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Maverick Lobo Trademark Filed In U.S.

Ford Motor Company has filed to trademark Maverick Lobo with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, Ford Authority has learned.

Filed on August 14th, 2023 and published on August 18th, 2023, this application contains the goods and services description of “Motor vehicles, namely gasoline and electric automobiles, pick-up trucks, sport utility vehicles and their structural parts.”

The Ford Authority Take

Will the Ford Maverick gain a special Lobo variant for the United States? The Lobo name is currently used in Mexico in place of the F-150 name, although it is retained for the base XL trim only. The automaker decided to use Lobo – which means wolf in Spanish – as opposed to F-150 in an effort to appeal young truck buyers in the country amid slow sales, and the name has seemingly stuck after about three decades of use. This trademark filing does not guarantee that a future Maverick variant will feature the name, but it does signal that the company is thinking about using the name on something related to the compact pickup.

Currently, the Mexican Ford Maverick lineup consists of three trims: front-wheel drive XLT, all-wheel drive Lariat, and Tremor. Obviously, if Lobo Maverick were to be used in North America, it would be Mexico, potentially in an effort to connect it to the broader Ford truck offerings.

Ford Ranger Thunder

While the Ford Maverick lineup in the United States could add some type of Lobo Maverick trim or model, the company has filed a trademark for a different name that could potentially be used on the compact pickup that may be a more realistic option for the United States market. Last year, the company filed to trademark Maverick Thunder in the United States, possibly indicating a new trim or package is on the way. Ford has used Thunder branding in the past, but only on a limited production model in Europe that essentially amounted to a cosmetic package and nothing more.

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Ed owns a 1986 Ford Taurus LX, and he routinely daydreams about buying another one, a fantasy that may someday become a reality.

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  1. Bob

    They can’t fill the orders in the US now they are making a version for Mexico? Ford is an odd duck

    1. Bosko

      Odd, highly successful duck.

    2. Papi Gil

      Bob, I could not agree with you more.

    3. masb1955

      Not really, this is what you get when a guy that ran a hardware store runs your company.

  2. Raymond DeMarco

    I read that they are discontinuing the Area 51 paint. I think l know why. I had a minor scrape on my paint & purchased the OEM touch up & also a spray can of the paint code on Area 51 by a auto paint speialist. Both items didn’t even come close to matching. Could thT be the reason? What are my options for remedy?

    1. masb1955

      Buy a Chevy.

    2. Rob A

      No. Go to an Auto Paint Supply house. They have a guage that can pinpoint your shade. Not every vehicle with the same paint code is exactly the same shade. This happens with all colors.

  3. Dennis

    At least they have a name that will need only a minor letter change later on ,they keep increasing prices they will stay on lots ,homeless ….hobos

  4. Monte

    Attention FORD…..
    Build the trucks thousands of back ordered Mavericks !

    Once you have met that demand, then think about adding or deleting items. Focus on stepping up your production habits.

    I’m really tired of no response from Ford and a lot of double talk from our Ford dealer.

    Where is my truck that I ordered in July 2021 ????? Produce the trucks.

    1. Papi Gil

      Yep, that’s Ford for you. If I get my Maverick, it will be the last Ford I will buy.

      1. Gary

        just got mine, sitting on the lot with no mark up.

  5. mike s

    it looks like Ford has found out how far they can go with the price of the cheap truck. The latest round of price increases, particularly the hybrid’s increase, has resulted in much less orders. Here we are over a month after the window opened and you can still order a 2024. Maybe next years model will actually go down in price as Ford searches for the “sweet spot” once again.

  6. James Stacy

    I’ve been a loyal Ford owner for 45 years but this company is headed by idiots now. Electric trucks will never work ina truck world.

  7. Lurch

    Too bad they’re not using the name in the States. They could have a product tie-in with the University of New Mexico. Go, Lobos, go!

    In the meantime, it should come with the greatest hits(?) of Lobo: “Me and You and a Dog Named Boo”

    1. Gary

      UNM sucks

  8. Jim

    If Ford hasn’t filled orders for previous years why would they open up for new orders. For 2024.
    Are they filling any orders??

  9. Shockandawe

    El Lobo per squalowe ba vor?

  10. Shockandawe

    Parra de Avril Arubbis!


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