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Salaried Ford Workers May Do UAW Jobs If Union Strikes

Ford, GM, and Stellantis are currently engaged in contract talks with the UAW, as the current agreement is set to expire in September. While talks haven’t broken down, newly elected president Shawn Fain has not been shy about ditching tradition and adopting a more confrontational approach with the Big Three over issues like wages and job security. That said, it seems The Blue Oval is making contingency plans to compel white-collar workers to do blue-collar UAW work should a strike take place, according to a new report from the Detroit Free Press.

The publication, which obtained internal company documents related to the plan, outlined a broad strategy aimed at relocating salaried Ford workers to 20 sites across 15 states to replace UAW positions at various Ford part distribution facilities, including warehouses. The company reportedly held meetings with salaried workers about the plan and its desire to keep parts flowing to customers and dealers should the union vote for a work stoppage. Additionally, Ford asked workers about their top three preferred sites across the United States. This plan was made assuming the strike will last for at least several weeks. The Ford workers that would be impacted by this plan have been instructed that talk of the plan could result in legal action or termination.

“Like we would for any scenario where customer service could be interrupted, Ford is planning for the possibility of a work stoppage. Safety and customer service are top priorities for us. We have a responsibility to our customers and dealers to ship the parts that keep Ford vehicles on the road — especially to keep first responders and other essential services running,” Ford spokesperson Jessica Enoch told the paper.

Naturally, some salaried Ford workers expressed unease about crossing a picket line and concern about safety in a warehouse setting, in a recording obtained by the paper. Currently, the plan would involve the workers filling positions such as order picker, stock keeper, and shipping and receiving. The shipping and receiving position would involve the operation of a forklift, which typically requires extensive training before use.

The UAW previously launched strikes at Ford suppliers Clarios and Constellium, which lasted for several weeks before workers at both plants ratified contracts at their respective facilities.

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Ed owns a 1986 Ford Taurus LX, and he routinely daydreams about buying another one, a fantasy that may someday become a reality.

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  1. Realistic retiree with 35+

    Totally agree. Let them strike and replace every of their non educated jobs at mcdonalds (at bidens – who they voted for like sheep with their vote cards as not thinking – at federal minimum wage). There’s a line a people willing to work for less than current pay. Best should hope for is maintain. But being a former white collar, used to be whatever blue got, you would get that and a little more. Changed to whatever blue got, you pay for. Heath care, no such thing as COLA, Laid off =no job or pay. Rediculous what is currently paid and what they want. 46% pay raise? Oh woh is me after charging credit cards to the max. Yet, i still have a new bass boat, 3 vehicles, and a house i cant pay for now as im budgeted for overtime. Inflation has a place to reality in place. Pass ithe UAW wants and watch the mutanty and offshore move. Why does Ford have the (almost 3rd) product volume yet the most UAW people (and cost per hour). Pretty simple math. When blue gets 3x profit sharing, health car, b.s. laid off and almost full pay, something is wrong. Recall “one ford”? Good for thee, not me as long as they don’t revolt……making the bed for their future, and whomever up top agrees to this rediculous set of demands from the UAW should be fired (but they will jump ship prior).
    I say strike and it’s going to be who can lose more (real, not accounting) money and stop including all the “poor suppliers” in the equation). Law bone head strike against g.m. cost them 10 billion over 40 days…..uaw fund is 850 million….that’s roughly 5700 pp total…..I say wait till 9/15, contract void, show up or voluntary quit. Make the uaw pay and no unemployment.

    1. SEO

      English is not your strong suit. Might want to review and edit your text before posting.

  2. Racer76

    Bet the do a better job than the UAW fire them and Farley. WEF is bad for America let alone Ford. Blowing all you dough on EVs then begging the government for dough bad business. What would Mulally do? Nothing like what’s going on now. Call him back pay him all the dough to be the real leader of FORD.

  3. Vann Patrick Jr

    White collar worker doing blue collar work they need to do that for the next 5 years.

  4. Mf

    I’m hardly pro-union, but I’m even less pro-spend all your money on EVs then screw over everyone else.

    I also think the idea that the UAW negotiates different contracts with all of the big 3 is absurd. All 3 brands and the UAW should negotiate and ratify the contract at the same time, and the same contract across the board.

  5. AbbyF

    It’s like having the office help cover for the surgeon to do a heart transplant. LOL


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