airing up dirt bike tires. Seems like a no brainer to incorporate into SUVs and Trucks, I sure wish my new Bronco had one.

    1. Jaydiesel

      A Pontiac 6000 you had! I had a 1988 Pontiac 6000 that i bought used in 2001 for $500 from my boss at the time. Just to have a extra run around car. Loved that car.
      So anyways I really like the idea of a built in air compressor. I pull a trailer everyday with my truck and then thing is with the diesel trucks and trailer tires. PSI could be between 65 to 75 on the truck and heavy duty trailer. The small air compressors cant handle that and it would take to long if they could. Just to fill up a tire on my truck or trailer, I have to fire up the 9000 watt generator and then the 6 gal air compressor in a parking lot. Now if this air compressor Ford is talking about could be use like for connecting Framing nailers or Roofing nailers. That would be sweetness.


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