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Yet Another Ford 10-Speed Automatic Lawsuit Has Been Filed

Over the past few years, a handful of lawsuits have been filed over alleged issues with the Ford 10-speed automatic transmission, including more than one in Massachusetts, Illinois, and Florida, though the Illinois-based filing was later dismissed after a judge found the automaker’s motion and corresponding arguments to be persuasive. Now, however, yet another Ford 10-speed automatic class-action lawsuit has been filed, this time in the state of Alabama, according to Car Complaints.

This new lawsuit – Boggan, et al., v. Ford Motor Company – was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Alabama by four plaintiffs represented by Milberg Coleman Bryson Phillips Grossman, PLLC, The Carlson Law Firm, P.C., Brent Coon & Associates, and Wallace Miller LLP. It’s essentially identical to the aforementioned lawsuits, and alleges that Ford’s 10R80 gearbox exhibits issues such as hesitating, lunging, and jerking when switching gears.

This new class-action lawsuit pertains to a handful of Blue Oval models equipped with the 10R80 transmission, including the 2017-present Ford Expedition, Ford Mustang, Ford Ranger, Ford F-150, and Lincoln Navigator. Additionally, the filing includes “all persons in the United States and its territories who formerly or currently own or leased one or more vehicles with a 10R80 10-speed automatic transmission.”

These vehicles are “not fit for their intended purpose of providing consumers with safe and reliable transportation,” according to the filing, and claims that Ford’s suggested fix of reprogramming the transmission control module or powertrain control module is inadequate and “may result in firmer than normal upshifts and downshifts.” However the four plaintiffs named in the lawsuit have not had their own vehicles inspected or repaired by any dealer or independent mechanic.

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Brett's lost track of all the Fords he's owned over the years and how much he's spent modifying them, but his current money pits include an S550 Mustang and 13th gen F-150.

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  1. Mark B

    I realize that these are are different times and all, but I don’t recall so many transmission based complaints when the C-4, C-6 even the FMX trannies where in vogue. Let alone hearing anything overly negative about the manual units available then? Granted, they were probably a lot simpler in their execution and design, but what seems to be the issues here? Has material science gone down hill? Has unit weight taken priority over longevity? I find it difficult to believe that engineering has gotten worse. Complexity of the units…or has it all boiled down to cost per unit as is almost always the factor.

  2. Charles Rizzo

    I’m pretty much done with Ford; and I grew up a Ford kid and became a Ford guy. 2 T-Birds, used pick-ups and my 2015 Expedition, not to name all the Fords my dad and siblings bought. Now however between the complexity and problems as well as Farley’s rush to wokeism and electrics, I’m done.
    Too bad. I’m thinking Henry is spinning in his grave like a crankshaft at speed!!

  3. steve

    super duty is not covered in this suit, but I have a 2022 F-350 and after the 15K mile mark the transmission started banging hard every now and then. the lunging has happened twice, and it happends when your slowing at a red light, it scares the crap out of you, and a feeling of no control for a second.

  4. Keith Meyer

    I have a 2020 f150 doing same thing, plus backup camera comes on sometimes driving forward, back ordered for radio fix, not impressed with ford

  5. Matthew

    The F150 behavior is just peachy compared to Mustang. The same trans shifts near perfectly at least in the Camaro. Ford is simply incompetent in what they do. It’s time to admit defeat and license the GM shift programming no matter how many millions it costs because Ford is incapable of sane results. Otherwise a 1000 dollar voucher to any and all for an aftermarket trans tune. There are a handful who are wizards at fixing this despicable state of affairs.

  6. Rob

    I sold my last Ford pickup because of this problem and have not considered another Ford purchase since. I expected better from Ford.

  7. James

    Been a loyal Ford customer since my first one in 2016 – an F-150. Since then I’ve owned a 2019 Expedition, 2020 F-150, and currently own a 2020 Expedition Max. The 10R80 tranny is biggest piece of garbage mated to an engine that I’ve experienced. I feel like it’s going shatter internally every-time it shifts from 4th to 5th gear at lower RPM’s. The loud bang it makes every-time with a very hard shift is extremely unnerving. I have no idea how I’ll sell this vehicle when the time comes. My friends 2018 Expedition is currently undrivable because the engine over revs before a hard bang into the next gear. For reference, the 2022 Silverado I own is as smooth as silk when it comes to shifting and it too has the same transmission. I’m done with Ford.

