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UAW Will Present Demands To Ford Tomorrow

With the Detroit Big 3 automakers’ current contract with the United Auto Workers (UAW) set to expire next month, negotiations got off to a bit of an ugly start after new union president Shawn Fain took aim at what he calls “bloated” CEO pay, record automaker profits, and even the $9 billion dollar loan Ford is receiving from the federal government as it works on constructing new EV and battery production facilities. Fain has made it quite clear that he believes UAW workers deserve better, and while FoMoCo is seeking more production flexibility, the union seems poised to achieve at least one of its goals – a pay raise for union workers. However, that isn’t the only thing the UAW is seeking from these talks, and it intends to present its list of demands to Ford tomorrow, according to Reuters.

Thus far, the UAW has been clear that it is seeking not only a pay raise, but also stronger job security and the end of tiered pay systems for its workers, but Fain expanded upon that list this week by specifying that he’s seeking double-digit pay rises and defined-benefit pensions for all represented workers while also increasing pension benefits for current retirees.

The union presented Stellantis with its demands on Tuesday, which included making all temporary workers employed by the Big 3 permanent, placing new strict limits on the use of temporary workers, and increasing paid time off, as well as restoring retiree health care benefits and cost of living adjustments, giving the UAW the right to strike over plant closures, and eliminating the two-tier wage system under which new hires earn 25 percent less than seasoned workers.

The UAW is now set to meet with GM today ahead of its meeting with Ford tomorrow, following what Stellantis called a “very production meeting.” The Blue Oval noted in a statement that it’s looking “forward to working with the UAW on creative solutions during this time when our dramatically changing industry needs a skilled and competitive workforce more than ever.”

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  1. Thurston Munn

    And just like that the price of your new Ford vehicle went up even more than it already has. Agree that execs are way over compensated.

  2. Tigger

    Hopefully the UAW will demand that Louisville and Flat Rock get additional products/investments that were yanked away under Hatchett Hackett. Reopening Romeo Engine should be a goal too.

    1. TerryG

      Yes, utilize S650 to not just a Mustang and mandate Ford to give us a proper v-8 Lincoln LS, Continental and Mark9 off the platform, please.

  3. Francis

    I don’t think anyone will argue that the CEOs of all automakers are ridiculous! While I can understand some of what the UAW is asking for as far as job security because all the automakers are shipping jobs elsewhere STILL, let’s be realistic….the more money they ask for, the likelihood those jobs are going to be gone soon enough. Maybe the UAW exes should think about giving some of their money to the members.
    And yes…..there goes the vehicle prices…..even MORE unaffordable unless you’re a union member somewhere!

  4. Len Harper

    We need cost of living for retires.

  5. Sharon Carson

    These demands are nothing new as we have bargained for job security for years along with pay raises, better benefits and pensions. Good Luck to all negotiators ❣️


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