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One-Owner 1975 Ford LTD Wagon Up For Auction

For many years, Americans with big families and a desire to explore the country sought out big station wagons as their transportation method of choice, though these days, the crossover/SUV has taken over that role. Regardless, these big, vintage wagons are slowly gaining in popularity among collectors, with a couple of nice Ford LTD wagons popping up for auction recently, including a 1978 model a couple of years ago, a very clean 1971 that clearly hasn’t been used much over the years, and a 1969 model with just 55k miles just last week. Now, those that want to relive these glory days have another solid chance to do so, thanks to this one-owner 1975 Ford LTD wagon that’s up for grabs at Bring a Trailer.

One-Owner 1975 Ford LTD Wagon - Interior 001

This rather nice 1975 Ford LTD wagon was purchased new by the original – and only – owner at Ed Palma Ford in Del Rio, Texas, who has held onto it ever since. However, it isn’t totally original, as the big wagon was originally finished in Ginger Glow on the outside, but was resprayed in red some time ago. Regardless, all of the original woodgrain paneling remains, along with the OEM trim and chrome pieces.

One-Owner 1975 Ford LTD Wagon - Engine Bay 001

Inside the cabin, big cushy seats are trimmed in tan upholstery and are surrounded by a host of additional wood veneer trim, as well as a bounty of amenities. That list includes things like a six-way power-adjustable driver’s seat, an AM/FM/eight-track stereo, a power-operated tailgate window, SelectAire air conditioning, and power windows, door locks, and steering.

One-Owner 1975 Ford LTD Wagon - Exterior 002 - Rear Three Quarters

It’s unclear how many miles this particular wagon has traveled in its lifetime – it only shows a bit under 13k kilometers on the odometer, though there’s no documentation to support it – but the engine bay looks pretty clean as well, housing a Ford 400 cubic-inch V8 that as originally rated to send 158 horsepower and 276 pound-feet of torque to the rear wheels via a three-speed automatic transmission. Regardless, we don’t doubt that plenty of folks will find this ultra-clean wagon to be quite appealing – for the right price, of course.

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  1. JE

    I prefer one of these SW’s than any actual boring, cookie cutter and useless SUV or crossover anytime.

    1. William

      Rose colored glasses, these were equally as boring and cookie cutter as today’s offerings.

  2. wjtinfwb

    Something about the Grille seem off. I recall the Ford having more of a cross-hatch pattern vs. the vertical bars. Seem more like a Mercury look to me. The Exposed headlights look off as well. Perhaps a front cap from a lower trim model was installed along with the Grille?

    1. Keith

      You are absolutely right. The Ford’s always had an egg crate grille. I checked EVERY U.S. and Canadian Ford and Mercury of this series and this grille DID NOT EXIST on those models. If it isn’t custom or from another car line I am stumped.

      1. Tigger

        The grille is actually a Mercury grille from a 1975-1978 Mercury Marquis

    2. Gary

      Yep. There’s more different here than just the color change. Appears to be a Country Squire that’s had a front fascia replacement with standard LTD wagon headlight modules. The CS had hidden headlamps. Also, the grille has vertical strakes, not the 1975 egg crate, and the chrome surround doesn’t say FORD across it, which is not factory afaik. Something about the power vent windows seems wrong as well…

  3. R Brown

    I believe this is a Mexican Ford. I’ve seen other Mexican Fords with Mercury grills.

    1. BillO

      It actually looks more like a 1975-1976 Lincoln Continental grille rather than a Marquis grille, but I don’t think it would fit because it curves back on each side. I googled Mexican Ford, but couldn’t find a picture, but you are probably right.

      1. Tigger

        Go to a web site called Dezos Garage. They have a 75 brochure of a Mexican LTD and the grilles the same.


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