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UAW Wants 40 Percent Wage Gains From Ford, GM, Stellantis

With its current contract with the Detroit Big 3 automakers set to expire next month, the United Auto Workers (UAW) union is in the midst of negotiating a new deal with those companies, including Ford. Thus far, The Blue Oval has asked for production flexibility as it transitions into the future of all-electric vehicles, while the union is seeking stronger job security, the end of tiered pay systems, and the return of a cost of living adjustment, with a pay raise looking like the easiest measure to pass at the moment. However, now we know precisely how much of a raise the UAW is seeking – 40 percent – according to a new report from Automotive News.

This figure is broken down into a 20 percent raise that would take place for UAW-represented workers as soon as the new contract is ratified, followed by five percent increases that would be implemented each year of the four-year deal. Regardless, these numbers would be far higher than the raises that the UAW negotiated for its prior contract that took effect in 2019 – a pair of three percent increases and two four percent lump sum payments across four years.

“The companies talk about being competitive all the time,” said UAW president Shawn Fain. “When union members ask for a raise, they want to talk about competition. When it comes to [CEOs’] pay and how they’re treated, competition doesn’t matter. The CEOs of the Big 3 over the last four-year agreement have enjoyed a 40 percent increase in pay on average, so I don’t think our workers asking for their equitable share, when inflation’s gone up almost 20 percent in the last four years, I don’t think it’s asking a lot for our members to look for their fair share.”

While General Motors previously sounded willing to accept a pay raise as part of its new deal with the UAW, the automaker released a statement that seems to backtrack a bit given these new demands. “The breadth and scope of the Presidential Demands, at face value, would threaten our ability to do what’s right for the long-term benefit of the team,” the company said. “A fair agreement rewards our employees and also enables GM to maintain our momentum now and into the future.”

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  1. Bob

    More money for workers & more money for Union cash register.
    Union is screwing it’s members & like sheep, they just follow!

  2. Jeff McAnally

    Hey UAW you endorsed the dude responsible for the record inflation. Call Hunter perhaps he can help,

    1. carl

      All the inflation we are seeing is a direct result of failed policies of TOG. The other guy.
      Just think if TOG had stolen the election the same $hit would have happened. It was all him and his failures.

      1. StarLord

        Wow, thank God your not an economist or you’d be out of a job.

      2. Ed Singleton

        Drugs are bad, mmmkay? The Other Guy had record job participation and a growing economy, no new war, and energy independence. Since Biden stole the election we have tanked. Our descent accelerates daily. Thanks Joe!

  3. David Dickinson II

    I’d like 40% off MSRP.

    1. The Retired Viking

      I’d lioke to see vehicles folks ordered months ago, delivered. And I mean delivered complete. Not “we’ll install that later”.

  4. TheHobbit

    Yep, it’s F’ing time they all, including Europe and Asia, go out of business !!!!!!!! EVERY VEHICLE MADE ALREADY COSTS TOO MUCH !!!!!!

    1. masb1955

      And they’re built like sh*t.

  5. Alex F

    Hasn’t there been a 40% increase in recalls across UAW brands and a drop in owner satisfaction? Maybe better workers are needed, not big raises.

  6. masb1955

    Hey U.A.W. (Corruption Central), I have a suggestion: Take a f*cking hike.

  7. JK

    Think Yellow! 3000 truckers, 2200 of them union members, are out of work. Go ahead UAW, screw your members with your greedy demands. Forty persent is beyond ridiculous.

  8. Racer76

    Just say no! Fed was cheap SS only got 8.3%. Useless auto weasels. My next car will be produced in the south by a non union company.

  9. John

    These demands happen when manufacturers break quarterly record profit time and time again. Manufacturers screwing over the consumers with outrageous msrp’s, now the workers and UAW are coming for their share. If you want to name someone blame the greedy manufacturers for screwing people over and inflating car prices!

    1. MrBeans

      They run the company. They make the decisions which lead to a profit. Not the UAW rats. You don’t deserve more for standing on a rubber mat installing rivets the same as you were a year ago.

      1. Paul

        Obviously there’s more parts to a car then rivets. I like to see you lift and load door panels or exhaust systems or torque bolts every 45 seconds for 10hrs a day. Easy to criticize when you’ve never experienced it for yourself. We are only 7% of the cost to produce a vehicle. Manufacturers make over 40% profit per unit. You do the math.

