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Refreshed Lincoln Navigator Diecast Revealed Via Patent

While we often find ourselves waiting around for sightings of refreshed/redesigned prototypes to begin getting some sort of an idea of what those vehicles might look like, there are times when die-cast models preview such offerings. This has been true in the recent past of the Ford Maverick compact pickup and the high-performance Ford Bronco Raptor SUV, and now, it’s also true of the forthcoming refreshed Lincoln Navigator – which was just treated to a mid-cycle update for the 2022 model year – as we can see in these images contained within a recent patent filing.

Refreshed Lincoln Navigator Die-Cast Patent - Exterior 002 - Side

This patent shows off the refreshed Lincoln Navigator in all its glory, and is seemingly a follow-up to small, toy versions of the full-size SUV that already exist. While the front end and sides of the big SUV look much like the existing model, the real giveaway here lies in the rear, which sports a revised liftgate and taillight design that’s a bit different than the current model. While the patent contains no other details, it does note that these images are “showing our new design.”

Refreshed Lincoln Navigator Die-Cast Patent - Exterior 004 - Rear Three Quarters

At the moment, details regarding the upcoming refreshed Lincoln Navigator are a bit scant, though Ford Authority spotted a prototype out and about sporting some heavy camo back in June. The flagship SUV is expected to receive some minor exterior updates – as previewed here – along with some potential interior revisions and a coast-to-coast display screen inside the cabin, as Ford Authority previously reported.

Refreshed Lincoln Navigator Die-Cast Patent - Exterior 003 - Rear

In the meantime, the 2024 Lincoln Navigator is receiving a few minor updates, including the re-addition of Flight Blue Metallic as an exterior color option, while the luxurious model will only be available with four-wheel drive for the new model year, as Ford Authority reported in late June.

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  1. LB

    Another redesign? Then you don’t know why Cadillac doubles in sales while Lincoln drops by half… Ford is kidding… that at least endow the model to compete head-on with the German Premiums and not just look like another more refined generic. .. in fact, in China the brand almost doesn’t sell too!

    1. TechD.Logic

      You are misunderstanding, this is a patent of the outgoing model, I don’t know why it’s out now but there is a new version of the Lincoln Navigator coming with news looks (well not really but still new), not much details yet

      I have to admit, GM in general is BOOMING, meanwhile Ford is kinda falling

  2. Mf

    Problem with navigator is it’s too old school luxury. It’s all chrome, wood, and all that. Caddy offers a TON of ways to get a oslly blacked out exterior, the interior is less old fogey looking, and they have powertrain superiority, with a diesel, a large V8, and the supercharged v8 in the Escalade V.

    GM can’t do much right, but Escalade they nailed, Yukon they did good on, and Tahoe they’re almost there. I’m sure Mary will come around to ruin those shortly though.


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