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Next-Gen Ford Transit Nugget Possibly Teased Ahead Of Reveal

The Ford Transit lineup in the United States is mostly focused commercial and fleet buyers, although some models like the 2023 Ford Transit Trail are explicitly aimed at private individuals looking for an off-road oriented van upon which they can build their own customized camper. In Europe, things are a bit different, as the Transit brand extends to an entire series of small, midsize, and full-size work vans and passenger wagons aimed at a wide variety of buyers. That includes the Ford Transit Nugget, which is a camper van lineup that comes equipped with things most builders would put into their vans. Now, Ford Europe has teased what is most likely the successor to the current generation model.

The teaser starts with a purposefully blurry view of a van parked out in the wilderness, with some vegetation intentionally blocking the shot as well. It then briefly shows people waking up in the camper, rinsing off with a shower, and chopping up a tomato in the cabin. The final shot shows a person pulling out some equipment out of an overhead storage compartment in the rear cargo area of the van. Given that the tagline for the teaser on Twitter simply says “Ford the #VanLife enthusiasts…,” it’s most likely a teaser for the next-generation Ford Transit Nugget.

Currently, the Ford Transit Nugget is derived from the Custom van, with Westfalia providing the upgrades to make them turnkey camping vehicles. The Nugget lineup features fully finished interiors with living areas and a kitchenette and of course a sleeping area too, plus additional places to rest with pop-up sleeping quarters in the roof. Ford released the Nugget Active and Nugget Trail in 2021, which added even more options for customers. Typically, these vans solely come equipped with diesel engines.

If this is in fact a teaser for an all-new Ford Transit Custom, it won’t be a mind-blowing development, given that the E-Transit Custom and Transit Custom diesel and plug-in variants officially debuted almost one year ago. The Nugget lineup has been popular in Europe since its debut, and Ford even increased production to meet demand.

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Ed owns a 1986 Ford Taurus LX, and he routinely daydreams about buying another one, a fantasy that may someday become a reality.

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