    2. Guy M.

      I totally agree. There is a day of reckoning and reality coming soon.

    3. Jack

      I just don’t see how , Mary Barra – or for that matter – any CEO making $23Million ahead of profits! Just Saying!

  10. Shockandawe

    Let’s go Brandon, everybody happy with Bidenomics?

  11. Just me

    Let’s see how the UAW companies compete in the future with non union auto manufacturers.

  12. G O PEE

    Im for maximum wage of $7.25

  13. StarLord

    When Ford losing there shirts over EVs this will work out great.

  14. Automotive

    Unfortunately the union is heading down a path of unreasonable demands. Its better for the companies in the ev transition to build new plants in Mexico. Hard truths to a future problem when ev transition is made and jobs are axed then the union will force a strike. You cannot operate a business with a strike option because of cuts to the work force which is inevitably with the ev transition. Less parts to assemble less workers required.

    1. Ed Singleton

      Electric cars are not the answer. In the next decade that will become devastatingly clear.

  15. Rob A

    A 40% raise – brilliant! That way you can help to once again attain record inflation AND unemployment at the same time, when people stop buying the cars you make after the automakers have to raise prices even more to cover this!

  16. Adamsallycat

    Look at Yellow freight. One of the Largest transportation companies out of business. The Union and their demands was the last nail in the coffin. To big to fail? Proof no company is to big to fail and bankrupt. Now 30,000 people are out of a job. Meanwhile Bidens Unions fleece it’s members and live like big fat lazy cats. Under this administration and the cost of inflation to Americans. You will see one of these big 3 close their doors in the future. The electric vehicle market is a joke. Forced upon vehicle manufacturers at a huge loss, by Biden and his cronies. Taxpayers will be needed for future bail outs again. These 40% demands lead to even more expensive new vehicle cost ” already over priced” at consumers expense.

  17. Phil

    Unions are no longer necessary. Ford is leaving Detroit and the union is entirely responsible for it.

    1. A non trump voter

      Why is it always at the feet of the union rank n file to accommodate there bad business decisions. Take yellow the Union was not to blame for the company problems the managers were n then the union is supposed to adjust the labor cost to hide there problems . no let them go out of business. those drivers will be fine. But it sets the tone that labor is no longer a flexible cost a company can extract profit from no more. Good for them take a fair share nobody should works 40 hr n can’t pay there bills

  18. John

    Automakers idea of wealth distribution is we make what we want.
    Raise prices to record outrageous profits. Our workers do as we say and like it. Most of the comments here are from anti-union people who have more than they need or are just plain stupid! UAW now has a leader with some smarts and the workers know it. Fool me once shame on you(last 20yrs) fool me twice or more shame on us. Let the workers back in the game.

  19. A non trump voter

    You know last year ford spent under 600 million out of there 10,000,000,000 billion in profit in profit sharing payouts that’s less then 1% per employee while top gets 95% of profit why do they get such a non equitable huge share when profit sharing started by Walter Reuther it was in 1/4 1/4 1/4 1/4 exec,shareholder,invest,hourly all equal shares to the pie 25% for hourly vs the roughly 5% hourly receives now that’s a gain I think both sides can agree at its not a fixed cost. Need to kp the company healthy too or its all for not

  20. A non trump voter

    50,000 profit sharing sounds better then 7k to me get more of the profits when there available hourly only gets 5% roughly 600million out 10billion roughly 5% just saying.

  21. A non trump voter

    I been there I worked in trim at auto alliance installing headliners on mustangs n I’m 6ft 5 280lb guy hoping in n out of mustangs I quit after a year tore my knees up n my hips that job was worse then roofing as red head in Boston in July

  22. A non trump voter

    Inflation is the result of bush, Obama,trump,biden they all run and add huge to debt load that drive a inflation we had a decade no inflation what u think was gonna happen any fool can see by my score its 2-2

  23. Rodney

    The Big 3 need to let the UAW go on STRIKE and let them stay on STRIKE for a year or LONGER but then again I can’t blame the UAW for trying to get everything they can. But I do blame the BIG 3 cause for over all these years YOU have AGREED to the demands of the UAW so if you agree to these demands it’s all your fault


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