  8. Mark

    I have a 2018 Mustang GT with a 10R80 and it would hesitate and had hard shifts. I added a large custom trans cooler and had a tuner reprogram the drivetrain and it drives great, but I dont imagine most people would go through that much trouble. The guts of the trans are good but the programing has some issues. There are some high horsepower cars running the stock trans but usually with a tune.

  9. BroncoEAI1975

    I personally feel it’s operator error, I have the 10spd in the Bronco with 2.7L, can be very jerky if you don’t feather your peddle correctly, or drive in certain settings. I have learned to make it shift nice and smooth, I will more than likely get the 4cyl with 10spd for my 2dr when I order it. Even my wife has learned to drive the Bronco in a smooth way. The problem is too many heavy footed, get me from one point to another as fast as i can people, can’t call them drivers if they don’t learn the vehicles. Truth hurts! i am not sorry for my comment.

    1. JD

      So you’re saying it’s my fault that just randomly at 40,000 miles, my F-150 started jerking, losing power, slamming from 4th to 1st and back while going 30mph, and that after 3-4 months of trying to ‘change how I drive’ the whole transmission was destroyed and needed to be replaced? Just user error, huh?

    2. DelMan

      I have driven Fords for years with no transmission issues – then I get into year 4 of my
      2018 Expedition and it starts giving these problems -this is a Ford problem not an
      operator problem – I have been driving the same way for over 60 years – and it takes
      Ford over 3 weeks to get the parts – they should stock enough parts to repair any part of an expedition – no it is not an operator error – your problem will resurface

  10. B Ser

    53k miles with ‘18 max tow. 21k miles of that towing 6k# and a good bit of the rest driving like an a-hole. No jerking or lurching. No getting lost searching for gears. Only one minor complaint which is on cold startup there is a hesitation/loss of power shifting from first to whatever gear. It happens only once and is when I am driving like an a-hole. Several non corporate transmission techs have said this is by design to get trans up to operating temp. Would be nice if ford verified. Overall very happy with the product. Disappointed in corporate ford service.

  11. RIck

    With the cost of vehicles today reaching unprecedented levels in both MSRP and interest rates/financing, one should expect stellar quality. I’ve finally settled to the price for an F350 regular cab XL 4×4 for $53,000 and change. Interest rate of 6.5% with a 790 fico. My mortgage is $740 a month with taxes and insurance on a home valued at $285,000. My truck payment will be around $925 a month before insurance and registration. This is nuts….and now reading this article, I am going to double check the transmission. I can’t afford to have this kind of mayhem and I need to truck to last me at least 10 years. Frightening.

  12. Gary J

    Just replaced the third trans, and second engine (5.0) at 53k in my 19 F150. Still under factory warranty.
    Not happy…..

    1. steve

      and why do you still own it ?

  13. Charles Moates

    Experiencing some of the same shifting problems when towing.I have a 2019 F150 .

  14. Charles Moates

    Experiencing some of the same issues in my 2019 F150 mostly when towing.

  15. Rodney and jeanette Heinrichs

    2016 Lincoln same problem i have paperwork dated showing 8 months to fix same problems .we asked compensation to ad 1 year extra warranty. But when we bought the car under warranty loner car was free .NO CAR WAS TOLD IT WAS NOT COVERED FRESNO CA.

  16. Frank S.

    My 2019 Ford Ranger has over 100,000 miles on it and it has surged at lower speeds such as 25 to 35 mph for at the last 25,000 to 50,000 miles. I know it’s not driver error either because when I speed up to around 55 to 60 mph it seems to stop the surging or I just don’t notice it as much!

  17. Cigna

    Endless recalls now followed by endless lawsuits. It’s probably not a good idea to buy a Ford product new or used at the moment.

  18. Joe carotenuto

    I would like to get involved with the Ford F-150 10-speed transmission class action suit I just replaced the transmission in my F-150 and had to pay out of pocket my email is jfc1947


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